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  1. I'm selling my Weefine (also sold as Kraken) Ring Light 3000. Used in a couple of test dives. Practically new. No marks or scuffs. Comes with all the accessories and the box. For more specs see Mike's Dive Cameras Weefine Ring Light 3000 £210.00 Free UK postage. Will ship outside UK also.
  2. Smart Focus 1000 light now sold. Smart Housing still available.
  3. I have for sale a Weefine/Kraken Smart Housing Pro (WFH01) for smartphones. Slightly used. Comes with all parts plus packaging. This will work even with the latest iPhones like the 11. Some scratches at the back door glass. Front glass immaculate. Generally in excellent condition. £280.00 (330.00 eur) Also selling a Weefine/Kraken Smart Focus 1000 Smart Snoot Pack. Unused! Comes with Li-ion battery and all the accessories plus a carry case. Great little tool for snooting and as general focus light £200.00 (236.00 eur) Located in London, UK. Shipping free inside the UK mainland. For other destinations ask.
  4. Hi Philip I have encountered this with some housing combinations fortunately when using big dome ports. The pop-up flash leaks light inside the port and illuminate it from behind. Two things you can do.... I once built a more "sealed" flash compartment from black masking tape for the pop-up flash.... or simply return the gear to me and I'll get you a black one. Regards Jussi
  5. Thank you Enoshima for this very comprehensive chart. Must have took you a while to put that together
  6. I wrote a little review of the system where the port options are discussed: http://www.deepshots.co.uk/2014/10/quick-review-olympus-e-pl7-and-pt-ep12-housing/ The new port is excellent and can also be removed. Cheerios
  7. This is one of the questions what confuses people the most. Many underwater camera shops display their greases wrongly also. Here's what I have gathered about O-rings and their greases: - The coloured O-rings made for underwater camera equipment are made of silicone rubber. Do not use a grease that has silicone in it. - Most of the O-rings.. plumbing, DIY etc.. in the world are made of Nitrile rubber and are usually black. These can be lubricated even with silicone grease. For a fact I know that all ikelite housing O-rings are Nitrile. (From plumber's merchant you can also buy dark brown O-rings that are actually made of silicone) - How to recognize the two different materials? If both O-rings are not lubricated the silicone rings feel much more slippery between your fingers. The silicone O-rings also are softer if you squeeze them between your thumb and index finger. - How to know if O-ring grease has silicone in it or not? This is the hard part as many reputable shops label their O-ring grease as "silicon grease" even when the grease does not contain silicon. Sometimes you hear a word fluorosilicone mentioned when talking about these kinds of greases. Most of the greases in UW-photography world are these types and can be used with all O-rings without fear of swelling. Interestingly Sea & Sea say that their grease includes silicone... when in practice it has been known to work with all O-rings. It could be that their silicone is the fluorosilicone type. - If you have bought Ikelite products you need to be careful. Their stock grease includes silicone and should not be used with any other brand. Hence my advise for Ikelite users, who mix and match other types of lights for example... is to throw the grease away and use generic O-ring grease. - Safe greases for all O-rings are at least: Sea & Sea, Inon, Olympus and Nauticam. I'd be wary of grease from a builder's merchant as many of these include silicone - I'm sure there are all sort of weird exceptions to these rules - I should add that even Sea&Sea used to do two types of grease. Years back I saw Sea & Sea grease in a white tube with black cap. This grease was somehow different. The current yellow tube the only type I have seen for years.
  8. Hi Nautilus with all Deepshots gears the little scrub screws can be used, if needed/wanted, to tighten the internal o-rings that grab on the lens zoom ring. This way you minimize the risk of misalignment that might happen if you push the gears from the side for example.
  9. Oh.. Btw... You might want to be careful which wide-angle lens to go for. Wetmate will be a safe bet, but, I'm still waiting somebody to report if the UWL-H100 M67 will work well.
  10. Hi Steve I've dived with various Olympus compacts an m43rds (including EM and EP models) and they all do the same thing. I've given up even trying and doing everything RAW.
  11. For the 14-42EZ lens you will want either the macro port 35 when using as wet-lens capable set-up or the 3.5" dome port + 20mm mini extension if you want to use it as a general semi-wide job. And yes.... the gear is now available both in black and amazingly summery orange. Actually the colour is called Dutch orange . Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the material comes from Holland
  12. Hi chaps.. Just to let you know that there is a better and cheaper option available of that 12-50mm gear for the Macro Port 65. You can find them here: http://deepshots.myshopify.com/ PS... yes I make them myself
  13. Hi Chaps... The Austrian 12-50 gear was mentioned in this thread couple of times. Just to let you guys know there is now a cheaper option... and it is prettier also http://www.deepshots.co.uk/2014/04/introducing-missing-bits-by-deepshots/ Regrads Jussi (sorry about the promo)
  14. You don't need to use the 12-50 macro button at all.. just use this: http://www.deepshots.co.uk/2014/04/introducing-missing-bits-by-deepshots/ Works with Macro port 65 and wet-mate and any 67mm macro lens. Perfect!
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