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  1. Hello everyone. Has anyone else shot with the Canon 100mm 2.8 L lens with the Ikelite 8" dome port rather than the recommended flat port? I have been using for a couple of months now while shooting in the Maldives and think I am starting to hit some limitations. I am shooting on a 7d and mostly use an adapted Marvels Cine Style picture profile with increased sharpness. I feel the picture is resulting in softer edges and not behind able to focus as close with the dome port. Could anyone using the flat port give me some feedback on their focusing distances and how sharp they are finding this lens underwater? I have a few pictures and vide on the following links: www.flickr.com/pictures/basementvision www.vimeo.com/basementvision Cheers, Alex.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to advise me on my little hiccup today... I forgot to put the strobe cap on the housing, for where the cord screws onto the housing body of my Ikelite 7D setup. I only noticed I had not put the cap on at 20m Are there any methods for ensuring the port is completely clean and salt free? I would be so upset if the strobe port contacts corroded from my error. Thanks, Alex. The port I am talking about looks like the one of the left (on the housing).
  3. Unfortunately I will miss the deadline . My film is set to be completed by March 15th
  4. For anyone who might be interested, I have started a Flickr gallery for some of my photography from this trip. http://www.flickr.com/photos/basementvision
  5. Hello everyone. I am currently diving and snorkelling in the Maldives working on my dissertation project for University (www.basementvision.co.uk-research). I am using my 7d in an Ikelite housing with 8” dome port and port. I have got some sand on my o’rings today and was wondering what the best way is to clean the housing and rings? Thanks in advanced, Alex.
  6. Hello everyone, I have been scanning this website for tips for months now and thought it was about time I got involved! My name is Alexander and I am currently working on my dissertation at an English University. I would like to introduce you to "Rainforests of the Ocean"! www.rainforestsoftheocean.co.uk - trailer: http://vimeo.com/32110149 This project was started last April and is basically my major project for my final year. The film will examine the conservation efforts of locals, NGOs and the government in the Maldives who are all trying to save their nation from collapse. There are to be key underwater sequences throughout the film, which is how I ended up using this website for my research. Recently, I competed my PADI open water course and within the last week have acquired my underwater camera equipment (with great thanks to www.camerasunderwater.co.uk). I decided to switch from my Sony V1e to my Canon 7D to film the underwater parts. Using a 10-22mm lens and 60mm macro, I hope to capture some great images! The housing I am using is the Ikelite one, with 8" dome port, 15w LED lamp and DS51 strobe flash. I also put a gorillapod on the bottom for the macro work. Really excited to venture properly into underwater filmmaking, and just wanted to share what I have been doing with like minded people. Thanks for providing a great resource to learn from Please find all of my research at www.basementvision.co.uk/research - would love to hear any feedback or advice.
  7. Are you finding you have enough ambient light while shooting on f/8? What ISO are you likely to film on and where are you filming Tim? I am filming in the Maldives over the New Year so will have lots of available light. I do have a 50mm macro lens for tight stuff.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering what some of your thoughts might be on filming with either of the two lenses in the title. I only have the budget to put one of the lenses in the water on my 7d with an Ikelite body. I have a 8" dome port and can easily get the correct port extensions for either lens. Just the question of what lens!? Granted, the 10-22mm is wider, but after you zoom into 12mm to remove vignetting is it worth just using the 16-35mm that offers a better aperture? (but would one use a 2.8f under the water anyway??!). Thanks, Alex.
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