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  1. Mint condition Canon 100mm 2.8 USM macro lens. This is the non-IS model with the same sharpness. IS is turned off underwater so this is a less expensive and better way to go for super-macro. See my Nauticam 20mm extension and Kenko 1.4 300 Teleplus Pro TC for super-super-macro. This lens was used on one dive trip and is in mint condition. It was purchased at B&H in February, so it's still under warranty. Cost $ 599 new, Will sell for $475 $15 shipping to anywhere in USA Reply and CC to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  2. Dual Sea and Sea Type L optical cables. $100 for the set or $60 each. $5 shipping to anywhere in the US. Reply and cc to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  3. Nice lightly used Canon T3i with 18-55mm IS lens, 4 batteries and dual chargers, one with car attachment. All is like new condition and used only on one dive trip, so very low shutter count. Plenty of batteries and back-up chargers, including a 12volt adapter for charging off a car or boat 12volt system. Please see my other listings for additional gear, including a beautiful housing for this camera. 18MP resolution and HD video! All cost new over $800. Will sell for $625 plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping available for an extra cost Please see other associated listed equipment such as Nauticam NA-600D housing, lens, ports, Inon Flash Please reply and cc to: mcolleypublic@gmail.com Happy diving!
  4. Nauticam NA-600D Canon T3i Housing---------$ 1,850 

Includes: Tray and rubberized handles, 2 each-1” ball mounts for 
tray handles, Lanyard and housing mount kit ,
w/ 2 additional-1” ball supports for additional focus lights or lens holders. Comes with 2 optical ports installed with
 2 optical line connector caps to go to any optical fired 
strobe. See my Inon Z-240 and S-2000 flashes also listed for sale with optical lines to fit this housing. 
It can also be outfitted for electrical sync if desired. Excellent-used on one dive trip and in mint condition and still under warranty. This is the smallest lightest and most ergonomic full featured SLR rig made. The T3i is an inexpensive yet full feature 18MP camera with full 30FPS 1080 HD video. You won't be disappointed Everything New Cost $ 2,650 See other ads for all associated equipment. Please reply and CC to : mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  5. Excellent condition Inon S-2000 strobe with 1" Ball mount and optical cable ( Inon bare cable) for $440 (all over $600 new). This was only used on one dive trip and in great condition. It's the most powerful compact strobe on the market. Great for international divers looking to create a small rig for travel. The optical cable has the Inon connector on one end and ready for a easily available Sea and Sea, Nauticam, etc connector to match your housing on the bare end. What you see is what is for sale: Inon S-2000, 1" ball mount, optical cable, spare o-ring set, and new tube of Inon grease. This model doesn't come with the wireless connection kit. Ships in original box. I've upgraded to dual Z-240's. $15 shipping to anywhere in the USA. International shipping can be arranged. Buyer must have confirmed and verified Paypal account. Please cc to mcolleypublic@gmail.com since I don't always get replies.
  6. Excellent condition Z-240 Type 3 flash used on 20 dives. It's in excellent working condition with a few minor scratches on the body. Includes: Inon Z-240, Nauticam/Inon optical cable (Nauticam end can be removed and replaced w/ S&S or other readily available optical connector for your housing), Inon 1" ball mount, spare o-ring kit, 0.5 diffuser with clear and red screw in filters for focus/modeling light, a black neoprene protective strobe jacket (included but not shown in photo) and a new tube of Inon grease. Please also see my listing for a Inon S-2000 which complements this flash nicely if you're looking for a lightweight dual strobe set-up. All cost new $ 945 plus tax and shipping. Will sell shipped anywhere in the US for $650
  7. Got the port, waiting for Nauticam to release lens holder.
  8. All purchased! Thanks Scubaboard :-)
  9. For sale: A good set of Sea and Sea Type L optical sync cables that came with my NEX7 set-up. I use Inon strobes so these are of no use to me. Cost new $100 each Will sell for $60 each or $100 for the pair. $5 shipping anywhere in the USA. Tested and in good working order. Please cc: mcolleypublic@gmail.com along with your reply because I don't always get the messages. happy diving.
  10. Like new Tokina 10-17mm + Kenko 1.4 Teleconverter zoom Gear for Nauticam housings. This zoom gear is for use with the Tokina 10-17mm attached to a Kenko 1.4 teleconverter for WAM-wide angle macro. Cost new $175 Sell like new, still under warranty for $125 with $5 shipping to anywhere in USA. See my other listing for the lens and ZEN DP-100 mini glass dome. Nice compact wide angle system. I don't always get replies, so please CC to mcolleypublic@gmail.com Happy diving.
  11. Like new Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Zoom Gear for Nauticam housings. Cost new $150 Sell like new, still under warranty for $95 with $5 shipping to anywhere in USA. See my other listing for the lens and ZEN DP-100 mini glass dome. Nice compact wide angle system. I don't always get replies, so please CC to mcolleypublic@gmail.com Happy diving.
  12. For sale, a like new Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens for the canon system. It's been well cared for and only used on a few dives. This is perhaps the most popular and highest performing wide angle fisheye lens on the market for underwater photography. It's focusing distance is so close you can use it for WAM- Wide Angle Macro especiually when combined with a 20mm port extension and the popular Kenko 1.4 TC. I'm sellin to lighten the load on my SLR system. Most of my work is in super-macro so I don't need the lens anymore. Check my other listings for the ZEN DP-100-NT (Nauticam) dome and different focus gears that go with this lens, inclding both the standard 10-17 gear and the one for the 10-17 + Kenko 1.4TC. Costs $ $689 new at B&H. Less then a year old ans still under warranty. The card has not been filled out. Buy in like new condition and save on tax too. Will sell for $495 plus $15 shipping to anywhere in the US. Please cc mcolleypublic@gmail.com with your replies since I don't always get them for some reason. Will provide references and eBay account info if interested.100% eBay feedback for several years.
