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  1. Hi Morten, All shots are taken with a 60mm lens. No diopters or TC. Thanks for your advice, i will work on the colors. And be a bit more careful with the saturation setting! cheers
  2. Hi, It is the mantle tissue of a giant clam Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_clam cheers
  3. Hi Tim, thanks again for your helpful advices. Very nice pictures you took. And now i understand what you mean I went shooting yesterday and tried to focus on the foreground/background composition. Now the neg. space makes max. 50% of the image! What do you think about the new shots? http://www.flickr.com/photos/moritznautilu...57629588089931/ or see below: cheers, Moritz
  4. *UPDATE Hi Tim, thanks a lot for your advice. I´ll try to be more careful with the saturation and the choose of backgrounds. What exactly do you mean with "pay even more attention to the negative space" ? I have added some new shots (cardinal fish with eggs, Nudi, popcorn S.) to my Flickr set. cheers, Moritz
  5. Hi everyone, Here are some shots of my first day shooting with a DSLR camera. I was using a Canon Ixus before. I safed up some money and now bought a DSLR + housing! Very very confusing underwater haha... but maybe you like some of the shots. Hope to get some constructive critic. Thank you guys http://www.flickr.com/photos/moritznautilu...57629187068088/
  6. Hi there, Any recommendations? I would like to buy a UW photography set. Maybe after Xmas so the prices are a bit lower. Right now im shooting with a Canon IXUS 220HS. The results you can see here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44034 Now i want to get something proper to work with. My budget would be around 1500 Euro. DSLR or a Nex/G-series? I´m looking for a Cam + housing + strobe cheers
  7. Christmas is near! I´m looking forward to buy myself a nice present. Of course a proper UW cam Any recommendations? Budget: plusminus 1500euro Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi Wetpixel community! Are there any upcoming foto contests i can join? Problem is: Im using a Canon IXUS 220HS... so a contest for point n shoot cameras would be perfect If anybody knows... please post the link. Thanks a lot! greetings from Bali Moritz@ NautilusDivingBali
  9. Thank you very much! I might get some new equipment next year. The no-strobe-situation sucks haha... and my arms are getting sore from holding my torch!
  10. Hi Wetpixel community! I would be happy to get some reviews and critics on my fotos. All made in Bali ( Tulamben, N. Penida) As i´m still a beginner, i don´t have any fancy camera equipment. At the moment i still use my diving torch as an external strobe. The internal strobe is kinda blocked out by the housing so i cant use it at all I got very lucky by spending 3 month at MalukuDivers in Ambon. I tried to learn as much as i could from all the pros that hang out at that place So here is a small collection of shots i made during the last few month. cheers Moritz Camera: CANON IXUS 220HS / no strobe / Canon housing IMG_1969 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr Spanish Dancer@Tulamben Nightdive IMG_1966 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr Spanish Dancer@Tulamben Nightdive IMG_1963 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_1941 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_1950 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_1909 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_1812 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_0018543 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_005343 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr IMG_00537 by Moritz@NautilusDivingBali, on Flickr Thanks for you comments!
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