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  1. 48 hour sale - I need to move this, so Ill sell the whole thing for $900!!!! let me know!
  2. I hear this also fits the Nikon D70 - Also if you want JUST the case, not the camera, that can be arranged also!
  3. Hello, Selling off my Nikon D50 camera, with an Ikelite underwater housing, a DS51 strobe, and 2 ports (One is a prettly general port, I have used my 12-24mm lens, and my 28-80 mm lens, the other I use with my 10.5mm fisheye ) - In perfect condition! Email me for details! Nikon 28-80 mm lens also included! Also - For security and trust in buying, I am more than happy to list this on ebay with a buy-it-now, so the buyer can have ebay / paypal protection on the purchase! Asking $1200 OBO! Thank you! Tyler tyler_ham@ymail.com
  4. Hi All - I really just havent been using my housing and I think its time to pass it on - Its in like new condition, and it houses the Nikon D50 camera Comes with 2 domes - One I use for a 10mm fisheye, the other is a "standard" that will fit a lot of lenses, but I use it for my 12-24 mm DS51 flash included! Looking for 750$ plus shipping. Im local to San Francisco so in person sale is fine! Also I would be willing to list it on ebay with a BIN (If you cover the listing costs) so the buyer would have the buying protection of an ebay sale - Just another option as I know I have a low post count Shoot me an email: tyler_ham (at) ymail.com if you are interested!! Tyler
  5. Last night I found my "I thought was missing" dome for my 10.5 mm fisheye lens - Its a great Dome and I will add pics tonight - Will add it into the deal and not up the price of $1200 for everything!
  6. I should mention also that since I am new here, you may be hesitant to deal with me, so I will happily put the case on ebay with a BUY IT NOW for the price any buyer and I agree on - That was you can buy throught ebay and paypal, and have the buyer protection those offer, if you like.
  7. Hi All - I just joined the forum, and sadly it is because I havent had the time to dive for a while, and feel like it's time to pass on my ikelite kit for my Nikon D50 - I have the underwater Housing with all bits and extra pieces (I still need to take a shot of the "extras" but its all the little bits that come with it), a Dome (I cant remember the number but it fit my Nikor 21-21 lens perfectly) and and Ikelite ds51 Strobe. This whole setup was barely used, and is in like-new condition. I thought I would be doing a lot more shooting than I was able to before a new career and new family Looking for $1200 I also have a photographer backpack that holds all of this beautifully that I can throw in if you like! See pics below - Email me at tyler@tylerham.com if you have any questions. Also, if you are in California I live near San Francisco so we can arrange an in-person sale if you like! Tyler
  8. Hi All - Just joined the forum - But its not for a happy reason I'm afraid - I loved underwater photography and even had a few whale shark shots published in SHARKDIVER MAGAZINE, but lately work and life stuff has been overwhelming - SO I really signed up to try and list my Ikelite D50 rig and strobe. Its been a fun run but time to pass this stuff on to someone who will give it more use that I can I have browsed the forums silently for a while and have enjoyed the site, - - which I can still do even though I wont be shooting anymore! Tyler
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