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  1. Great idea, doing some shopping online. Will definitely look into that. Thanks for your help! What do you use for your Canon setup for land photography?
  2. Unfortunately, I am not near any of the big retailers. I am land locked in South Dakota. Have been thinking about getting a full-frame camera or maybe one of the new mirrorless Canons, so the 7Dii would be my UW camera if I can find a reasonably priced housing. Have looked at Nauticam, it comes highly recommended. And I do have three strobes--2 Inon Z-240s and an S2000. It might make more sense to buy the housing,etc. for a mirrorless, since that would keep the weight down. Am just somewhat undecided on all of this, because it is all a major expense. I can spend some, but not go to the sky! Thanks for your input. And I really enjoyed looking at your website--your bird photos are amazing!
  3. Watershot hasn't made housing for more than 10 years--they made this one for the first of the Canon Rebel series, but of course that changed so frequently that they decided not to try and keep up. I like to shoot everything, but macro is probably my favorite. Dive mostly in the Caribbean, Bonaire and Mexico. Yes, I might get an 18-55mm as a backup, but want to get a better system going for UW photography.
  4. Thanks, Chris--this is exactly the kind of info I needed. I am actually looking to upgrade my whole system as I have been using an ancient Canon T1i in a Watershot housing. I flooded it in July, and while the camera and housing appear to be OK, the lens is ruined. I have a Watershot port for the lens. I have a 7DMk ii that I was thinking to get a housing for. Since I don't get to dive very often (and especially now in the midst of the quarantine), I have been undecided about what to do. I do a lot of wildlife and landscape photography, and thought the 17-55mm lens might be good for that, too, but if it won't work with an UW system, I'd be less inclined to buy it. But would like to have some sort of middle range lens. Currently I have a Tokina 11-17mm, a Canon 60mm and 100mm. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks again for your reply!
  5. Does anyone have experience using this lens for UW photography? Pros, cons? My 18-55mm kit lens recently died and I'm looking to upgrade.
  6. All good points, thanks for your input. I'm wondering how the LCD would be for someone who uses a prescription mask, and if the Inon finder would work on the Oly.
  7. Thanks, Chris, this is good to know. Yes, travel would be a lot easier, as you describe. Do you have any thoughts on composing with the LCD screen? I noticed several people answered this thread and said that it was hard to see what you are really shooting. I don't have great eyesight and wear a prescription mask. Wondering how that would work with the Oly underwater? Good point about the LCD and prescription mask. I wear one of those, too, and wonder how easy it would be to see the LCD screen. It sure isn't easy to see through the viewfinder of the DSLR housing sometimes!
  8. Thanks, Chris, and thanks for posting the picture. This may sway my decision quite a bit, since traveling with all the DSLR gear, lenses, housing, etc gets very heavy. I do have underwater lenses for the Canon, but am surprised with how reasonable the mirrorless lenses are. Your comments are very helpful. Yes, maybe that is the way to go. Thanks for your input!
  9. Thanks, Rick. I have done a little comparison shopping, but probably should do more.
  10. Looking for recommendations. I have been shooting with a Canon T1i for years and am looking to upgrade my system. I own a Canon EOS 7D Mark ii plus some Canon lenses, and am thinking about getting a housing for it. However, it is heavy and 4 years old, and I have also been looking at mirrorless systems, especially the Olympus E-M1 Mark ii. Weight is an issue, since I travel a lot, but so is budget and the idea of having to invest in a completely new system with the Oylmpus is a bit scary. At least with the Canon I already own the body and the lenses! Any feedback would be really helpful. I especially like to do macro photography underwater and wildlife photography topside, if that has any bearing on the discussion. Thanks!!!
  11. Thanks, Tim. I think the metals have reacted. But I'll give these other methods a try. SS
  12. Just wondering what sort of cleaning and maintenance you all do on your strobes and assorted connectors after a dive trip. Also, anyone have tips for unfreezing metals that have frozen together, i.e, bolts, screws, etc. Or is that an impossible task? Thanks!
  13. Has anyone dove here? Any recommendations for dive operators, places to go, etc?
  14. Sorry to hear of your loss. I agree with your recommendations.I dove Grand Turk two years ago and loved it. Dove Providenciales just one day and while it was nice, Grand Turk was much better. Plus it is quieter and people are very friendly. We didn't have any problems with crime on either island, but it is understandable that Providenciales ould be a dangerous place since it is larger with more people. Thank you for your volunteer work on the islands!
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