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  1. For Sale: Subal Housing for Nikon D300. Original owner and never any problems (no floods). For routine maintenance, I recently had all internal O-rings replaced, serviced, and pressure tested (over 60 O-rings!) by Backscatter. Included is a TTL converter, Dome Port, Flat (macro) port, and various rings to allow for different size lenses, cable for TTL controller, 2 sync cords for strobes, 2 ball mounts for strobe, and neoprene dome cover. In addition, I will throw in a Nikon 12-24mm lens with zoom gear AND at Think Tank Airport International rolling bag. Nikon camera, strobes, and arms are NOT included. Although the D300 camera has been around for awhile, this camera continues to be a great workhorse. In general, I am a person who loves to upgrade but I've been so happy with this set up I've stuck with it for years. If you want great results for a fraction of what a brand new camera and system costs, this is it. I hate to let this go, but I recently upgraded to new, smaller system to shoot more video. At first I thought I'd keep this for back up now thinking I won't really use it (just went to Bonaire and it stayed home, seems wrong just sitting there). I just know someone can use this to get great results. Have a look at some of the photos I've created with this system, all underwater pics here were taken with this system. Here is link to photos: www.weatherallphoto.com (click Gallery and the click Underwater). $1,800 US dollar for everything. Will cover the shipping cost to USA address.
  2. I'm IN on this. Great cause and brilliant approach! Thanks for sharing this!
  3. I heard back from Subal. They sell a housing back that is made for the 300s. It retails for $1,500.
  4. I am not sure of this, but based on some other posts it sounds like the back of the D300s is slightly different from the back of the D300. I am still sort of researching this myself, as I have the D300 in a Subal D30 housing and would like to fit it for the D300s.
  5. Great shots. Love the wreck shot - very nice!
  6. I hate to confuse the options, but Sea Escape also goes to Socorro. I just returned from a trip to Guadalupe on Sea Escape and was very pleased with the operation (no hot tubs though!).
  7. I might be a little late with comments ... sorry. I have made several night dives and night snorkels off of Plaza Resort. I highly recommend it. You do not necessarily have to go to the drop off area if snorkeling. I took my kids on a 2 hour night snorkel once and never went out past where it is 15 feet deep. There is lots to see. I agree with all the previous comments. Last year I saw the tarpon during the night dive. They are attracted to your light. I saw them actually use our lights to feed. It was great. Have fun.
  8. Tim, I seem to recall the knobs were not touching the dome until I was at depth. I guess the pressure moves the dome in a bit? Sounds scary, but I almost certain that was the case. I will double check myself on that next month in Bonaire. It really did not cause an operational issue ... just something I noticed. Thanks.
  9. FYI - I just ordered my 10.5 lens. I plan to use it in Bonaire in December! Thanks again. Mathis
  10. THANKS. This is quite helpful. Question: when you put the dome port on with no ext ring, do you find that some fo the controls are harder to move (because the dome port touches them?). I seem to remember that happening to me, but only at depths ... i think. It was not a problem to turn the knobs, I just noticed they stuck a little more. Mathis.
  11. I have a d100 and subal housing and I was thinking about getting the 10.5. Do you know which extenstion rings I need? Someone told me the 10.5 would not work with my set up (vignetting issues). Is that right? I have the nessary dome port and extension rings already for the 12-24, 105 and 60. I wonder if I have what need for the 10.5? I was going to send an email to Subal, but I thought one you might know. Thanks, Mathis
  12. I have a Subal housing for Nikon D100, large wide angle dome port, flat port, 1 DS-125 strobe, a Subal Housing for Nikon SB180DX flash, uttralite arms, cords, extra o-rings, owners manuals, etc. With strategic configurations of packing, I am able to fit ALL of this into a large rolling backpack. The backpack will fit into the overhead compartments of commercial jets (so far). It is real heavy, but I feel secure knowing I have all my photo equipment. My rolling backpack is a Tamrac (I don't know the model number, but looking at the web site it seems to be something like model 678). The bag is about the size of typcial rolling bag that most people seem to use when traveling. By the way, I have never worn the thing on my back...I just roll it everywhere. I also carry a smaller Lowepro backpack which has my cameras, lenses, etc. The laptop goes into my wife or kids rolling carry on. The last few trips I checked my 80-200 lens in the middle of my clothes. That thing is so heavy! Oh, I also have a video camera and housing. I have been checking this in a pelican case. My wife and two kids (ages 12 and 14) do 2 to 4 dive trips a year. With 4 people's dive equipment and my photo / video equipment we have a LOT of luggage!
  13. The frustrating problem has been (nad still is?) that the hot shoe connection on the strobe housing does not make a constant connection with the strobe. You connect everything up, it says DTTL is working, you test fire and it works but then you realize during the dive it only works when it wants to. I was fortunate enough to get some tips from others on Wetpixel on how to overcome this problem. The tip that worked best for me was to NOT LOCK the SB80DX lever after mounting the strobe onto the housing's hotshoe. Use masking tape to hold it in place. I know it seems strange, but when I did this, the strobe worked EVERY time in DTTL. And, it is awesome for macro photography ... I love it. I have had my Subal SB80DX housing for quite a while now. I am b/t dive trips and I just recently sent the housing in to get this fixed (so I CAN lock the lever down like it should work). I would hope that by now Subal has solved this problem so that people buying the housing today will not encounter this problem. You should be aware of the problem and make sure you don't have issues if you get one of these housings. Test the housing flash over and over b/c you will think it is working, then it does not! If you do a search on "SB80DX" on this site, you will find commets about all this.
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