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  1. Hi Troprobo Thanks I am glad you liked it. Paul's Rock is on the northern side of the Island of Efate, Which Port Vila is the captial. Check out Michael McFadyen's Web site on Pauls Rock http://www.michaelmc....php?page_id=43 Regards Matt
  2. While in Vanuatu earlier this year we went on a cruise with Sailaway Cruises. I took a little video on the day with 50m viz a was great day out. Matt [vimeohd]54008385[/vimeohd]
  3. We finally have some blue water on the wreck Check out my new video Matt [vimeohd]45494574[/vimeohd]
  4. Hi Steve I am not if it is a cleaning station but the sharks seem to congregate in the gutters. The water was 24 deg c, warmest it has been this year. Regards Matt
  5. Here is a short video of a dive at North Rock (near Broughton Island, Nelson Bay, NSW Australia) with the Grey Nurse Sharks. Great Viz and lots of sharks. Matt [vimeohd]41896844[/vimeohd]
  6. Thanks Pete Mike found it near the bow, he was going to bring to the surface but left it in the toilet. It was the dive operators as a customer had drop it on a previous dive, they picked it up on the next dive. Matt
  7. Here is another little video of the Adelaide 11 months after scuttled. Matt [vimeo]39474007[/vimeo] Camera - Canon 7D with a sigma 17-70mm lens in a Ikelite housing. Dual DS161 Strobes and a Prov8 Lite
  8. This is a short video I shot of the ex-HMAS Adelaide 10 months after she was scuttled off Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast of Austraila. I hope you enjoy Matt [vimeo]37841837[/vimeo] Camera - Canon 7D with a sigma 17-70mm lens in a Ikelite housing. Dual DS161 Strobes and a Prov8 Lite
  9. Hi I live on the (Australian, New South Wales) Central Coast and been diving for over 20 years I started with a Olympus C750 with a Olympus housing almost 8 years ago. I upgraded to Canon SX1 in late 2008 in a Ikelite housing and added 2 x DS-161 strobes as I could afford it. My Wife got me a Canon 7D for Xmas 2010 and I just had to get a housing for it, which I got one a few months ago.The lens I have is a 100mm L series macro and a 17-70mm sigma. So now I am learning how to use a DSLR underwater. Regards Matt D
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