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  1. I've got one for sale as well. Located in the US. Would include the housing, tray, dome port, macro ports, & a host of other things. LMK if you're interested.
  2. If this is still available I'd be interested in everything.
  3. What all would you be willing to part with? Specifically looking for the housing, tray, dome port, & macro port for 60mm lens.
  4. https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/nikon-nikkor-105mm-lens-and-nauticam-macro-dome-port.601325/ Someone's got one for sale on Scubaboard
  5. Shoot I'd love to take them off your hands, but for only US $50 more I can two brand new ones with free shipping. Best of luck selling them & sorry to hear you lost your job!
  6. Looking for a Nauticam NA-D7000 housing. Epic bonus if you also have a tray, ports, & strobes that you're willing to part with. Specifically looking for a dome port to use with the Tokina 10-17 lens & the port for a 60mm lens. Let me know what you have!
  7. I'd love to get this, but since I have Ikelite strobes I'd have to pick up the Ikelite mounting module. Ends up cheaper to buy a new LSD & I'd get free shipping
  8. Looking for either a Nauticam or Kraken housing for an Olympus TG-5 or TG-6. I'd buy the Olympus housing, but I need something that is going to go to 200+ feet when I start tech diving.
  9. Is this still available?
  10. Thanks for the responses. Neither one were what I was thinking of. I want to say that it might be the lens caddy that goes along with the SeaLife lenses: http://shop.sealife-cameras.com/r/en/product.php?product_id=69395 What I wound up purchasing is the Kraken KRL-02 Wide Angle Lens. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to hold onto it/where to put it when I take it off the camera underwater.
  11. I remember seeing a picture of someone diving with a wet wide angle lens that had some kind of attachment to their tray for when they weren't using the wide angle lens, but for the life of me I can't remember what kind/brand of wide angle lens that was. Does anyone have any suggestions? Was looking at getting a wet wide angle lens for my Olympus TG-4 but I want to have a place to store it when I'm not using it.
  12. If you're willing to separate the items, I'm interested in the 8' dome port, the superwide port body, & the FL extension port body.
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