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  1. This setup is still for sale, it would be a shame to have it sit here only to collect dust :-) Make an offer and I ship it out to you!


    Jens Hi, Did you sell this item and what exactly comes with it? Does it include the strobes? I am in Australia so I suppose the freight would be high. cheers Ken.

  2. Start to :) I sow it with my own eyes.



    Probably a bit late but I have only just joined. I have been useing a pair of force fins for the last 10 years and I would never go back to any other type of fin. They are good for most types of situation and don't stir the bottom up as much as others while giving you all the power you need without the strain on your legs. If you can find a pair try them, although you may need a couple of dives to get used to the different way of useing them. Cheers Ken.

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  3. I am selling my Ikelite #6146.10 Canon G10 Housing for $280, an Inon Z-240 Type 3 strobe with arm ball adapter and diffuser for $525, Fiber optic cable for the strobe for $69 and Ultralite arm & clamp set ( 3 clamps, 5 inch and 8 inch arms ) for $130.


    All items used for only 10 dives and in near new condition. All prices plus actual; shipping costs.


    Can e-mail pictures or see items on my e-bay auctions under joesailor




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