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  1. I bought a Seacam Pro VF from Ian Marsh from this ad: This was an excellent transaction. Great communication. The VF arrived very promptly and well packed. I would buy from Ian again. Thank you Ian! Tom
  2. I am seeing it OK in subsequent posts. The arrows (left and right) are below the level of the reply box. Maybe need to scroll down a wee bit more?
  3. Correct. If the subject is centered and has just water as a background one can use a larger aperture. Out of focus blue is not so noticeable.
  4. This is due to the curvature of the virtual image generated by a dome port. Basically you are trying to focus on the inside surface of a large bowl. Stopping a lens down increases depth of field increasing the chance of getting the sides of the bowl in focus.
  5. Nice shot, working for me too! Hint for newbies - click on a person's avatar to see this.
  6. The 25cm is minimum focus distance and not working distance. Measured from the image plane. Need to subtract the length of the lens plus the back focus aka registration distance from 25cm to get to working distance which will be very close.
  7. https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/discover New link for recent topics works for me!
  8. I guess we need to actually use WP to find the issues. Did find signature editing a second ago!
  9. Maybe that is why signatures are missing, just now noticed by me after making a post on another thread. PS. Signature suddenly appeared! Did NOT see signature editing in my profile a minute ago.
  10. This is a lens for some mirrorless cameras and maybe even some dSLRs in live view, e.g., Nikon Z6 which compensates for darkness in the VF rather nicely. The video shows the lens elements moving inside a fixed length barrel and confirms a bellows extension effect by change in exposure (See Chris' post above). Looks sharp but one must NOT stop sown very much at 2:1!! A manual focusing ring might cost as much as half the cost of the lens so needs to be considered.
  11. Table at the end is OK but not clear if the listed Seacam strobes are the more recent ones with a D in the name or the older ones without (as listed). Scott's table would be more clear if it included beginning and ending years for each model. Good having older ones listed as well for reference.
  12. The "topics" box (lower right) contains just a few and does not seem to be bookmarkable. Not a satisfactory replacement in my book.
  13. I am not seeing a reply to thread so started this new one (green button obvious). Also I cannot find a recent topics button. Using Firefox on a Mac. Tom PS I just now did see a reply to topic (green button) on a thread started by Interceptor but still am not seeing one in this topic or Adam's in the announcement forum. Hence I am using edit.
  14. A candidate: https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/lenses/ef/ultra-wide (weitwinkel)-zoom/ef-11-24mm-f-4l-usm My understanding is that this lens is used by vid makers to deal with the crop factors of DSLRs when used for vids.
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