  13. Selling an excellent, like new 4" Glass dome for the nautical housing and the popular Tokina 10-17mm lens. Will work on Canon or Nikon housings. This is the state of the art in glass optics. You'll love this dome foir travel. I've recently bought a NEX7 system and may keep the macro side of the SLR until there's a better selection of macro lens for NEX. THis is a great wide angle system though. Add a 20mm extension and use the popular Kenko 1.4 Teleplus Pro TC for WAM. Used on just few dives and still under warranty. See my other listings for the Tokina 10-17 lens, the standard 10-17 nauticam zoom gear, and 10-17+ Kenko 1.4 zoom gear when used with a 20mm extension port for WAM. Cost new $899. Will sell for $765 Good as good as new. $15 shipping to any where in the US. No tax. I don't always get replies, so please CC to mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  14. Looking to purchase a Z-240 Type 4 strobe. Please reply and CC: mcolleypublic@gmail.com Thank you
  15. Almost forgot, also looking for Nauticam zoom gear to go with flat port 72 and 67mm adapter for Sony NEX 18-55mm lens. If you have any of above, please contact me. mcolleypublic@gmail.com Thanks
  16. Looking for clean F.I.T + 5 Diopter Lens CC below to make sure I get your reply. Thanks mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  17. Looking for a Nauticam Flat Port 72 and 67mm lens holder for my NEX system. CC address below to make sure I get a reply. Thanks mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  18. I've got a Zen DP-100 mini dome for Nauticam Canon. Also have a Tokina 10-17, a Kenko 1.4 Teleplus Pro, a Nauticam 20mm extension, and zoom gears for both the standard 10-17 and using the Kenko 1.4TC for WAM and medium wide angle work when fisheye is too wide. Great for large fish, etc. All are in mint condition and still under warranty. I also have a Canon 100mm macro (USM 2.8 non-IS-you have to turn it off under water-the USM 2.8 lens is just as sharp and a lot cheaper, works great with the TC too) , port 84 and focus gear. Sometimes replies do not get to me so please CC below address. mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  19. Wolf Eel, Great news, especially the release of the Zeiss 50mm macro! Hopefully this will rejuvenate the NEX line. I read tonight that they just released a needed firmware upgrade for the camera too. So, looks like things are finally starting to move. Based on this, I've decided to keep the NEX rig now. Matter of fact, I just bought an Aquatica +10 (much smaller and lighter than the Subsee) and it looks great even stacked on a FIT +5. I'll put my FIT +8 up for sale and maybe get another FIT +5 for more stacking, even though I probably won't need it and it may shorten the working distance too much. I don't suspect I'll have much DOF, but hopefully the combination will provide some SM until the Zeiss 50mm macro gets here. I imagine in time there'll be a 100mm macro E-mount available. Also, : Kenko now has a E-mount extension tube set, so that may play a role too if Nauticam can come out with a series of extensions like they have on the SLR side: 20, 30, 40 etc. NEX users can then play around a little more with lens combinations. Thanks for the info.
  20. I'd be interested in the port and gear should you end up separating the system. Marshall mcolleypublic@gmail.com
  21. Thanks Starfish, you actually were the diver and images I was referring too. I had read your earlier reports. The case comes this week to compare it to the NA-600D. From the looks of the measurements at Nauticam, it may not be a whole lot smaller then the T3i system. Mostly not as deep a housing. I want those 24.3 MP for large prints and a small camera, but the future doesn't look good for SM and NEX. Nauticam mentions the Nikonos (maybe 35 0r 50mm macro) with an extension tube being the king for super-macro on NEX, but I've found little researching the subject, and even less on the availability or where one can get an extension tube or converter for UW Nikonos lens. I'll give Reef photo a call this morning as they are the ones who wrote the info in their marketing. I'm glad no one has bought my T3i set-up year, as I might just stick with it. I have the Canon 100mm f2.8 USM, a Kenko 1.4 TC w/ 20mm locking extension, and 2 FIT +5 +8 diopters, which is what the NEX needs? As an alternative for compactness, I'm looking into getting a Canon 60mm macro and use the Tenko with it. By itself, it gives me a little more flexibility for larger macro. Combine it with the TC and Diopters and it's SM with very little water to shoot through. Plus, it uses the same ports as the stock 18-55mm lens, so I'll also have a general purpose lens. I really don't use the Tokina 10-17 and ZEN dome which constitues a lot of the weight and need for floatation. Just replaced one of my Z-240's with an S-2000 for backlighting off the rig and it's tiny. I'd replace the other too, but I want to try working with snoot lighting affect (snoots are available for both Inon's). I think the Z-240's focus light would come in handy for modeling through one of their snoots or even a fiber optic tube. As much as I don't want to, I may turn around and sell the NEX rig if I can't see how I'm going to shoot the kind of imagery I'm after. If I could see even a rumor that a longer macro than 30mm (what a waste) was on the horizon, I might wait, but not a peep of news on such. Anyone know about the Nikonos super-macro stuff Nauticam is referring to? It seems like the last resort. Plus I like the idea of manual focus built right into the lens. Marshall
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