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  1. Greetings from Port Alberni, B.C.! About to start a week of diving in Barkley Sound but presently have this hotel internet connection. I have had one end up as a bare bolt at the end of a dive and had another become loose - The black portion simply came off when I attempted to tighten. Neither the TLC nor the ULCS dovetails are all that secure. I have had them come off unintentionally during dives. The original half-century-old Rollei design was far better. Have gone to the ball-joint piece that gets bolted directly on with 2 screws. Tom
  2. 0 to 100m. I think of polychaetes as the model for the worms in the Dune books by Frank Herbert. The Phronema I have seen came from the open sea and look like the ones illustrated in the Open Sea double volume by Sir Allister Hardy, which is presently at the office too. I have not seen them yet (I now have a decade of observation) in tows done in Prince William Sound or from the inner Gulf of AK shelf, which appear to me to have strong coastal influence. Tom
  3. The Phronema I have seen had clear eyes but maybe this varies by sp.? I saw two this past week in net hauls in the Gulf of Alaska done with a MOCNESS. Did not shoot them but have some on the ext HD at work from last year that I could dig up when I get back from a trip to this big Arctic meeting taking place in your neck of the woods. Yup, I have heard they were the model for the aliens in the Aliens movies, easy to believe too. Tom
  4. Auctions can create a feeding frenzy - especially when a couple (or even several) 'gotta win' individuals will go beyond reason in their attempt to win. If you are the seller, this is great ! Tom
  5. One can also de-fish a fisheye electronically. I have not figured out what the focal length of the de-fished 10.5 is using Nikon Capture, it is a tad soft in the corners topside however. Sigma is coming out with a zoom with 10mm as its shortest focal length, which if acurate would be the equivalent of the 15mm recti-lens (manual focus, 3.5 max aperture or earlier 5.6), 110 degree AOV. Nikon is due to come out with prime DX wide-angles but you are right, especially as scuba divers we should not hold our breaths! Tom
  6. The above discussion reveals at least three different types of failure - mechanic (such as sticky buttons, controls), logic (software or firmware), and electronic (such cable connectivity or shorts). Tom
  7. Check out this on-going thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8255&hl= Much this applies to the D70 as well. There is no short answer! Tom
  8. It is the UW-topside dichotomy of function that is the puzzler (re. cartalk) - reminded me of past (way past) experience. Tom
  9. Did he swap out the cords and test at all (one can never have too many cords)? I have had similar problems with film cameras - not writing to cards of course was not the problem (probably just a symptom in this case too) - but no go on the strobe when UW but worked topside. I assumed there was a short or break due to water - either to conduction or pressure on a weak wire. I was able to fix the cords by re-doing the connection to the strobe in the case of MK150s, which had this problem. Tom
  10. I would like to contribute but due to prior commitments may not be able to do much until October. I have Alaska UW pix as well as those from travels to warmer waters. Although far more challenging, those taken here (FW and marine) may make a more interesting contribution. Tom
  11. Two Euro-cents are worth a bit more these days. I would not be surprised to see some wide angle primes developed for the APS-C cameras. At least Sigma has announced a 30mm f/1.4 normal lens. The retro-ratio (relationship between the back focus distance and focal length) for ASP-C lenses will have to be as great as for full-frame lenses of the same FL, which means a more elaborate design, possibly even more expensive than film lenses with equivalent angle of view. In the case of lenses for full-frame dSLRs, new WA primes need to be developed too. In both cases the exit pupil needs to be as far from the image plane as possible and this may require increasing the retro-ratio on FF lenses too. I expect really good lenses will be expensive. Tom
  12. I bought it in a package deal for what came with it. No warranty but there is not much to go wrong in a housing that you cannot fix yourself. It is mostly a matter of replacing o-rings on a regular basis. Tom
  13. The 6mm f/2.8 and 8mm f/2.8 FE-Nikkor lenses were both retrofocus and did not require MLU. Nikon also made MLU fisheyes, but the maximum apertures were quite a bit less. I think one of the photos above shows both MLU and retrofocus 6mm lenses (res. too low). Besides needing a 220 degree 'dome', the diameter of the 6mm f/2.8 is given as 236mm in Cooper's Handbook. One would need a rather special port. The 8mmf/2.8 is listed with a 123mm diameter - will even this fit into the 'neck' of many ports? Tom
  14. Apparently it will not fit certain ports, specifically those of Seacam. Has anyone been successful at use the ring flash on a Seacam housing? Maybe they will re-design it with iTTL and a larger ID. Tom
  15. The Superdome may be less than a full hemisphere. I have sent queries to Seacam to find out but have not received a reply. The diameter they give on the Seacam web page may be its optical and not its actual diameter if this is the case. I have been trying to resolve this ambiguity with all of their domed ports. I suspect that the fisheye port is the only full 180-degree hemispherical port that they make. Tom
  16. What you need is an Ewa bag. I just did a google on ewa bag and came up lots (> 67K) of hits discussing their use and stores where they can be bought. Tom
  17. Karl, Very sorry to hear of your leak. Nevertheless it looks like you went home with some really great shots. A leak detector might be relatively inexpensive insurance and could save a trip. Tom
  18. That is correct. The housing looks like it has never been submerged. Tom
  19. Hi James, Your comment is almost enough to want me to get a Canon! But I am a > 30 year Nikon user. Thanks Tom
  20. Seacam silver underwater housing for the Canon EOS 1D/1Ds and also the 1D/1Ds MkII but without use of the row buttons below the LCD screen Condition is 99% of new New cost is $5,495 Asking for $3571.75 PM me for more pix
  21. I gather they have sold something like a million D70s thus far. Total D2 series production (D2H, D2X, and D2Hs) is ??? Nevertheless see the results Alex is getting with his D2X. My tongue in cheek comment was to point out that there are needs for the rather serious types too. Ike appears to be addressing the D70 already. I would consider a custom mod of my existing strobes if that would work. Maybe that would be the better route? Tom
  22. Since someone will be curious I found this shot on my HD from a cruise last October but dumbed it down from 300 to 100 ppi to conform to size limitations. The largest copepod here is about 9mm long. Shot using a D70 with an old 35mm f/1.4 lens focused at infinity (taped in place!) as an eyepiece lens on a Wild M5 scope set at lowest power, 6x. Tom
  23. Forget the D70, forget the Coolpixes, what about the D2's? Tom
  24. I would not want to be looking through a microscope while sea-sick either! A stereo-microscope provides three dimensionality which makes the work not too difficult. The main problem I have encountered is when the sample (zooplankter) slides in and out of the FOV due to ship's motion. I keep water level in the petri dish to a minimum for this reason. OK as long as the dish itself does not slide off the scope! I often have to keep one finger on the dish edge - there is a probe in one hand and a forceps in the other. There was an article in the RMS Journal a few years ago that showed that the resolving power of a Coolpix was comparable to that of a high-end objective. Software (in the camera and post-processing) and technique may account for some of the differences you observed. Was the camera always parfocalized with the scope? Scientists more commonly use P&S cameras these days, very few SLR's. You might end up being the photographer for the project. I have used the de-fish tool in Nikon Capture - pretty neat but even topside the corner res is not as good as with a rectilinear lens. Tom
  25. Detonate, iTTL HAS to be built into the camera, ergo late models only. It is intrinsic to the design of the camera model. One can no more do iTTL in the D100 than do TTL in an F or F2. An iTTL strobe could also include Nikonos-style TTL capability as well as manual control. Tom
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