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  1. Hey guys i'm new to surf photography, but not surfing or photography respectively.

    I've been shooting for years now,and recently got a hero gopro and its made me decide to take the plunge in getting a housing for my DSLR.


    I Really like the Liquid eye housings,... my question is what Mode do most of you guys shoot in ? TV (shutter priority ) Full Manual ??


    seems it would be a pain to swim in to change shutter speed for constantly changing light situations.

    is it possible to get prime photo's in TV modes or is full Manual the only way to go ?



    the reason i ask is the housing i'm interested in (c1600 ) just has AF and trigger features...

    SPL makes a fully adjustable housing for my camera but is quite a bit more.



    Thanks in advance to any responses.

    looking to buy a housing very soon.

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