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  1. Hey Marc, good to hear from you.


    Looks like I'm not the only one futzing with NEX. I must say you take the trophy for creativity in that regard! One of the nice things about the DP170 and adapter system is the ability to experiment. I'll keep your ideas in mind as I move forward. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the Z12 w/ 4.33, but not all that hopeful for the curvature reasons stated. The decision to go with either the N7" dome or the DP-170 will follow and your information points to the latter for creative purposes. With a combination of S&S ports, one can experiment with a # of lens that otherwise would never fit the Nauticam mini-port system, even on the macro end. The 2 part Canon 60 port I bought is quite wide and around the length of the announced Sony 90mm macro being released sometime in early 2015. I'm sort of hoping it might fit the port, since there's extra room without the Metabones adapter and the reported dimensions look promising. If not, I guess we'll see what Nauticam comes up with or possible configure something with the DP-170 set-up, something I'm sure you will explore. :-)





  2. I shoot a NEX7 in a Nauticam housing and absolutely love the ergonomics and Sony 24MP APS-C sensor. The A6000 is even better at focus, etc at a lower price point. As you're seeing, many of us NEX users are still struggling with lens and ports for a high IQ compact underwater system, which is why we went with mirrorless to begin with. The Zeiss Touit 12mm has been rated as the sharpest lens available underwater, going beyond Canon and Nikon SLR's. Yet as Marc has pointed out, it normally needs an expensive 2 piece dome and adapter to work due to it's physical width. However, what many don't know, is the bell shaped shell on the lens is cosmetic or functions solely for the lens shade mounting. The lens is fully functional without this outer shell allowing it to fit in the Nauiticam NEX 4.33 and 7" domes. My Z12 is in Germany at the moment having the front cover (which hides the shell mounting screws) removed (it's glued on). Zeiss has been great and agreed to remove this cover for me at no charge other than shipping it to their NY service dept.


    I will soon be able to experiment with the lens in the 4.33 compact dome. This is a FE (fisheye) dome and not ideally suited for wide rectilinear lens due to the dome's extreme curvature, so I may lose corner sharpness, but I don't believe anyone has tried it "real world" yet. I'll soon find out when the lens arrives. Should IQ suffer from the 4.33 dome curvature, the Nauticam 7" dome will work perfectly, but unfortunately, will add to the size of the compact system for travel. Yet, the good news is it's less than half the price of the Zen DP170 & adapter ($550 vs $1,200) and much lighter. It also will not require the 2 part dome/lens installation that Marc explains above.


    I'm hoping it will perform in the small 4.33 for travel purposes and also because I have a 20mm extension which will allow me to use my S18-55 lens in the 4.33. I've figured out a way to adapt my Port 72 flip macro mount to the 4.33 port and like the idea of still having the kit lens for single dive versatility in WA and M. Again, because of the 4.33 curvature, I may have trouble with the corners at 18mm? The good news is, the N 7"dome finally has a zoom gear for the Z16-70 which will be a higher IQ replacement for the 18-55. Putting my flip macro mount on the 7" will be more of a challenge though….LOL.


    For super-macro I'm using the exceptionally sharp Canon 60 EF-S macro and Aquatica +10 diopter with a Metabones adapter in Nauiticam's custom NEX port which offers some autofocus (slow, but works) and more important for macro, manual focus, which the shorter 50mm Touit set-up does not have. Sony's Focus Peaking is a fabulous tool underwater. Plus, the added 10mm over the Touit makes the lens longer in 35mm equivalency which is an added bonus, as the Sony "NEX" system doesn't have a long macro. Perhaps Nauticam will make a 2 part NEX port for the upcoming Sony 90mm FE e-mount macro, but that's a BIG maybe and certainly a long ways off. 90mm on a cropped APS-C body makes a great working distance macro, comparable to the more popular C100 and N105 macros, which are the most popular for SM. I'm sure many NEX macro shooters are keeping their fingers crossed…..


    If I had to do it all over again, I would have considered the more mature 4/3 system with it's large and sharp lens selection. Yet, I print large and like the 24MP Sony sensor and can't afford to change systems in mid-stream. Fortunately, Sony's systems are slowly catching up.


    Welcome to the expensive world of UW photography. It's kind of hard to cut corners with cheaper equipment. Purchasing a used NEX or 4/3 system rather than trying to get a cheap housing to work, is a better option in my opinion.





  3. I'm looking for a 67mm flip mount for my NEX system.


    Is your's still available and what would you want for the flip mount?


    Type and manufacturer please.


    Hope you made it into med school without needing to sell your rig :-)





  4. I'm looking to do some experimenting with lens, domes and extensions for my NEX system.

    Looking for both a Nauticam # 25105, that attaches to the 4" semi-dome (Nauticam 4/3 & NEX port system) and a Nauticam part # 25101, 67mm flip diopter holder (has 67mm swing and attaches to 67mm threads on macro port).

    I would be open to a Saga dual flip holder instead of the # 25101 above.


    Not interested in ABS plastic models.



  5. I liked the 18-55 as a general purpose single dive lens. It has close focusing capability and allows limited WA and SM using a +5 or +10 diopter. Most of us did this because there wasn't much else to use and it worked okay. Yet the lens isn't known for stellar IQ: some copies were terrible, while others( like mine) quite sharp for a kit lens.


    I think the 18-55 will work fine in the N7" dome, but you may be better off using the Zeiss 16-70 zoom over the S18-55 kit. Nauticam now makes a zoom gear for it and the 7" dome. I've considered going this route myself, along with modifying my Port 72 swing mount to fit the 7" dome metal shades, but this would be no easy task and the Z16-70 is very expensive ($750-900). You are trying to save money! However, without mounting a diopter for macro, the 18-55 is not a very useful lens underwater as mentioned above, especially when you have the S10-18. This is true for the Z16-70 for the same reasons especially since it doesn't have as close a minimum focusing distance as the 18-55. Middle ground zooms seem to work best as single dive lens options if you can use both ends, which means adapting a macro mount to the port, not very practical or easy to do on a dome, but readily available for flat Port 72 and the 4" semi-dome ports.


    Should you want to use your S18-55 in a separate port, flat Port 72 will give you maximum magnification for SM, but less AOV and increased CA and soft corners on the WA end. The semi-dome 4" port solved the problems on the wide end, but lost the 25% magnification on the macro. I think most NEX photographers chose the Port 72 for the added magnification, since 55mm is rather short to begin with. Used Port 72's are fairly cheap and readily available now. 4" semi-domes don't exist on the used market (I've never seen one for sale). I may sell my Port 72 with a clip on macro adapter soon, since I bought the Nauticam Canon 60 macro port for my NEX 7 rig. I plan to move my 18-55 to my 4.33 dome (w/ swing mount adapted to it) and use the S20 with WA converter for WA (or other WA options that fit the 4.33) while keeping the 18-55 for a single dive lens with 25% less magnification on the macro side. It's wide end should perform better, however, in the 4.33 dome vs flat Port 72. Seems like us NEX users are always experimenting with what we've got. LOL.


    Then there's the Zen NEX adapter allowing you to use S&S domes and macro ports which have wider possibilities for the future lens development.


    No easy decisions when it comes to NEX housings and lens, but things are getting better.


    Good luck and happy diving with your NEX6.

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