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  1. I have heard that too, but I only ever use it on manual settings. I must be a luddite when it comes to TTL. Just a bonus note on lust: if I were buying it all today I would go for the EM-5 for sure, no question. But I am happy with the E-PL3.
  2. I had the same dilemma when upgrading from my S95. Two thoughts: 1) The m4/3 lens universe is much better than the Sony range, as Derway & others have pointed out. In particular many of the available 4/3 lenses are well suited to UW photography. Also there are more lenses under active development 2) Re the depth rating: the Oly housing is 'only' rated to 40m, true. But personally I find photography a challenge when I am past 30m, and I cannot imagine taking photos past 40m. It's a task loading issue given how attentive I have to be to gas, deco obligations, buddy etc at that depth. So I don't think the 40m rating is an issue, at least for me personally. I understand that other divers will want to do this. I ended up going with the PEN E-PL3, Oly housing, Precision dome & single YS-01 strobe (for now). I find the buttons on the Oly housing easy to operate through my 5mm gloves. Phil
  3. They were at Mornington last week, out where the fishos can't go: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31166719@N06/.../in/photostream
  4. What fish is this you're hunting Jim? Not the boarfish? Phil
  5. One press release I saw says that this housing has a bayonet port, 'unlike previous Oly housings'. But don't previous ones also have bayonet ports? I thought they could also be replaced by Zen or Precision aftermarket ones.
  6. I made one discovery today: my strobe slave is not firing reliably (strobe is a little Ikelite AF-35). That would explain some very dark photos! It is really designed for compacts so I might have to upgrade to one with a fibre-optic cable. I got a few semi-reasonable shots despite this, still nothing like your Maldives ones: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31166719@N06/ Changing to centre-AF as per your suggestion made a big difference - much easier to find focus. Unfortunately I didn't have my macro lens for the tiny nudi. The macro lights are pretty dinky & useless in daytime but I suppose they might work on a night dive.
  7. I just had a look at them - they are absolutely superb! As per my Flickr comment, I'm interested in any insights you might have about the camera after the trip, and what settings you used. I have just bought mine but am still learning how to drive it.
  8. The Olympus 12mm F/2.0 lens for MFTs looks like it might be a good performer underwater. Is anyone using it yet with an Olympus housing? How well does it work? On the downside, I note it is more expensive than the camera body :-( Phil
  9. I have done several hundred dives with my Ikelite S90 housing & there is no sign of cracking (yet!). Admittedly that's only a sample size of one.
  10. OK so you just leave the flash clipped on to the camera. What default settings do you use underwater? Good to hear about the AF, since that is my main frustration with the S90. It is very slow & tends to 'hunt' for the correct focus. By the time it has locked on properly, the Great White or whatever has fled the scene.
  11. Re the flash: my understanding is that the E-PL3 has a clip-on flash (included). I can confirm this when mine arrives - hopefully tomorrow! I am also looking at the Oly housing & maybe an S2000 strobe. I have also been using an Ikelite housing up to now for my Canon S90, but as you know they don't make them for micro four-thirds cameras generally. Phil
  12. Hi Spencer, do you have any photos from your Maldives trip? I enjoyed your Stoney Cove series. I am considering this combo as well for the same reasons as Gaynor (need compact shore-dive-friendly setup). Phil
  13. 1) You can fit wet lenses directly to the Ikelite housing. The Canon one needs an adapter 2) Ikelite has good service & spares availability for old housings. I don't know if this is true for the Canon housings. I think the Ike is a better product & worth the small premium if you are diving with it regularly. My guess is the Canon is OK for more casual or infrequent use. Phil
  14. Is anyone using the XZ-1 in the Olympus housing, and adding 3rd-party wide-angle wet lenses? Such as the Ike W-20 or the Dyron 14mm fisheye? I know there is an Olympus wide-angle lens available, but I am not sure if these other makes play nicely with the Oly housing. Thanks!
  15. Yep very useful, thanks. The W-20 tends to vignette with lots of different housings. Looks like this housing would work well underwater with a wide wet lens.
  16. Many thanks NWDiver, that's very clear. Great explanatory photos. At the other end of the scale (wide), would it work with wide-angle wet lenses like the INON or the Dyron 14mm do you think? Or would it suffer from the standard problem of vignetting?
  17. This looks like it has threads on the front of the housing. Will it take 67mm wet lenses? That would be handy.
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