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  1. So you deliberately are planning your diving to avoid me Luko! I must have been in Lembongan just a few weeks after you.
  2. Thanks, quite like the fisheye effect for over water shot cheers.
  3. Well I havent really researched the options as Im using a Tokina 10-17 in a 6". But I recall reading somewhere..I think it was Luko...who mentioned using a 60mm with his zen 4"...also recall seeing some photos shot in Lembeh with other macro lens instead of fisheye.
  4. Hey, not quite sale related but can I ask what you used to take the pics of the housing? Just curious.
  5. Anyone care to share what they are using beyond 10-17 for wide angle? I heard that some macro lenses are compatible ie 60mm, and perhaps some rectilinear? Thanks
  6. I once dived with someone with an Ikelite rig, also another buddy with Aquatica. None rinsed any of their housings in fresh water. It was basically dry the housing then change ports etc.. none have flooded or had issues.. I always do a min 1 hour soak dunk then hose off thoroughly with freshwater
  7. Amazing compilation, I much prefer ambient light to high beam LED.
  8. Yes there are places where the bogans go .. and where they dont go. You found it alright. Nice report Jenny!
  9. Here's a few selected shots from my recent maiden voyage to Raja Ampat in January. Conditions with visibility was a little more challenging for wide angle than what I had previously experienced in Komodo. However I found the macro variety to be a lot more diverse if not unique to the Indo-pacific region. One such find was a species of green frogfish which I havent seen before in my travels.
  10. How are you finding the diopter to use generally matti? Plus and minuses? I love shot 2 btw. Great detail and lighting.
  11. Anyone received replie back its been 2 weeks and nothing. Whats up Si?
  12. If thats true thats truly sad..
  13. Great stuff xander as usual. Love shot no. 2. Excellent lighting contrast. Esperance looks cold!
  14. Thanks for the kind words folks yes the harlequin shot is one of my better efforts, shot at F25 to get a slightly snooted effect on the hydroid.
  15. I was there in early January just after you then! Saw some divers from the Arenui come by Arborek for an evening dive. We were on the Siren ..but they had only scheduled in a night dive at the jetty. Yes photos of the beautiful kids underneath would have been perfect. Water looks real clear in the day!
  16. Nice colection of images, Was the under jetty shots at arborek? What month were you there.
  17. Great shots, was the blue ring taken in komodo?
  18. Im going to throw a spanner in the works here to consider that none of these courses deal with training a student to have good bouyancy whilst having to take certain types of photos uw let alone handling a rig from a compact to fully blown DSlR setup?
  19. Nope Roger hasnt seen everything. I can vouch for that Nice footage btw good detail. Those night 'insects' aka bloodworms and crustaceans attracted to focus light sure brings back testing memories for me.
  20. Exactly, the lahad datu 'invasion' must have seen a recent drop in tourist numbers, local and international. Coupled with a camera ban 'rumour' it wouldnt take much to slash the numbers even more.
  21. Drew let us know what you get as a reply because there is nothing presently listed on the Sabah Parks site as to any photog ban on Sipadan. And there have been other people who have contacted Sabah Parks and the information received have been negative to such a ban at this point. Travis Ball in the article writes "The government authority in charge of Sipadan has already declared that an underwater camera ban will go into effect, but will not give an implementation date." Incidentally there is no reference to this effect on the Sabah Parks site.
  22. Hey Matt some unbelievable 'Micro' scopic macro photos in Kona. All those just taken with 105mm? No diopters?
  23. Before this thread ends up as a discussion about the whereabouts of Harvey Oswald or whether Crotchetting should be outlawed this News is that currently officially the ban is Not going ahead according to the Authorities. If there are changes Im sure we will be made aware. My thoughts on the original article is that its irresponsible and it should not have been written unless the News was made official and a date released.
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