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  1. Looking for Nauticam Port 72 wet swing mount in any condition. I only need the hinge mechanism off it, plus the hook mechanism used to keep the mount in position when using it.
  2. Looking for a Nauticam N120 20mm extension ring. Thanks, Marshall
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is for a Sony a6500 housing, so I need the Tokina Canon version, along with a Metabones adapter. Thanks, Marshall
  4. Looking for a Tokina 10-17 mini dome setup for Nauticam N85. I already have the shorter 4.33 dome (non-Tokina) but it will require a 20mm extension for the 10-17. Basically here's what I need: Tokina 10-17 Lens zoom gear N85 to N120 50mm adapter w/ zoom knob 20mm extension Cheers, Marshall
  5. Try reversing the CMC-1 is some situations. I got it to focus reversed on a Sony 90mm Macro and had good results reversing it on other lens when the standard orientation did not work.
  6. Looking for a Nauticam N120 20mm ring extension for a lens experiment. Not sure if the lens mod will work, but willing to try with an inexpensive extension. Thank you
  7. Looking for an inexpensive Nauticam Port 72 M67 Flip Diopter Holder # 25104 for a lens experiment with a new dome. I'm only interested in the hinge mechanism, so if your's is damaged in any way, it might still be usable for the application I have in mind.
  8. The new Sony 16-55mm F2.8 G lens for APS-C. I occasionally use the Sony 18-55 kit lens as a very light and minimal travel rig. It's dome has been modified to use as single dive rig for both WA and SM. I thought about replacing the kit with the new Sony lens, but I'm not too hopeful it will work: While on paper, it appears close to fitting, whether it will work optically is another matter, especially since it doesn't have quite as close a minimum focusing distance as the S18-55 kit. This will, of course, affect the domes virtual image. Nor do I know if it will play nice with my CMC-1 +15 close-up lens. I love experimenting with my a6500 system though and am willing to give it a try if I can get the components affordably. I plan to eventually purchase the G lens for surface travel photography. I have low expectations on the success of this modification and feel the project will be on the back burners for some time :-) I currently use the Zeiss 12, the Sigma 16 f1.4 and the Sony kit in the 4.33 mini dome (lens are modified to fit). I also shoot with the Sony 90G in a N100 port set-up. Any further discussion on modifications and the above lens use needs to be through a PM. This post is to procure the adapter and extension. Thank you, Marsh
  9. Yes, that is true and I have taken that into consideration. However, those two items would place the lens in the best optical position and keep the simplicity of two pieces of gear. Piecing it together with multiple units just makes it more complicated. Moreover, I used to shoot with a Tokina 10-17 and liked it when I was using a Canon housing. I now use a rectilinear Zeiss 12mm which I prefer. Still, it would be nice to use the Tokina again if I wanted to, but that's not the modification and lens I have in mind for this project. What I have works on N85, so unless I can find some affordable components for what I have in mind for the N120 mod, I'll most likely just keep using what I have. Appreciate the info :-)
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