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  1. The PoW still has all 4 screws intact - the Repulse has had 2 screws removed though. Both wrecks appear in quite good condition. The PoW being completely upside down, there's not a lot to see on the seabed - at least around the stern. The Repulse however isn't totally upside down, and is an excelent dive. The main guns can be seen, as can many smaller armaments and AA guns. The military did try and stop diving on these wrecks, however they settled on a "look don't touch policy". I personally agree with this, and diving these wrecks where so many lost their lives really makes you think. If the wrecks were simply made off limits, people in my generation would forget about what happened in the past, and I don't think that's what people want either. These wrecks certainly have a lot of history - it's not all about the diving. We didn't dive the subs - just the Repulse and PoW, Seven Skies and the Maritime Fidelity. Most of the diving was spent on the Repulse. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Eric, We weren't carrying tooooo much equipment on this trip. A number of us used rebreathers, and we only had 1 side mounted stage cylinder as bailout. The DSLR system is certainly reasonably large, but still manageable. The fun comes with the UK diving where we normally carry multiple stages for dives in the 70 to 80m range in the English Channel. Carrying a large camera starts to clutter things up, but I'm slowly getting used to this and hope to take the camera on more of these dives next season (I only took it on one 70m UK dive this year). The Seven Skies was a nice dive - unfortunately I'd knocked the camera into manual focus while putting on the zoom ring so most of the pics were lost. Cheers Chris
  3. I've uploaded some pictures to my website following a weeks wreck diving in the South China Seas out of Singapore. Most of this was concentrated on the wreck of HMS Repulse, however we also dived HMS Prince of Wales, and a couple of recent merchant losses. The diving was generally in the 35 to 70 meter depth range with visibility mostly in the 15 to 20 meter rang on the wrecks and better shallower. We did have lower vis on a couple of dives, and the Prince of Wales was down to only about 3m at 70m depth. All pictures taken using a Canon 20D with Aquatica housing and one or two Ike DS-125 strobes. If you're interested in wreck photos, the full album can be seen here -: South China Seas Album. Cheers Chris
  4. I've been using YS-90 and YS-120 with my CoolPix 5000 for the past couple of years, but used the DS-125 and TTL slave on a recent trip to Norway, and it was excelent. I'm more into wreck diving, and for this it's very good with the internal spotting light inside deep dark wrecks. The fast recycle time is also considerably better than the YS strobes. I'm currently in the process of upgrading to the Ike 20D housing, and intend to get another DS-125 to go with it. Chris
  5. I've been using the YS-90 and YS-120 for the past couple of years with the Coolpix 5000. I got a DS-125 earlier in the year and used it in my Norway trip a few weeks back and loved it. It went down to 60m without a problem, and inside wrecks it's excelent with the spotting lights. I was using it as a slave off the YS-90 with the Ike TTL slave sensor - worked great. I'd certainly recommend the DS-125, and am intending to get another one when I upgrade to the 20D. Cheers Chris www.inner-space.co.uk/photos
  6. Thanks I did ask Ikelite, and they were (understandably) very non-committal. They basically said 'while it may work, they don't warrant it'. I think that's fair enough, although I would have preferred a bit more of an indication as to the likely chance of success... I also spoke to someone (Gail?) at the UK Dive Show in October last year, and he said it was a conservative depth rating, and it wasn't the casing that would go, but the buttons that could/would end up being forced in under the pressure. It's always useful to know how far down others have taken their units when your going past the manufacturers recommendations. Cheers Chris www.inner-space.co.uk/photos
  7. I was wondering how deep people are taking their Ikelite housings? I know Ike rates thier housings to 60m, and I was told that this is reasonably conservative, but I was wondering how deep they are actually being used? I do a lot of diving around the 60m to 80m range and while I haven't taken my camera much deeper than around 65m, I'm probably going to take it to 75m later in the year. I'm currently using the Sea and Sea housing for the Coolpix 5000, but am about to change to the Ike housing for the Canon 20D, so any comments would be useful. Cheers Chris www.inner-space.co.uk/photos
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