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  1. I need to make a correction on my listing...the port extension (5510.11) was added by my mistake. That went with a different setup I sold. Regardless, the entire setup (housing, dome,trigger extension,etc.) for the drylock setup is $1820. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Don
  2. I haven't been real active trying to sell this as I considered using it as a backup to my Sea&Sea...but have finally decided I won't be using this in that capacity. This will make a great setup for someone with a MKIII,IV,5Ds,5DSR. Meticulously maintained.Price dropped to $1820 for everything. PM with any questions or if you would like to see other images. Best regards, Don
  3. Nice idea and thanks for sharing it...also +1 on the handle, very nice...
  4. Excellent posts and pics... I love the wrecks of the Great Lakes and you did a great job in capturing them.
  5. Sinetwo... I recently purchased On1 and am in the infancy stages of learning the software. I purchased it on the recommendation of a bud who raved about the ability to maintain quality when doing very large prints. I force myself to bring at least one image into it to learn the software but find old habits die hard...and thus revert back to Lightroom/photoshop. I can’t say I’m overly impressed...yet...but also take that comment from someone that has only been learning it for a couple months and has many years of Adobe experience.
  6. Just got my Sea & Sea setup and had a trial dive yesterday at the local quarry so no need to have two housings...Here is an update pic after I removed the weights that were on the dome shade...it looks brand new and if there was never anything on it. Price drop for everything listed above as well as a zoom gear for a Canon 8-15 lens:$1820 plus shipping.
  7. I like the idea...helps validate the person is legit...
  8. Just a mention that this system is still available. If you have a Canon 5dMkIV,MKIII,5DS or 5DSR, this is a great system. I just ordered my new setup and don’t need two. I try to get on the forum at least once a day if you have any questions, or you can PM me, either will work. Best regards, Don
  9. As a follow up, I forgot to mention that I only used this system in freshwater, never in saltwater...its not that I dislike saltwater, we just don't have any around here where I dive.
  10. Picked this setup in November from Ikelite and it has worked very nice for me. Due to some upcoming projects I need something that has a deeper rating than 200' and thus will be unloading this. Unit is in GREAT condition. Email or pm me with any questions you may have. I have some adhesive weights attached to the dome shade (an idea I got from a member here) to balance it a little better. I can remove them if you prefer. I also have all boxes if you want them. This unit works for Canon 5D MKIV as well as MKIII,5DS & 5DSR Retail for $2680, selling for $1975 and if I need to ship this I will split the shipping Continental US only. I'm at Whitestar quarry (Ohio) almost every weekend if you want to check it out. Don Don(at)Deco-Services.com
  11. Thanks Vigfus and Larry C for your input. Based on the comments of this thread and everyone’s experiences I am moving forward with getting one from Sea & Sea. Don
  12. Nice, thanks for the heads-up... I will look it up today...
  13. Thank you Rogerholmesuk and Garyyoss, I appreciate the time you took and the insight you shared. I know Nauticam and Aquatica seem to be what the majority use and thus why I thought I would look into the Sea&Sea given the price-point is very similar. Don
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