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  1. I recently added the Canon 8-15 to my Sony a6500 APS-C rig. I'm using a Metabones IV (latest FW) and blue dot Kenko 1.4TC . The Canon by itself, or with the Kenko, focus quickly and accurately, even in low light. The configurations are able to track and focus in video mode as well. Plus, I can keep Peak Focusing on in both still and video modes with MB latest FW which I love on the a6500 rig's tilted view screen. I attribute this to the improvements in MB FW. For a port, I use a modified 4.33 FE with a 67mm macro swing mount (from Port 72) grafted onto it's shade wings. I can now shoot a wide variety of lens with just two extensions (20+30 N120) and a 50mm N85 to N120 adapter with focus knob and the 4.33 port. They include the Canon 8-15, Zeiss 12 Touit, Zeiss 16-70 (single dive still and video lens for WA and M using diopters), Sigma 16 f1.4, and Sony 90M. With the Canon FE, I no longer really need the Z12 and S16, but they still have their place for a WA rectilinear and fast video lens. However,, since I want this as a travel rig, I'll most likely will sell the modified Z12 and S16 f1.4 (both work in N85). In addition, the Z16-70 works great for moderate WA and M at it's 70mm end (with Inon diopters) so the heavy S90M may sit at home on longer trips. My tests so far are mostly surface tests, but I expect them to work well once I get back to diving when this COVID pandemic lifts and I feel safer traveling by air. However, I've used the Z12 (modified to fit N85) before in a N85 4.33 with pretty sharp corners while diving, so I'm sure the sharp C8-15L will excel in the N120 4.33 dome. Unlike FF where you basically have either a usable 8mm circular image or 15mm FOV, the cropped sensor and Kenko give the a6500 a 10-21mm zoom range. It's a very nice CFWA lens setup. if you need any info on this set-up, please send me a PM. Cheers, Marshall
  2. Which N85 to N120 adapter is this? 35, 50 or 60mm? With or without a focus knob? Thanks
  3. Is the Subsee +10 still available? Thanks, Marshall
  4. On the Sony APS-C systems, the screen is tilted some (I think more than the A7 series, but not sure), certainly less than 45, maybe 20 degrees or so. Still, the tilt helps and is better than having to be perpendicular to the housing body. It definitely makes things easier for diver position to the reef, especially since the large live view screen permits one to hold the rig further from the body, slightly down in front of you to observe all factors simultaneously while you approach the subject. Happy diving once we can all get back to it. In the meantime, I'm keeping myself occupied by experimenting with lens options on my rig. Currently I can shoot with the Sony18-55 kit, Zeiss Touit 12 (modified) , Zeiss 16-70, Sigma 16 f1.4 (modified) and Sony 90 macro using the N85 4.33 port, some extensions (N85 20&30) and N100 macro port setup for the S90. If things continue to go well (looking good so far) I'll soon be able to upgrade and shoot with the new Sony 16-55G, Canon 8-15 or Tokina 10-17 (prefer the C over T, but much more $$) , Zeiss 12, and Sony 90 Macro. All using an N85 to N120 50mm adapter, two extensions (N120 20&30) and one N120 4.33 port for better IQ and a smaller system. I've modified my N85 4.33 port by adding a swing mount to it's shades for a CMC-1 CU lens. I use it with the Sony 18-55 kit for a single dive lens for both WA and SM. The new Sony 16-55G will replace the kit and the swing mount moved over to the N120 4.33. The Sony 16-55G f2.8 will eliminate the need for the Sony kit, Zeiss 16-70 and Sigma 16 f1.4 (for video) for a smaller set-up. If you're interested in any of these modifications, please send me a PM and I'd be glad to share my findings. Enjoy your rig, whatever you have. Cheers Marshall
  5. My first rig was a Canon with Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder doing SM. Man, did I come to hate that rig. I didn't use it long enough to get the hang of the 45 VF. I can't tell you how much time wasted in frustration looking for the little critters. LOL Now I have a Nauticam-NA-a6500 Sony rig with a bright LiveView tilted screen using Sony's Peak Focus feature. I can keep my eye on the critter, watch the position of my port, maintain a decent angle to the reef with the rig slightly below and extended AND simultaneously see the subject enlarged on the screen. What a joy and ease of use compared to looking for it through a viewfinder. I'll never go back. Hats off to those who develop the patience for 45 degree viewfinders.
  6. Looking for Nauticam Port 72 wet swing mount in any condition. I only need the hinge mechanism off it, plus the hook mechanism used to keep the mount in position when using it.
  7. Looking for a Nauticam N120 20mm extension ring. Thanks, Marshall
  8. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is for a Sony a6500 housing, so I need the Tokina Canon version, along with a Metabones adapter. Thanks, Marshall
  9. Looking for a Tokina 10-17 mini dome setup for Nauticam N85. I already have the shorter 4.33 dome (non-Tokina) but it will require a 20mm extension for the 10-17. Basically here's what I need: Tokina 10-17 Lens zoom gear N85 to N120 50mm adapter w/ zoom knob 20mm extension Cheers, Marshall
  10. Try reversing the CMC-1 is some situations. I got it to focus reversed on a Sony 90mm Macro and had good results reversing it on other lens when the standard orientation did not work.
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