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  1. Apart from the usual holiday snaps, using point &click compact cameras, I have little experience of photography. I have recentlybeen playing around with a Nikon D5000, housed in a Nimar housing using a NimarPrimo TTL strobe. After using the camera without a light source, it soon became evident the needfor a strobe. As the Nimar Primo offered TTL capability, it seemed like a goodchoice at the time. However, after numerous practice sessions, both in theswimming pool & in open water, I'm growing incredibly frustrated with theresults. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the correct exposure using the flash.I get better results by turning the flash off and putting the camera intoautomatic mode. I have tried numerous settings, shooting in both Aperture &Full Manual modes, adjusting both shutter and aperture settings. The camera isset to use Flash using TTL, but I'm not sure if I'm missing another setting orjust using the strobe incorrectly. Am I right in thinking that TTL flash, should monitor the surrounding light anddeliver a flash sufficient to light the scene. It seems no matter what I do thepictures are well over exposed. I have tried different strobe positions &varied the distance from the subject. I have even set the strobe to manual mode,through the cameras settings and taken the same picture on full power, then on1/32 power, again the same results appear. Does this sound like an issue with the strobe, or could I be missing something. Any advice would be fantastic, it might stop me from going mad.
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