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  1. SOLD!


    Selling a Ultralight 8" arm in good condition

    Price: $25 + USPS Small Flat Rate Priority Shipping to anywhere in USA

    Payment must be made by Paypal to protect both buyer and seller

    Thank you and happy diving


  2. Selling my custom made fluorescent Inon-Z-240 Type 4 strobe with rotating blue filter for underwater

    Fluorescent Photography. You can swing this filter into place for such imagery or move it out of the way for regular flash. No need to dive with non-moveable filters in place and enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Includes Z-240 strobe in excellent condition (never been flooded and well taken care of), 1" ball mount, protective body cover, diffusers and red night filter + 0-ring kit. Along with the swing filter assembly and a blue high quality glass filter.

    Price: $475 + USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Shipping.

    Payment must be made through Paypal to protect buyer and seller.

    Thank you and happy diving





  3. Selling my mint Sony NEX7 with only 4K shutter count. It's never been down for a dive and was my back-up camera that was hardly ever used. It's in like new condition. A Sony tempered glass screen saver has been on it since it was new.

    Sell for $500 plus shipping with USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Service and will ship in it's retail box.

    Must be paid for with Paypal to protect both buyer and seller.

    Thank you and happy diving





  4. Selling my mint condition Port 72 and 67mm macro attachment. I've modified my 4.33 dome to use a macro swing mount and no longer need this port. It's in absolutely perfect like new condition and the added macro mount has only been used a couple dives.

    This works with the Sony 18-55mm lens, which in my opinion is sharper and doesn't lose it's zoom position every time you turn the camera off, like with the 16-50 retractable lens.

    The macro adapter works great and you can even outfit this port with a Nauticam swing mount (which I now use on my 4.33).

    Sell for $225 with 67mm macro adapter.

    Shipping via USPS-Medium Flat Rate box.

    Payment must be made with Paypal to protect buyer and seller.


    Thank you and happy diving


  5. Selling my NA-NEX7 housing with dual Ultralight handles for my NEX7. It's in excellent condition and has never been flooded. It has been checked out and serviced by Reef Photo since it's purchase. Everything works great, including the leak detector.

    This housing has speed and aperture controls on the top that engage with with the NEX7's Tri-Nav controls that it's famous for. I will certainly miss that feature and the ease of changing both those parameters with my thumb while staying glued to the screen on the subject matter, especially when shooting macro. The Ultralight handles have one quick remove type for moving your flash for creative rear lighting.

    Includes spare o-ring.

    I'm upgrading, so it must go.

    $990 and shipping via USPS Medium Flat Rate Box.

    Payment must be with Paypal to protect both buyer and seller.

    Thank you and happy diving :-)







  6. This is an Aquatica +10 close-up lens modified with a 67mm filter mount (attached with marine epoxy )on it's front when working with special filters or stacking more diopters. It also has the o-ring mounting system used with Aquatica holders. The lens reflective coating has some markings on the front element that do not affect the overall results.

    This is a powerful, yet lightweight diopter for both cropped and FF cameras.

    I've since moved to a Nauticam +15 CMC-1 for my N85 system.

    $100 plus shipping with USPS.

    Thank you,

    Happy diving :-)







  7. This dome has had a new dome put on by Reef Photo. It also has a hole drilled in the lower shade for the included weight (not in photo) to help with buoyancy control should one need it. I bought it for my NEX7 rig, but have modified my Zeiss 12mm to work in my 4.33" dome that I prefer for a travel, even though I got better corner sharpness with the 7". All my lens combinations now work in the 4.33 so it's time to let this go to someone who will use it.

    The dome is usually used for the Sony 10-18mm WA lens, but is also with the Ziess 16-70mm. Nauticam makes zoom rings to fit both these lens for this dome. It's in like new condition, as the dome has never been used, but the port housing in in excellent condition.

    Sell for $425 plus shipping.

    Payment must be made with Paypal to protect both buyer and seller.

    Thank you and happy diving :-)




  8. 1. Nauticam #36203 Macro Port for Canon/Sony EF-s 60mm macro. Includes port, focus ring and lens ring stabilizer + Extra O-ring and lube in mint condition: $450 + Shipping

    2. Metabones APS-C Smart adapter for Canon to Sony E-mount in mint condition: $175

    3. Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens in mint condition: $ 295

    Sell all three for $850

    This is a great system for 60mm macro shooters on the Sony N85 platform. It's also the perfect platform for Nauticam's new MWL-1 #86201 60mm macro and wide angle adapter for covering all your bases on a single dive. It's the only system with manual and auto focus, even though, while accurate, the Metabones adapter is slow to focus (I usually use the AF to get me in the ballpark and than "rock and lock" the final shot using peak focusing)

    Most macro shooters rely on manual focus and this is the only medium length macro set-up with manual focus control outside of the much pricier Sony 90 macro set-up, which unfortunately does not work with the MWL-1. Combine the 60mm macro port with the MWL-1 wide angle adapter and you are completely covered on any dive. 67mm double swing mounts will allow you to use both the MWL-1 and a CMC-1 for SM (super macro) and CFWA (close focus wide angle) and WA on a single dive.

