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  1. There are 2 systems for the autofocus on the XA 10. One is TTL and the other (situated just under the lens) is IR. They work together, but if the IR is not working (depending on environnement conditions) the camera rely on the TTL only. So you can forget the IR as you are underwater. I have a HFG10 in a L&M housing and I never care about which one (TTL or IR) is working as it is only the TTL which works UW. Then you can forget the different mode and use only the Instant AF. You will be able to use your flip red filter with no problems as the IR autofocus isn't working underwater. These are the settings I use and it is all right.
  2. I got this one http://www.amazon.com/High-Definition-Unde...5368&sr=1-3 easy to understand and pratice. Not boring
  3. Hi, After long search on internet including French Federation for diving, i phone directly to the organisation. I've got someone who apologize for the lack of informations. As he was on a trip during our phone conversation, i did not push hard against him. Very kindly, he ask me to send a mail to the following E-mail festi.film@wanadoo.fr . He promise he would answer when he will be back inToulon, ie 4 or 5 days. try to send a mail to the email adress ! other ref. to contact the festival: Téléphone : 04 94 92 99 22 (from france), from international + 33 4 94 92 99 22 Fax : 09 70 62 48 21 E-mail : festi.film@wanadoo.fr best regards, another french diver
  4. Many thanks for those informations. I have just ordered a Canon HF G10 and a bluefinpro Oled plus wet mate 65. I expect to receive them by end of January. I have also investigated in macro lenses and my choice is going to http://www.backscatter.com/store/product/js-mmfbf.lasso . During last november I was in Lembeh (indonesia) and i met australian photographer using this, that looks very good, and i intend to use it with the flat port. Let me received the items and i will make a video test. May be for end of february. Merry christmas and happy new year
  5. Many thanks for your advices. After using those Sony cam "TRV33E, HDR-HC9, XR550", i am a bit desapointed as they failled after one or two years of (may be too intense) use. Their WB in UW conditions is a too tricky opération to get goods results (they look pinky). I am going to Canon, following advices from other divers. I'll check also for external wet macro lens and i have already found this : http://reefnet.ca/products/subsee/ . Anyway, thanks for the links. I will discuss of this with my retailler and also visit manufacturers during the French "Salon de la plongée" (Dive Show) in Paris from 13 to 16 of january. If something interresting on macro lenses, i'll post it.
  6. Hi Everybody ! Just new to Wetpixel, and my apologizes if my english is not very correct. I am going to buy a L&M bluefin pro with Canon HFG10 and the WM 65 plus it's dock on top of the housing. I am doing mostly macro. My actual Sealux UNM 190 and Sony HDR HC9 plus internal housing macro lens are getting old and I am going to update and change the all system. Please, will you confirm that L&M Bluefin pro and a Canon HF G10 is not working with the L&M internal flip macro dioptre. Is the macro diopre really bigger than the color filter ? Did you invest the possibility to use a UW removable macro lense ? Is it finaly useless to have a macro lense with, as the video you made was with the Wet Mate 65 and looks good. How close to the subject did you get to make it ? PS: a real nice video, and very good image quality! Congratulations !
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