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  1. Elias, Optical cables arrived today. Perfect condition many thanks Jim
  2. Payment of 78.00 for both &shipping completed through paypal Thanks Jim
  3. Dear Elias Jim Johnson My mailing address is 41 Clearview place, Rosemount Queensland 4560 Australia I will complete the paypal transaction & forward receipt to you. Please mail by air as it 10 days& the boat 4 months. Thank you' Jim
  4. I am interested in purchasing. Can you please email me how I can pay you through paypal. Thank you jim50johnson@optusnet.com.au
  5. Thank you very much. It would seem one way or another I will have luck in getting this to fit my port & thread on the lens.
  6. Many thanks Bill for all of your help. I will explore this with SAGA.
  7. Just hoping someone may be able to steer me in the right direction. I am using a nexus housing with a D300. When using a 105 lens I have attached to the port a macro flip holder from Reefnet Subsee with both their +5&+10. I would like to move to the Nauticam SMC 1 and possibly the SMC 2. The problem I am encountering is the port diameter is 102mm and has no internal or external threads. I am looking for some type of holder that will attach to the port and hold the Nauticam lens. The Reefnet holder will not hold the SMC lens securely. While the folks at both Backscatter and Reef have been good no one has been able to get any information from either SAGA or Nexus. I may have to find a new port but looking for a holder to fit the 102 mm diameter first.Hence this posting. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading.
  8. WOW !!! this just may be the answer to my question. From the photo I just can't work out how if I want to move my strobe arm that it won't affect the position of the focus light. It would seem that if I loosen the strobe arm to move it the focus light arm will drop & then have to be readjusted. I can say that if even if that's the case it still looks better than what I am currently doing. PS. How have you found the flotation works around the port? I have the same flotation on all 4 of my strobe arms and find they hit each other restricting my strobe arm placement when shooting macro. Once again many thanks to jimswims,diverdave & Vondo no doubt we all have friends who just don't resonate with our desire to drag a camera around UW
  9. Thanks so very much for offering your ideas. My handle is not an ultralight but the one that came with the housing. My housing has the 2 screw holes next to the port opening but no black block.. Perhaps there may be a vertical ball mount that has 2 holes matching the spacing on the housing. If I can direct the ball vertically then maybe a 2 way clamp will work with the sola 1200. I will dig through several of the UW photo cataloques & see if there is something. Once again many thanks. If I come up with something I will come back with an update
  10. Hoping someone might be able to help. I have a nexis-anthis housing & using a Nikon d-300. I have been using a sola 1200 as a focus light attached to an ultralight triple clamp as well as my with my left strobe arm. I find that I am always having to adjust the strobe arm as needed for lighting however, the focus light also moves & I am constantly readjusting. My housing does not come with any hot shoe or any type of bracket that I can attach the sola light independent of my left strobe arm. Is there anyway I can glue a short ball mount that I can attach a 2 way clamp to hold the sola directly over my port. I do not want to drill into my housing. Any ideas ,tips or techniques would be greatly appreciated. thanks jimj
  11. Thanks Diver Dave, I guess my thinking was the length of the teleconverters with there being some 10mm difference between them. As we have the same housing ,lens and dome . I am using a Nikon D300. I am not sure which camera body you are using. I would think that there would be little difference overall in the total length from the camera-teleconverter-10-17 and small dome port with the 20 mm ring extension. I have assembled the housing with the camera ,10-17 and dome port with the 20 extension ring. I have the lens zoomed to maximum length. Looking to see if there is at least 27mm more space. Seems there is at the furthest point on the dome. As it curves the distance shortens but seems like enough. I will order 300pro and keep my fingers crossed. Once it arrives I will report back . Thanks again jimj
  12. Happy New Year and many thanks to both diver dave1 and Jim Swims for your help and advice. Happy to say that I received my Teleconverter Zoom gear for my nexus housing. Your advice on getting the gear to fit was of tremendous help and worked a treat. Dealing with Fun -In UW photo Eaquipment was pretty smooth once I worked out how to place the order. OK now that I have the gear I am ready to order the teleconverter. There are 2 different Kenko 1.4 teleconverters for sale. 1. The Kenko 1.4 teleplus mc4 DGX with a barrel length of 17mm 2The Kenko Pro 300 DGX with a barrel length of 27mm Reading all of the literature the 300 pro is recommended for lens of 100mm or greater and has a barrel length of 27mm. The Tokina is 10-17. It would seem that the basic teleplus is the one to pick . As well the new gear is 20mm longer and seems more workable with the 17 mm barrel length of the teleplus than the 27mm barrel length of the 300 Pro Can you please let me know if I am on the right track?. Many thanks jimj
  13. I think I have figured it out. I contacted fun- in and they emailedback to say they will make up the gear to mesh with the Nexus housing gear. I have paid for it through paypal and they contacted me to say the have received the $ and will ship within a week. I guess all will be revealed when it arrives. Either it will work or it won't. I will let you know the final outcome if thats OK. Once again thank you very much for all of the effort you went to digging through your past email records. jimj
  14. Dave, I am a little confused I understand we both have Nexus housings,Tokina10-17, Kenko 1.4 andthe small dome port with a 20 mm extension for the port. Is your Zoom gear the one they show in the website model ZG-STK1017 or another model number. It may be for the Sea And Sea but it seems to me that is the only one available. I have written to them asking if it will work and if it does when will it be back in stock. Thank you very much for all of the handling tips. It is always nice to know how not to screw it up. jimj
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