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  1. Another 26 dives last week with the Leak Sentinel, and worked just as it should. So far, about a hundred dives using the unit. I did replace the battery as a precaution 26 dives ago, and took twice to reassemble properly. Had to make sure the circuit board was firmly seated between within the o-ring. After that, no problems. Terry
  2. Used my v3 Leak Sentinel in Bonaire for a week at the end of last month, and worked flawlessly. I did request a second cap, being that between this and the housing there are lots of small pieces to misplace. The second cap was sent immediately at a very reasonable price. Also, I use one on a Nauticam OM-D housing, and it reduces to the proper pressure in three strokes. I always add one more just for caution's sake.
  3. I have the latest version with the LED indicators. I have only tried it in the pool- in two week to Bonaire. So far, flawless. After I screwed it into the accessory port, I did take off the top element and turn it around so that the LED faced the back. No problems so far, and easy to use. In light that we all seem to have a bazillion small parts to loose, I emailed and requested a "cap" and "pump cap," which are currently being forwarded to me for 10 euros- a deal if I ever heard of one- because I know I will loose something somewhere, at the worst possible time. TErry
  4. I haven't used my 9-18 UW, but on land it is very sharp. Not quite as sharp as the 7-14, but very respectable. Do you get the same results on land. Might be worth a try to make sure the camera and lens are working well. If it works well, then it is an UW issue.
  5. Wow, that would be an excellent addition.....if true.
  6. I have the same issue- can't get into the securing nut to tighten it up. I have Nauticam's version, which does not have the Allen wrench. I have not found that the issue, rather I need to turn the securing nut against the post. When I turn the post, it just keeps turning "through" the securing nut into the housing until it bottoms out. Hope I wrote this clearly enough to understand. Terry
  7. I have found that sTTL with the YS-D1 is not very reliable. I have 2 OMDs, tested both in the housing with several hundred shots, and another person has had the same issues. Settings same as above, as well as A and S settings on the camera. 3 or 4 shots will be correct exposure (with 4 to 5 seconds between with fresh batteries), then one frame will be completely overexposed. Later, one will be completely underexposed. About 70% were properly exposed. Tried it on three separate nights after disassembling and reassembling the setup each time, to make sure it was not some stupid error on my part. Macro or wide, same results. Maybe I am spoiled with the consistency of my full frame setup with electronic connections adn TTl exposure adjustments. Also, we have found the 4 "adjustment settings" for TTL (empty circle, half, quarter and full) have very little effect on the output of the strobes, as well as trying to adjust the strobe through the camera compensation. Have also verified my strobes are not one of the ones being recalled for firmware updates. With these issues I have been shooting in Manual with the strobes, with the camera set on 1/16 Manual flash setting. With these settings, the camera and strobes work fast, and in the little bit of time I have had with it since the battery life is greatly extended. Unfortunately, from now until March I won't be diving much (pool works and DiveCon training). Have to wait for the local diving to come back on line and a trip to Cayman Brac in March. P.S.- I had issues on a Mac updating the software to 1.5 from 1.4. Computer didn't recognize the camera. I restarted both the computer then the camera, and if I remember correctly, with a couple of tries, I then started the software then plugged in the camera. Both update fine after that, but it took some tinkering with it to get the combination/timing correct.
  8. Too funny. But unfortunately, your very right ;-) Went out looking for sharks two weeks ago, and of course, I found 4 beautiful red tipped Sea Goddesses on a perfect small round black coral...maybe next time. Now, if I had had my 12-50 on instead of the 7-14, I could have pulled it off.
  9. As noted in another thread, my setup is the same with the addition of a focus light, Nauticam flip diopter holder and Dyron +7 diopter, and Port 56, mine is about 11 pounds on land. With 6 jumbo Stix floats, it is about 0.25 pounds UW. Far lighter on land than my D700, Ikelite housing, Ikelite SB-160s,Ikelite tray, and focus light, which is about 22 pounds. Ironically, 8 Stix floats will make that rig about 0.25 UW. Shows how much airspace is in the Ikelite housing. When I weighed them in a tub with a luggage scale, they were both about 3 and a half pounds negative before the Stix floats.
  10. I have been typically using 6 of the jumbo Stix blocks, depending on whether I use the 6 inch dome or a Macro port. My setup is very similar to jlyle's except I add a Sola Focus light, Nauticam Flip holder and a Dyron +7 diopter. With the Port 56 (14-42), I have used 6 of the Stix blocks and it is about a quarter to half pound negative. Next week I'll be using the 12-50 port, and probably will keep it at 6 (3 per arm), but will take 8 with me in case-they weigh very little. Nice thing about the blocks is you can add and subtract them quickly. The Nauticam Flexitray is not nearly as stiff as my previous Ikelite trays, but I have not found it to be an issue. It is indeed extremely flexible in that you can adjust and easily change the width and camera placement. Just make sure and go back after it is together and make sure all the fasteners are tight.
  11. I have grown to like the flip, if only for the BC pocket issue. I changed the set screws on the mounting side of the flip and set them so the flip goes at a 45 degree angle up and to the left. This has mostly gotten rid of the issues I had which you mentioned above. I head out next week for a week diving, and since the new M77 to M66 flip is not available, and my travel BC has small pockets, I am giving this a try for holding filters for video. It is really not large enough for the diopters, but a Dyron +7 can just squeeze in if another filter in not in the opposite side. I have been using one of these for several years above ground, and being neoprene, thought I would be convenient UW. It is pretty easy to get a 77mm filter in either side with one hand and secure it in the holder. We'll see.... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/289675-REG/OP_TECH_USA_0601122_FILTER_PACK.html
  12. Well, I assembled the 12-50 zoom gear, and the instructions are clear enough. My issue was more user issues- the screws are very small, and between my bifocals and large fingers it was somewhat challenging to assemble. Fortunately I had the foresight to assemble it over a tray which repeatedly caught the dropped screws. Question- after assembling everything and installing it in the housing, do you have to turn the zoom knob on the housing with a fair amount of pressure to change the zoom length (as compared to other zoom gears). Also, it zooms slowly. Not so much a problem, because it will give a fair amount of control with video, but more a check to make sure I shouldn't need to pull out my aforementioned tray and disassemble/reassemble to zoom ring. The Macro/zoom switch on the port works fine. Thanks, Terry
  13. I already figured I was headed down the path to a stepdown ring- I'm just getting spoiled by the flip, and not having to handle the diopter. I've read about holders for filters that attach to the strobe arms, so you don't have to throw them in a BC pocket. Anyone have a hint on where I can look. I'm taking a travel BC, so pocket space is at a premium. Thanks, Terry
  14. As I have a good friend who is an astro physicist, I'll substitute Rocket Scientist. And yes, the instructions are very clear, they just go much beyond the typical zoom gear ;-)
  15. My understanding is that the flip diopter for the 12-50 port that will hold the 67mm diopters is not available yet (Bluewater). My 12-50 port arrives tomorrow, and I would love to have the flip for a Live-a-board trip coming up the second half of October. As a side note, after glancing at the assembly instructions for the port for the 12-50, I might need a PHD.
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