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  1. A short clip I took last month....I am not a serious videographer, just for fun ! https://vimeo.com/58287519
  2. I admit, I am a point and shoot photographer so I have no idea about F stops etc.....but had a great week diving the Red Sea with my Canon G1 X. Here is a link to my album...happy for any constructive criticism. http://www.warrenssite.com/Egypt/Dee...713142_4W8cBh# (Some images were also taken with a Canon S90 with an Inon wide angle lens....majority with the G1 X though )
  3. Such terrible and desperate images, makes my blood boil with frustration and sadness to see this barbaric, needless slaughter of such precious and fragile creatures. Good work Juan in taking a stand on this and I wish you well. I will be sharing these images to pass on your brave stance, I am sure there are many people here that are with you in spirit as you continue to hi-light this desperate situation.
  4. These are stunning, absolutely amazing photos....well done on capturing the most bueatiful images.
  5. Stunning shots Jenny, absolutely amazing........loved them.
  6. Just got back from a great couple of weeks in Galapagos. I took my G1 X which I know has not been the most successful received release from Canon recently, but as a point and shoot photographer, it was good to use. I have two galleries....below the waves and above the waves. Like I say, I am a point and shoot, keep it easy, so dont expect anything brilliant, but it may give other people an idea of the G1 X in sometimes darker conditions. Always grateful for pointers, tips and criticisms. Below the waves.... http://www.warrenssite.com/Galapagos...5437&k=zp2fVxS Above the waves.... http://www.warrenssite.com/Galapagos...4682&k=tFkPkLX
  7. Worthy entry, beautiful image, congratulations and keep us updated on how you progress. Good luck !
  8. I have just added a short film (very roughly put together). Maldives March 2012 - Filmed by Warren Price. | Facebook Photo gallery (some of these images were taken with a Canon S90, most with a G1X) http://www.warrenssite.com/Maldives/...254057_J4GnHN#
  9. Hi Chris I did touch them up with Lightroom 3.
  10. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the advise and tips that have been given.
  11. I only used the Canon housing, no strobes or anything. Control wise from the two housings I would say the same (from an amateur view that is). Is there away around the shallow depth of field, it has been suggested to me to increase my shutter speed to a minimum of 1/200 and set the 'rate of change' in my Auto ISO settings to 'high'.....
  12. Hi Gary The Maldives (North Ari) last week.
  13. I would class myself as a complete novice photographer, more at the point and shoot end of the scale rather than knowing about F stops and ISO settings etc. I brought a Canon G1 X for a diving trip last week and then after reading al the negative reviews, wondered if I had wasted my time and money. I had searched the internet for underwater images taken with the G1 X and there are very few available. I have to be honest, I struggled with the camera, mainly around the time it takes to focus and lock onto the subject. I found that even once it has come into focus, the slightest movement from either myself or the subject would make the camera lose focus quickly and would take a blurred picture. Maybe it was me and could of been rectified if I had a better knowledge of the camera and how the various settings works, ( I will take the time to learn). I normally use a Canon S90 with Inon wet lenses which is very forgiving and easy to use, but when the GI X focused, the clarity of the pictures where pretty impressive and was visibily better than anything the S90 could manage. Like I say, I am a total amateur but here are just a few images that I took last week, I will post a link to the full images when I have downloaded. I hope at some stage wide angle lenses will be available for the G1 X as I am sure this would make this camera more versitile for underwater photography. I would appreciate your thoughts......
  14. What an incredible experience Max, wonderful images and something so few of us are lucky to see, thanks for taking the time to share your pictures.
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