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  1. Hi I am gauging interest in a couple of ikelite ds-125s that I have. I have three but only need one or two so I have at least one for sale if not two. They function perfectly. I will be selling them for $415 shipped priority mail. I will post pictures if anyone is interested. No charger will be included this is for the battery and light only.

    I also have a manual controller/ev controller for the ikelite system that I am selling for $75 shipped.

    Thank you,



    P.S. I also have 4-5 Sea & Sea YS 50 strobes that I would be willing to sell for 60$ shipped with sync cords. They are almost brand new and some of them even have the original box and manuals. If anybody is interested I will post photos of them as well.


    I am interested in the EV controller, is it still $75 shipped to Australia if you are willing to post to Australia and do you do paypal? cheers Ken.

  2. OK, having just traded up I now need a nice loving home for my outgoing kit:


    Packages are as follows:


    1 - Canon 450D plus kit lens (18-55)

    2 - Ikelite 450D housing, spares, 6" dome port and macro port. Unfortunately, the TTL function no longer works, but it still works on Manual flash.

    3 - Ikelite DS125 + spare battery + broken DS125 (no water ingress, the front of the camera was broken off when a dive lift snapped it... so might be good with a little investment)

    4 - Ikelite strobe cables - 1-1 and 1-2 strobes


    Just getting around to putting it on ebay, but please shout me if you are interested.





    Hi Robin, How much do you want for the DS 125 strobes and the cables? Would you be willing to ship to Australia? cheers Ken.

  3. FS one Ikelite DS 125 with Smart charger and single sync cord. Just got back from Ikelite has a brand new battery pack toggle shaft and o-rings. One year warranty. Battery pack says DS 124/160/161 Jan 2012 500.00 sn: 7133


    FS one DS 125 with Charger. Also just got back from Ikelite. Passed load test and did not need new battery pack. All new o-rings and toggle shaft. One year warranty. Battery pack says 04/2007 DS 125. 325.00 sn: 12587


    Buyer pays shipping; Paypal gift


    Please contact me for more information:


    marc laxineta




    Hi, How much do you want for both or would you be willing to separate? Do you have any pics? Could you please email me grumbles1955@bigpond.com I am Australia so would you be willing to send? cheers Ken.

  4. Try looking on ebay under inon, I won 3 for $39 and there were still more up for auction. Sorry I just checked and they are no longer offering them at the cheap price, but they do from time to time.cheers

  5. I recently got a new rig but don't want to shell out 90$ for 3 clamps. Any clamps will suffice, name me your price!

    I'm in san diego.


    Try looking on ebay under inon, I won 3 for $39 and there are still more up for auction. cheers

  6. Final bump before ebay (been too busy to list but will go on ebay on Wed if not taken - but would rather someone on here get it).
    Hi, Would you be willing to send to Australia? If so email me on [grumbles1955@bigpond.com] cheers Ken.

  7. Hi, I am looking for a Canon G10 housing, preferably an Ikelite housing or other brand with or without extras, as I already have the canon housing. I was hopeing someone might have one lying around that is no longer being used. Or I would be interested in lenses to fit the Canon WP-DC28 housing. cheers Ken.

  8. Hi, I am chasing a housing for a Canon, G10 camera or a complete setup if the price is right. I am also after a dual tray and arms to suit this camera. I dont want a canon housing as there was one with the camera when I bought it and I would like to upgrade to something a bit more user friendly. I want one that I can easily get lenses for. Just leave a reply on this site or email me if that is allowed. Email is grumbles1955@bigpond.com. Thanks. Ken.

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