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  1. That was one taken while snorkeling, but i dont have a strobe setup at the moment. Im thinking i will wait until i have my SLR setup going before i play with strobes. Unless i can get a cheapish strobe setup that you know of for an ixus??
  2. Hi, I have never tried to use custom white balance on my camera before (canon ixus 85is) and was just wondering when you would set the custom balance? At the start of the dive? during the dive? I have been doing a bit of reading on setting up the WB and apparently using a slate is a good way of adjusting it when underwater? I will be getting in the water in a couple of days to have a play around with the settings and im just hoping i come out with at least some pictures that are viewable! (Yes i'm a newbie so please be kind!!!) haha Cheers
  3. thanks heaps for the replies, its been a bit hectic for me here so i forgot to reply until now, sorry about that! Ill post some pictures when i get the chance and hopefully you can all tell me where i can make some improvements Cheers again!!
  4. Hey everyone, I've got a canon powershot A85 and im ordering the wp-dc30 housing for it this week so i can start taking underwater photos finally! Just wondering if anyone has some tips for what settings to start with on this camera for u/w photography?? Also has anyone used this housing and camera before? Any issues i should be aware of?? Any hints and tips will be greatly appreciated Cheers J
  5. u wouldnt happen to know which sponser? website? cheers
  6. Hey, Im looking at getting a digital camera + housing for when i go diving, ive been looking round for a while and im looking at something from sony, olympus or canon. Anybody know of anywhere i can get some really got deals on this sort of thing? Cheers
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