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  1. Does anyone have any experience of the Sony 30mm macro lens for the NEX range? I'm guessing that it converts up to slightly over 45mm in "standard" focal length, and maybe that's a bit short for UW macro work - any views? It might be a better option to see what other lenses come onto the market in early 2012. The limited Sony range has been a major frustration of NEX ownership. So it's good news that Tamron have just released a NEX-mount 18-200 zoom, so maybe they'll follow up with a wider range including macro, but I've not seen anything yet on the rumour sites.
  2. I use the Nauticam housing for my NEX-5 (the original non-N version), and can recommend it highly. Alex at Underwater Visions has been really helpful.
  3. I've dived with Dressel a couple of times, once from the Toucan in Playacar, and once from Cozumel (March this year). The guides were great and very friendly, but it is a very commercial set-up, aimed at volume holiday-makers rather than hardcore photographers. I also had serious doubts about the security of their dive lockers! There are a large number of dive operators in and around Playa, and my advice would be to shop around rather than go for the nearest and most convenient. For cenote trips, definitely speak to Kris Harrison: http://siriusdiving.com/about/
  4. I could not recommend Kris Harrison more highly. He is principally a tec instructor, but as a non-techie myself, I have always found him incredibly helpful and flexible. His passion is cave diving, and he'll be able to take you to the best cenotes for photo opportunities, away from the crowds and snorkelling excursions. Kris's website is here: http://siriusdiving.com/about/
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