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  1. Hi Tim would you be able to tell me what difference would do big dome vs mini dome with the tokina? Have you try both domes? I guess the big dome will set you a bit further away from your model and improve DOF and maybe corners sharpness? Could you please correct me if I'm wrong. I was looking at the Nikkor 10-24 as I would like to use it top side for landscape and it's a bit wider then the 12-24. I haven't experience bubbles from pool pump yet but having kids jumping in to the pool created lots of bubbles and silly me not checking my port regularly as I got caught in the action I end up having over 250 unusable photos!!! Lesson learn the hard way. Thanks Peter
  2. Hi Ran Nice photos. Thanks for sharing. Could you tell me if you have used mini dome or big dome with the tokina 10-17? Also did you use teleconverter with the tokina? Thank you Peter
  3. Thanks Alex for the tip How would the TC affect the picture quality? How close would i be able to go the model/s as the the lens will become about 21 - 35 mm? I mean adult/s or group of 2-6 of children s. I'm still not sure which way to go. The TC, extension ring and zoom gear is definitely the cheaper option vs new lens, gear and dome. But how would the picture quality compare to WA recliner lens with bigger dome? Thanks
  4. Thanks Nikonscubadiver. I'll have a look at the software, it certainly will be cheaper then big dome.
  5. Hi I'm looking for some advise on WA lens and dome for model photography in pool. I'm shooting mainly kids and looking to try do some fashion too. Currently I'm using d7000, tokina 10-17 in nauticam case with mini dome and 3 strobes. The tokina is really good lens but it have quite a lot of distortion. So now I'm looking to get an recliner lens and bigger glass dome. I believe that I read most of the post regards model photography but can't find post that would point me to the right direction. I was looking at the nikon 10-24 but I'm still not sure if that's the right lens for me. I also would like to use the new WA lens for landscape photography. Could anyone clarify for me what's the difference between Nauticam and Zen ports. Any comments and suggestion are appreciated. Peter
  6. Hi everyone I'm looking for some help with my set up. I have been reading here a lot but newer post any tread before. Great place to get info's. Happy diving and shooting ))
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