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  1. Hi, I'd be interested in picking up the Zen dome if you can let me know the price?
  2. Plastic clips? Hmm, that sounds like a good idea but no, I dont seem to have any clips installed in my housing. The cable has always been loose I think I must have 1st Gen housing so this might also be something that was fixed later on, only guessing.
  3. Dude, sorry to hear of your unfortunate flooding. Its just devastating on a dive trip when it happens. Just recently, I flooded my Nauticam 7D housing and whilst I take full responsibility for the flooding, I can't help but feel the housing was also partly to blame. The story goes like this . . . . I am very methodical and careful when i put together my housing, use a white sheet under my housing to see any and all dirt, check all the o-rings etc before putting together and I always connect the housing in a horizontal way, with the bottom of the housing touching the table. However, on this occasion i put together the camera and tested taking a shot to then find that my Tokina 10-17 Af was not switched on - stuff like this can happen when putting together the camera so this is not unusual. Given I had all of the strobes etc attached I then tipped the housing into the front dome port so the back of the housing faced upwards, opened the housing, removed the camera, switched on the AF and then placed the camera back in the housing which I locked back together. The housing seem to close perfectly and with a quick latch inspection everything appeared to be fine. So I jump in the water and as I'm removing the housing cover at approx 5 metres depth to find that the housing had half filled up with water. The root cause was quite ironic. . . . The two small metallic points on the end of the leak detector had gotten stuck in the bottom of the housing! So you can argue that I should have noticed the leak light and that I should have checked the bottom of the housing as well before I jumped in the water which all fair enough. However, the fact that an internal part on the housing got jammed in the housing and that the housing was able to be closed with any noticeable difficulty is really unfortunate and is a tale that everyone should know be very careful of. I sent the camera back to canon in the faint hope it could be fixed but it's completely totaled and I now have to buy a new 7D which totally sucks and I have definitely learnt the lesson of getting flood insurance next time around.
  4. Totally agree on the uselessness of the cover. I have a 100mm port cover which has constantly fallen off and cant be taken into the water (in order to protect whilst entering the water) or be relied upon to stay on when rinsing the camera after a dive. Recently i lost the cover when entering the dive boat off the liveaboard and now I dont have one - crap design and basically ive spent money on a defective product which i am now inconvenienced by.
  5. Dude, I have the same problem with my NA-7D and have had tons of others which I will share with you. In fact my on/off switch hasn't worked from pretty much the beggining. Even after I've sent the housing back to Nauticam twice to be fixed. They assured me it was fixed and for 1 dive it worked and then immediately reverted to not working again. I had the similar problems with the camera mode dial. The teeth of the dial were simply too large to grip the dial, in my opinion it is a total design flaw. I suggested this to Nauticam and again sent it back twice and experienced the same outcome. It worked for 1-2 dives and then stopped gripping - This has been a major frustration as I've had to stay on one camera mode on any dive. On my recent dive trip, two of the buttons stopped working and the zoom dial lost traction - I was able to fix the zoom by tightening with an allen key so no probs there. Additionally, the original 45" view finder fell apart which Nauticam did replace with an improved model however I pretty much have problems during every dive trip which i then need to spend money on the courier back to Hk to have fixed. Note: I've been on five week long dive trips since I purchased the housing about a year and half ago. I will say that the guys I bought the housing off have been very understanding and have done everything they can to help. Recently they installed a new dial for the camera mode which is a little big and puts pressure on the dial but thankfully it does work. They are now looking at the video and on/off switch again and also at the buttons that wouldn't work. On the plus side, Ive scratched my dome a couple of times and Nauticam have replaced it for a very reasonable $100 USD which I have appreciated. Overall I love the external design of the housing but in my experience the internal mechanisms of the housing have been poor, unreliable and overall disappointing. Its been such a hassle that I've pretty lost confidence in Nauticam and can't see how I would ever consider using their housings again when I change cameras.
  6. sure dude. Would consider selling the lenses and the fish eye together as a package. Just pm me with your offer Kyle
  7. Hi Voodomagic, I would be interested in the Zen Dome + port at a reasonable price and will be in NY next week. Please PM me if interested Kyle
  8. My G9 Set-up now loaded in the classifieds; http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43640
  9. Hi Guys, I am reluctantly selling my much beloved G9 set-up after 4 great years of underwater photo taking. This camer an set-up is just awesome for macro photography and does some pretty great W/A as well All the gear is in good working condition and the housing was recently serviced The set-up package includes 1. Canon G9, 2 x batteries, soft pouch, charger 2. Ikelite Housing, Flat port (great for macroa and significantly reduces W/A vignetting), single AND double handles 3. INON UWL-100 W/A lense (awesome lense), Semi-Fish eye glass Dome (has one tiny nick in side of glass but is unoticeable) and UCL-330 macro lense 4. Couple of clips, 3" arm and fibre optic cable 5. HPRC AMRE2500 Italian Hardcase (smicko) Note: Strobe is not included Pictures of the gear on the link below: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69090909@N04/...57627982241306/ In case you'd like to see some photos taken with the G9, the link below has a small sample of shots I took at Lembeh and Tulumben in 2010 http://www.flickr.com/photos/69090909@N04/...57627981984332/ This is an all in one package and fantasic for beginers (it's what I learnt on) and will enable you to easily develop your photo skills up and take some high quality photos. The beauty of the interchangeable lenses is that you can be photographing a Nudi one minute and if a turtle or shark floats by you can simply change to a WA lense and start shooting Location: Singapore Price: $1800 (bargin!) PM me if you're interested! Kyle Topic moved to correct forum:Admin
  10. Dude, the G9 is an awesome prosumer camera for UW Photography. I am finally selling mine (will post soon) after recently buying a 7d but have loved the G9 for the past 4 years. It's what I learnt to take UW photos with. It has a great lese for macro and with a WA lense can do some reasonable WA. One of the great things about the Point and Shoot cams which I'm sure you know is the interchangeable wet lenses, you can be photographing a Nudi one minute and if a turtle or shark floats by you can simply change to a WA lense and start shooting Below are some photos from lembeh and Tulumben I took last year on the G9 http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets Kyle
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