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  1. Just came across your post. Got to say, love your work. Am a huge fan, been trying some similar work myself lately.
  2. Thanks Jim. Thats interesting. Will have a look at mine when i get back home. And will also try the baby shampoo, see if that works. Cheers lads.
  3. That above advice is very good. Posing underwater is a big problem for non divers and takes a lot of practice. I also find that asking models to dance underwater is about the best and also avoid closeups. Full length shots look so much more fluid anyway. Try adding some additional light from outside as well, that will soften your underwater lights so they wont appear as harsh. Shoot during daylight hours or use a strong torch or even a studio light (suitably secured, as you dont want it falling in) triggering a studio light is tricky but i have used 3 lights to trigger one before. Now got a long cable so only need the one to trigger it. Heres a couple of mine.
  4. Justin Am based just outside joburg. Unfortunately not there at the mo but coming back in March. Not sure if i can make a dive but defiantly up for a beer and social. Might be able to help you with folk who will be interested. alecdaviesathotmaildotcom
  5. Thanks Chris. Am sure it got something to do with the water and chemicals in the pool. The bubbles start when i first submerge the housing. Not using scuba so no exhaled bubbles. Pool pump switched off. No one jumping in the pool. Thing is, they appear, i wipe them off and then they just reappear again. Was in the pool for about 6 hours and had issues all the way through. I first thought galvanic corrosion but the bubbles also appear on the dome port!? I also initially thought it may be the heater as warmed the pool up but shot last time without the heater and still the same. Just at a loss. Cant test it out in the bath yet as away from home but will try that and see if they still form. Its just frustrating as planning a shoot when i get back home. Anymore thoughts from anyone?
  6. Am looking for some help here. I have been using my Sea & Sea housing with a large dome port in my swimming pool and find that whenever i have the unit in the pool, small bubbles form on both the housing and the dome port. This is frustrating the hell out of me as they never go away! I constantly have to wipe the dome port to clear the bubbles and they just keep on reforming. Just at a loss as to how i can get rid of them. Would an anode help? The pool isnt deep, max 2m at the deep end. Has anyone else come across this in a pool? Could it be something to do with the chemicals? Any ideas really welcomed.
  7. I can concur with Christian above about Tofo in Mozambique, whale sharks all year round but generally only snorkelling allowed unles your lucky enough to spot one on a dive.
  8. Liquid gold is amazing, very inspiring.
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