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  1. On my NEX i just use auto WB never have an issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone here been able to try the new FF Zeiss 90mm Macro on NEX or anything else?
  3. What f stop and speed are you using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Marshall and Paul love to see soem photos of your setups
  5. Use 16mm alone in dome unless you can get close then go for the WA adapter very cheap. I also relaly like my Zeiss 24mm lens under the dome
  6. I use the Sony Alpha backpack. Small but light. Put arms and hardy stuff in chekc in. http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/prod8269.htm
  7. So how would the 90mm FE macro go on a NEX7, equivalent to 135? OSS good?
  8. I used my 50mm Zeiss Touit for one day in Anilao. It was fantastic but then it stopped focussing with my NEX-7 . Now on its way back to the US for an exchange.
  9. Have you tried manual flash instead? Or tried s-TTL low?
  10. Has anyone managed to get a Nauticam Mini extension ring 30 for this to use with Macro port? Everyone seems to be out of stock? Nauticam Mini Extension Ring 30Part#36630
  11. Off a livebaboard you wont have the time restrictions of the day boats and worrying about people getting cold and hungry and waiting. Defintiley do a twin tank course. PADI Tec40 is great as it teaches you all aspects of twin tanks diving and a bit of deco as well
  12. Really love diving off Siren boats but not sure how they will cope with twins tanks as it is a pretty narrow dive deck. Hope you have a great trip.
  13. No I don't but have just received my new Zen 170mm glass dome to use wiht my NEX7 and 12mm Zeiss. A beautiful thing
  14. If you are going to go inside the wrecks I highly recommend diving on twins for redundancy. Easier to swim with as well rather than a stage tank Dustin also look at doing a liveaboard there. No limit on dive times, no waiting around 3-4 dives per day. Oxygen up to 100% available. I have done Truk Odyssey twice going back end of this year. Oh and a FULL bar.......
  15. Love focus peaking on my Sony NEX7 for AF. Love the EVF as well.
  16. Leave in one weeks time for Siren Fleet trip to Palau and Pelilieu. Bets outfit for photogrpahy. Gorgeous boats
  17. Hawaiin reef is very ordinary but I woudl take my strobes and maybe shorter arms
  18. Also ask your local dive shop for advice as well! They are the professionals.
  19. Twin tank course at least. Prferable Adv nitrox but dont have to do deco to enjoy the wrecks. Some are not thta deep around 30m but having a second tank a big advantage. or GUE Fundies in twins for good skills?
  20. Rolled in with camera. Wore a drysuit with thin fleece undergarment very glad I had it. Those with 5mm suits felt cold after 2 long dives. For the whalesharks at Darwin I just had housing and arms and no lights Red lipped batfish are fantastic, cold dive very well worth it. I used just my zoon lens didnt brign sep. macro. Dont need reef hooks. We just used thick gardening gloves. dont need dive gloves. Wolf rock you cna tuck in out of the current easily to view sharks etc. One member did puncture a suit just take a repair kit. Knees and elbows stay off the bottom, ha ha Use Scubapro heavy jet fins. Were fantastic. Our boat had suits on board for hire if you do want to change to a wetsuit. If you are use to some current it is not that bad. yeh Komodo is worse.
  21. That is a lot of gear. I would have a few spare kina
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