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  1. I have done informal experiments that convince me that at least some fish respond to ones bubbles. On a trip to Oz where there are many small fish in coral heads it was very obvious that they would withdraw as I approached. Upon stopping I noticed they would go in and out of the coral heads according to my breathing. I purposefully modified my breathing pattern and they changed their in and out pattern accordingly. I have seen UW footage where the fish were exhibiting a similar behavior. I could 'visualize' the breathing of the cameraman by watching the fish in the footage, which followed a normal breathing pattern. I suspect just moving the exhaust to behind the head will be beneficial, especially with a 100mm and longer lens (still photography). The extension hose would probably be better - is this an old trick from the 1960's when 2-hose regs were popular? Cheers! Tom
  2. I don't think one can find an extension tube thin enough for the job. Nikon made a very thin one in the K set but it will not work with modern bodies. Zooming and floating/rear element focusing designs may be a further complication since focus is optical rather than simply a variable physical extension of the lens. Cheers! Tom
  3. My most recent trip on Alaska Airlines with scuba gear was in October - I was not charged anything extra but I did have the scuba and UW photo gear (strobes, trays, and arms) mixed in with the rest so as to spread out the weight to two bags. It was also in-state. There has been a 2- bag - 50 pound limit in effect on Alaska Airlines for some time now. Cheers from Alaska ! Tom
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