    Shipping runs standard USPS Medium Flat rate or Small Flat rate to anywhere in the USA.

    Payment is through Paypal to protect both buyer and seller

    Thank you and happy diving :-)






  9. The Zeiss 12mm lens is absolutely fantastic underwater. It's known to be sharper than FF lens from both Canon and Nikon. Being a rectilinear design, corner sharpness is always a topic of conversation with most photographers suggesting a larger dome, plus some of the suggestions listed in this thread. I have a modified Zeiss 12 where I removed the bell shaped shade supporting structure and replaced it with 67mm filter rings (the lens doesn't need the shade structure to function) . This has allowed me to use the lens in both a Nauticam 4.33 and 7" single piece domes. For travel purposes, I wanted the 4.33 to work since it's tiny and well suited for CFWA photography. I bought the much larger 7"dome (yet small by some standards) that was designed for the Sony 10-18 WA to test and make comparisons. . Given the 7" is not a fisheye dome (like the 4.33), I expected it to have much sharper corners. In testing, it did have sharper corners, but not by as much as I expected. In fact, to my surprise, the 4.33 dome is almost as sharp and much, much better for CFWA. I can actually focus on objects very close, within an inch or two from the face of the dome! Obviously, not so with the much larger 7" dome.


    I ended up using the 4.33 for travel purposes and for CFWA. To get even more use out of the dome, I actually configured a 67mm Nauticam swing mount (from my old port 72) to fit across the face of the dome. I use this configuration for my Sony 18-55mm and can swing a CMC-1 15+ close-up lens at the 55mm end for some great super-macro or 18mm WA on a single dive. To get the correct dome placement for the Z12 that Alex is referring to, I added a 20mm extension to the 4.33. This was also needed for the Sony 18-55 longer length at 55. It seemed to put the Z12 in the ideal spot for decent corner sharpness. I usually shoot f11-16, sometimes more, but too much and you end up with soft shoots from aperture refraction.


    I've considered at some point of creating a graduated sharpening filter to match the 4.33 optics in Photoshop that will gradually sharpen the corners very slightly for all shots with the Z12 and and S18-55. The shots below are an untouched jpeg's made from a RAW file on my NEX7 and Z12. The lens is sharp and the corners look pretty good for a small 4.33" FE dome.










    Looks like my photos didn't post? I need to study how to upload media to the site to use it? Hope the info helped though.

  10. Mark,


    Thanks for the info on the manual focus for the S90 on the APS-C platform. I recently discussed this subject of equipment with Kevin at Reef Photo and he completely gave me different product descriptions than what you described using the Port 55 with a centering ring. I will research what you have shared to make sure i get the latest and best working system for the S90 on APS-C. As we and others have found out, the S90 works fine with +5 diopters, but has difficulty with +10. Unlike you, I really didn't see much improvement with the SMC-1, but I did with a CMC-1+15 !


    I recently I purchased one to experimented on my modified 4.33 port where I can shoot WA and M on the same dive (67mm swing grafted on to the ports shade) for both my Sony 18-55 (w/20mm extension) and my Sony/Ziess 16-70 (w/17 & 30mm extensions combined) using a custom focus gear I made (thank you for heading me in that design direction with tubing and timing belt :-) The CMC-1 worked best with the S18-55-really sharp and fast focus. The Z16-70 optics just don't work with large diopters so I gave up on trying to use it as a single dive lens for both WA and M. Too bad, as the added wider FOV and increased magnification from the 70mm would have been nice, but performance just wasn't there on the macro side and it didn't focus as closely as the S18-55. I've finally abandoned using the Z16-70 for this reason. I will be putting the custom designed gear and Z16-70 up for sale soon for someone who wants to use the Z1-70 for video, as it works great with the custom zoom gear in the 4.33 compact port.


    Okay, back to the S90 Macro. The surprise I came across in working with the CMC-1, was in reversing it with a 67mm M/M ring on the Sony 90 macro. The S90 focused sharply for the first time and would lock on fairly easily especially when I set the limiter for short travel. While reversing it lowered the magnification by a hair, It increased the working distance which was an added bonus. These were the same results for my Canon 60 macro. Despite reports the CMC-1 doesn't focus optimally with the C60, it works beautifully reversed, but focuses much slower with the Metabones. I've decided I want to use the native Sony 90 macro (effective 135mm on APS-C) for super-macro now since I now have a +15 diopter that works successfully with it. Auto-focus is handy in current so I hope to get decent response with the S90 and CMC-1on my NEX7, as it works good on the surface. I'll supplement focusing with Phil's method above, which is what I use on most occasions.I will soon be selling the Canon set-up.


    My final APS-C system will now be the modified Z12 and S18-55 in the Port 4.33, with the S90 for SM. Should I keep the Z16-70, it will work fine for video in the 4.33 port. A nice compact system.





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