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  1. Hi I need your urgent help I have a sea and sea housing for canon 5d II . The problem is with the quick control dial . I can see that the 2 wheels inside the housing are rotating fine , I know that the dial on the camera works but when I put the camera inside the housing and rotate the dial nothing happens . What can I do ? Shadi
  2. Hi Going diving to Anilao in February :-) 20 days . What should I be looking for ? What lenses ? I'm taking my macro kit but should I take wide angle lenses too ? Any tips or advice would be great tnx Shadi
  3. Hi Is there any TC out there than can be used with canon 15mm FE lense ? I have the Kenko 1.4 TC and it cannot be attached to the lense:-) Tnx Shadi
  4. Hi I have a Canon 5D MII with S&S housing , tried the video option from time to time but now I want to start shooting video all the time . I was wondering what lenses are best for video photography ? TNX Shadi
  5. Hi Have the same problem but with the Sea & Sea housing . I'm sorry to tell you that the 5D MII flash menu only works with canon speedlite flashes . With in any other kind of flash the 5D will only give the command to fire the flash . Sorry Shadi
  6. There are TTL converters for canon . Sea & Sea has them and so does Ikelite . The problem is that I have a Sea&Sea housing with Ikelite strobes and according to the web sites of each company the converters only work if the housing and the strobes are from the same company : Sea & Sea housing with Sea & Sea strobes Ikelite housing with Ikelite Strobes I posted this message to check if anyone tried mixed brands , it could be that they do work together and the only reason that the above companies don't admit it is a marketing strategy
  7. Hi I have a Sea & Sea housing for canon 5D Mark II and 2 Ikelite 161 strobes . Is there any way to connect them so I can sync them via TTL and not manual ? Tnx Shadi
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