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  1. Hello, I'd like to buy an Olympus 770SW digicam and the dedicated housing and would like to know if it was possible to mount a fisheye light on the housing with the Inon admount already installed. Any help would be appreciated as I dont think many people would have been concerned with this question before tank you
  2. hello, here is a sort of review I made 2-3 month ago while I was beginning with my F30. I think it should be still helpfull altough I dont know how works the f31. These details apply for the f30 So the interesting thing for me is it's Auto/manual mode which is very usable. With the flash set to forced mode and ISO set to 400, the speed and aperture values are these: Auto/manual mode | macro mode: | WA: 1/60s - F8 (1/60s - F5.6 at 100ISO) | Full zoom: 1/100s - F5 (idem at 100ISO, 1/100s - F8 at 800ISO) | normal mode: | WA: 1/60s - F2.8 (idem at 100ISO) | Full zoom: 1/100s - F5 (idem at 100ISO) I think these are preety allrounding values, aren't they? Maybe a little too slow in WA macro mode. I choosed 400ISO because the F30 produce almost no noise at this setting, but 100ISO measurements were done too. Then I tried speed priority at 400ISO and took 1/200s as a default setting. 1/200s being enough IMO to get a nice photo from a fish moving quite quickly. Speed priority | macro mode: | WA: 1/200s = F2.8 (idem at 100ISO) | Full zoom: 1/200s = F5 (idem at 100ISO) | normal mode: | WA: 1/200s = F2.8 (idem at 100ISO) | Full zoom: 1/200s = F5 (idem at 100ISO) Then aperture priority at 400ISO. The idea being to get the max F stops for the biggest depth of field in macro photo. Minimum values also available Aperture Priority | macro mode: | WA: | maxi F8 = 1/60s (F5.6 = 1/60s at 100 ISO) | mini F2.8 = 1/60s | | Full zoom: | maxi F8 = 1/100s (F8 = 1/100s at 100ISO) | mini F5 = 1/100s | normal mode: | WA: | maxi F8 = 1/60s (F8 = 1/60s at 100ISO) | mini F2.8 = 1/60s | | Full zoom: | maxi F8 = 1/100s (F8 = 1/100s at 100ISO) | mini F5 = 1/100s From all this I can say that this camera has one setting available for every situation underwater. Except maybe a fast macro mode in WA like 1/200s at F8, 1/60s at F8 being the best setting in this case. What I am going to do is to use the F30 in Auto/manual mode all the time except for two situations: 1- shooting a fish moving quite quickly, then use speed priotity set to 1/200s (1/200s at F2.8 in place of 1/60s at F2.8). 2- shooting in macro at full zoom, then use aperture priority set to F8 (F8 at 1/100s in place of F5 at 1/100s). Bye.
  3. you could look at www.10bar.com they have a new stay with dual grips, it is very simple and should be affordable. They have handles for their stay too.
  4. you can get a fantasea tray instead, it fits both your adapter and flexible arm and is more affordable than the inon D-arm Bye
  5. just try to get another strobe as this one is not that efficient (no TTL), try to get an inon d2000s or maybe one of the newest sea&sea ys28 if they are TTL compatible with your camera www.uwdigitalcamera.com has best prices and good support. bye
  6. Hello, I'd say a small one for macro, like a 44 led one. But it would be strange to have an aiming light for macro and an other one for shooting normally..
  7. Hello, just to say the Olympus SP350 has a battery problem, they do not last as long as they should, sometimes they're empty after 10 (ten) shoots. To avoid that, you need to buy a rechargeable CR-V3 battery + charger.. I'd go for the fuji too, be it a F900 or a F810. bye
  8. Hello, Someone on ebay sells new sea&sea conversion lens adapters for canon WP-DC100 & WP-DC200 housings. I've bought one for $20 with a direct offer and it just fits my WP-DC30 housing. I've just had to drill a hole in the adapter and unscrew the flash diffuser. Right now I am waiting for a 1:2 macro lens + 20mm wa lens that I bought on ebay too for less than $200. I will post some pics as it's complete. bye
  9. It's not full manual but you have A & S priority modes. No custom white balance. What you could try is Fmax @ Aperture priority for macro shots and 1/100 speed @ shutter priority for fast moving subjects.
  10. I finally decided to go for two strobes and use some kind of DIY macro lens till I can get a stock one in my hotdog.. Nice shot hoovermd, isn't it a little underexposed? Did you pass it thru photoshop?
  11. Salut Claude, There's something to know about the E900 is that the Lens is locked at wide-angle in macro mode.
  12. Hello, I am currently trying to imagine a DIY close-up lens for my canon setup. I just wonder how many diopters has an Inon UCL-165AD close-up lens. It is said it produces a 1.4x magnification. Is it a 1.4 diopter? http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/En/prod_052...?pathID=2_5_4_2 thank you
  13. Hello, I wonder if one strobe is enough for macro shots, or if two are needed? thank you
  14. Hello, I am looking for a used Sea&sea YS60TTL-S strobe in working condition. fstrul @ neuf.fr thank you frederic
  15. Yes, the UK are big lights, almost 3 pounds. There is the fisheye HG-20DX that is smaller & lighter but it's "expensive". The sea&sea LX-15 is in my budget. I think I would have bought one unless Yuzo had one in stock. The sea&sea LX-25 looks good too...
  16. Hello Dave, thank you for your advise. Since I have posted my message it's not the first time that I read it's not a very appropriate focus light because it makes blue pictures @ low shutter speed.. The UK C8 would have been a good choice for my budget. It has a rechargeable kit and last long but it is not possible to fix it on my sea&sea arm. bye
  17. Well, has anyone tried this focus light: Underwater Kinetics HID Light CANNON 100? it looks like a very good value for money: very bright (10W HID=30W halogen), optionnal battery pack with 2 hours battery life, fits my YS arm, not so expensive and the beam has a color closer from sunlight than halogen lights. http://www.scuba.com/shop/product.asp_category_56 http://www.uwkinetics.com/D_LC100.htm
  18. Hello Craig you mean like this setup unfortunately, it's not possible because the LX-15 is much bigger, as big as the strobe itself I think I will just buy an other Sea&sea arm IV and install it the other side of the camera. I wanted to keep a single arm but that way is easier. I have a canon housing and tray + sea&sea arm IV. It looks like that
  19. Hello, I plan on buying a sea&sea LX-15 focus light and I wonder how to attach it to my sea&sea armIV that already support an YS60? is it a stock accessorie that could help me to do that or will I have to do it my way? thank you
  20. that is true. but the fantasea seems so underpowered..
  21. Well I did some more search and I think I will probably buy a sea&sea LX-15 instead of the fantasea 44 led light. You can have a look at this thread and then scroll down to the middle of the page, there is a comparison of focus lights. The Fisheye HG20DX is clearly over the others but the LX-15 is pretty good too and still in my price range. http://www.digitaldiver.net/yabbse/index.p...44927#msg144927 what I wonder now is if it's not clever to buy a second strobe instead of the focus light?
  22. OK, just found it myself. It is not a photo flash but some kind of SOS flash..
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