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  1. I need to make a correction on my listing...the port extension (5510.11) was added by my mistake. That went with a different setup I sold. Regardless, the entire setup (housing, dome,trigger extension,etc.) for the drylock setup is $1820. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Don
  2. I haven't been real active trying to sell this as I considered using it as a backup to my Sea&Sea...but have finally decided I won't be using this in that capacity. This will make a great setup for someone with a MKIII,IV,5Ds,5DSR. Meticulously maintained.Price dropped to $1820 for everything. PM with any questions or if you would like to see other images. Best regards, Don
  3. Nice idea and thanks for sharing it...also +1 on the handle, very nice...
  4. Excellent posts and pics... I love the wrecks of the Great Lakes and you did a great job in capturing them.
  5. Sinetwo... I recently purchased On1 and am in the infancy stages of learning the software. I purchased it on the recommendation of a bud who raved about the ability to maintain quality when doing very large prints. I force myself to bring at least one image into it to learn the software but find old habits die hard...and thus revert back to Lightroom/photoshop. I can’t say I’m overly impressed...yet...but also take that comment from someone that has only been learning it for a couple months and has many years of Adobe experience.
  6. Just got my Sea & Sea setup and had a trial dive yesterday at the local quarry so no need to have two housings...Here is an update pic after I removed the weights that were on the dome shade...it looks brand new and if there was never anything on it. Price drop for everything listed above as well as a zoom gear for a Canon 8-15 lens:$1820 plus shipping.
  7. I like the idea...helps validate the person is legit...
  8. Just a mention that this system is still available. If you have a Canon 5dMkIV,MKIII,5DS or 5DSR, this is a great system. I just ordered my new setup and don’t need two. I try to get on the forum at least once a day if you have any questions, or you can PM me, either will work. Best regards, Don
  9. As a follow up, I forgot to mention that I only used this system in freshwater, never in saltwater...its not that I dislike saltwater, we just don't have any around here where I dive.
  10. Picked this setup in November from Ikelite and it has worked very nice for me. Due to some upcoming projects I need something that has a deeper rating than 200' and thus will be unloading this. Unit is in GREAT condition. Email or pm me with any questions you may have. I have some adhesive weights attached to the dome shade (an idea I got from a member here) to balance it a little better. I can remove them if you prefer. I also have all boxes if you want them. This unit works for Canon 5D MKIV as well as MKIII,5DS & 5DSR Retail for $2680, selling for $1975 and if I need to ship this I will split the shipping Continental US only. I'm at Whitestar quarry (Ohio) almost every weekend if you want to check it out. Don Don(at)Deco-Services.com
  11. Thanks Vigfus and Larry C for your input. Based on the comments of this thread and everyone’s experiences I am moving forward with getting one from Sea & Sea. Don
  12. Nice, thanks for the heads-up... I will look it up today...
  13. Thank you Rogerholmesuk and Garyyoss, I appreciate the time you took and the insight you shared. I know Nauticam and Aquatica seem to be what the majority use and thus why I thought I would look into the Sea&Sea given the price-point is very similar. Don
  14. I am very curious to hear what experiences others have had using Sea&Sea housings? I am looking to upgrade the housing I use with my Canon 5D MKIV. Thanks for any tips or input you may have. Don
  15. I bought this for my wife as I thought she was going to pursue the same passion as we all do here of underwater photography but she decided she likes to snorkel more. It is a brand new XTX200 (DIN) never opened. Retails for $795, selling for $695. Only so much I can do with an unopened box regarding pictures. Reg picture is from Apeks website... Let me know if you have any questions... Don
  16. I just upgraded to the Mk IV and was curious if there was a way to change AF points while using Live View underwater? I've had other units that will do it and today it was a PITA switching back and forth in the view finder to change the AF point. Any suggestions? Thanks, Don
  17. As an update, this system is still available for those that are interested in a complete system. I need to add that a camera bag,camera body cap,camera strap (never used),lens caps and a battery are also included. I will only ship to US addresses.
  18. I am selling my COMPLETE underwater photography kit...Everything you need to start taking pics is included... I apologize for the pics as they were taking with my phone.. The details: included is an Ikelite housing with TTL circuitry,8"dome (for wide angle and over/under imagery which you will fall in love with),port for Tokina 10-17 lens, zoom gear. I did plasti-coat the handles because 1) I don't like the color red thus why the handles are black and 2) I wanted something more durable. I mentioned this is a COMPLETE system so you need a camera...I am including my Canon 70D camera with this package,battery included. I am also including my Tokina 10-17mm lens. All this can be yours for only $2000 (plus shipping). If interested, I am at Gilboa (local quarry) almost every Sunday and would be happy to go over things there. If you are there on a regular basis, you may have seen this over there. I LOVE this system but recent demands for some upcoming projects have required me to upgrade. I was initially thinking I would keep this as a back-up but the formats would be different and it wouldn't work...so...I'm putting my beloved setup up for sale. If interested send me a message here or I can be reached at Don (at) deco-services (dot) com.
  19. I have a pair of Sola 4k video lights up for sale. These things work great and put out a bunch of light. I have since upgraded to dual 13k UWLD video light heads. As such, the last few trips down to cave country they merely sat on my shelf so.... I thought they would be put to better use by someone here looking for a set of great video lights at a fraction of the cost. They worked great with my video camera as well as my DSLR. I even tried these once with a GoPro and the footage was incredible. 7 power settings and only used in fresh water. These also come with Ultralite ball mounts which will save you a little bit of coin. They have some minor scratches but aside from that, they work great, keep a good charge and throw a ton of light. Even have the original boxes which you get. Retail was over $3,000...will sell the pair for $1200. Thanks for looking, Don
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