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  1. Ebay price: 5400 euros (7030 USD) Forum price: • Paypal: 5150 euros (6700 USD) • Money bank transfer: 4900 euros (6375 USD) Local pickup (Cyprus / Limassol): 4500 euros (5850 USD)
  2. I have a pending offer so i would like to know if someone is interested for this setup? Please PM your offer.
  3. I made a video for more exposure...enjoy a friends guitar playing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k8kS_2bwow
  4. Prices reduced and more payment methods offered... Ebay price: 6300 euros (8260 USD) (the housing can be found on ebay.de) Forum price: · Paypal: 5750 euros (7600 USD) · Money bank transfer: 5500 euros (7210 USD) Local pickup (Cyprus / Limassol): 5000 euros (6550 USD) The prices above include all 6 items written in the description Fast-insured-traceable shipping costs worldwide (depending on payment type) Packaging & handling (depending on payment type) Paypal or bank fees (depending on payment type)
  5. Yes it is true...i have been distributor for kitesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding brands...and every time i had a warranty case, i had to pay for the replacement product to be send over, so that i could deliver to the disappointed customer. Then it was up to me to pay the costs or split half with the customer. Once i was even told to pay for sending back and for receiving the new replacement...not to mention some companies were selling their stickers...haha this is so funny! "I had also an accident while kitesurfing as a part from the harness broke after 3 months of usage...i lost my kite, i was swimming for like 40 minutes and when i reported the incident to the company (number 1 selling brand, not a small brand), i was offered the part as a replacement, not even the harness! It was like driving a car, one wheel breaking, then crashing, almost getting killed and then you are offered a rim GATES really amazed me with their support and i am grateful to their service...Philios.
  6. The price for buying in EBAY will be 6500 euros...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GATES-PANASONIC-HVX-200-UNDERWATER-VIDEO-FILM-HOUSING-SWP44-LENS-P2-32GB-CARDS-/181118511510?pt=DE_Kamera_Foto_Zubeh%C3%B6r_Unterwassergeh%C3%A4use&hash=item2a2b812996 The price for buying outside EBAY will be 6000 euros! The above prices include fast-secured-traceable shipping method, paypal fees (buyer can pay with money bank deposit or local pick up)
  7. Hi people, My GATES housing is for sale. If you are interested please send me a reasonable offer for this awesome setup. Please let me know if you have any questions (pm, email to be given upon pm request as scam bots collect email around websites so it would not be wise adding here) and surely you can give me a call for more immediate support. The package includes: All original papers of buy, receipt and anything that came with it. 1) GATES HVX200 underwater housing which was hardly used. All function buttons installed. It was send over to the US 7 months ago to GATES, they fully serviced & changed all the rings! Renewed the warranty for another 2 years...it has not been used from then. Few minor scratches on the top of the lens (check photos) 2) SUPER WIDE ANGLE lens (SWP44) 3) EXTERNAL MONITOR non HD 4) HVX200A Camera 5) 2 x P2 BLUE LINE 32GB memory cards 6) HARD CASE (Storm Case iM2750) GATES: Information for this housing & lens can be found here... http://www.gateshousings.com/housings/hvx200a-underwater-video-housing/ http://www.gateshousings.com/documentation/feature/hvx200-feature-sheet.pdf http://www.gateshousings.com/upload/medialibrary/3ab/swp44c-feature-sheet.pdf / please read in the .pdf what is the difference between the SWP44C and the one it is included SWP44 All the very best, Philios Sazeides Marketing & Sales Cyprus / Limassol +357 99355191 Skype: piratefixer
  8. Hi Lee, Yes it is really amazing on how they handled my case. I have got the housing and not used still...i will be focusing on other stuff so i am here to post it in the classifieds area. Thanks, Philios.
  9. I started getting attracted to underwater filming 4 years ago. I had already been in the filming industry of my country (Cyprus) and was involved with all sorts of filming productions (movies , documentary's , adverts , T.V shows e.t.c) so I decided to get involved with underwater filming. After finishing my research , I chose to go with Gates for my underwater casing. With out any disappointments , Gates had provided me with exactly what I needed. The ability to work my camera (P2 Panasonic) easily , effectively and clearly , underwater just as if I was on land. Almost 2 years ago I had a mishap with my Gates housing . I had rented it to a 3rd party who came to shoot here in Cyprus. They had there own operator so I wasn't needed. What ever really happened doesn't really matter. What really matters is that I was left with financial damage that I couldn't resolve or bare as an individual freelancer. Initially I didn't contact Gates, nor did I seek advice from anyone as I believed that nobody really cares about the 'small' guy. A month ago I came to realize that I had nothing to loose so I contacted Gates and explained everything. Never have I seen such support, understanding and customer service. The very next day after my first email was sent, a repair kit was already on its way from the United States to Cyprus - all expenses paid. Three weeks later, Gates had financed the expedition for the housing, insured it, from Cyprus to the United States, serviced it and completely renewed it and re-instated it's warranty. My sincere gratitude and thanks goes out to the Gates Company and their staff who's support and service was efficient, helpful, fast and fuss-free! Guys, thank you so much and please keep up the great work you do!!
  10. I will get all the correct information shortly...sorry for the misunderstanding...please pm if you need my telephone number so that you can get a mode immediate support!
  11. Hi there, Both are HVX200, sorry my bad. The lens is a SWP44C. Thanks for your interest and anything you need please don't hesitate to ask.
  12. Reducing 500 euros of this awesome set...7000 euros in total delivered!
  13. Questions i got till now: 1) Did you buy the housing from new? Yes i bought it new and i am the only owner/operator - used it 10 times approx. for snorkeling at a nearby reef 2) Is there anything that needs to be noted regarding the housing? The user 1 knob has been damaged after normal maintenance (un/screwing the screws to checkup the know just broke) I did order a screw with an oring to close the threat as i never used it my self and i doubt anyone would want to! There is no Distributor here in Cyprus that i could take it to in order to as a new knob in case anyone needs it. 3) Do you send the package to the UK? I have included super fast shipping method 2-5 days within EU for this package with EMS Datapost which is like Parcelforce fast service. I will insure the package also. 4) What kind of payment methods do you accept? I accept money bank transfer. I can also accept paypal (which i usually use for smaller transactions) payment but since the fees are too high they need to be covered on the buyers side. That's all for now, Philios.
  14. Here we have for sale a GATES HVX200 underwater housing wich was hardly use as the project i was about to work with was turned down. It comes with a SUPER WIDE ANGLE lense, an (non HD, external monitor), all function buttons instaled, plus the HVX200A Camera, with 2 x P2 BLUE LINE 32GB memory cards and a hard case (Storm Case iM2750). Few minor scratches on the top of the lense (check photos). Mail: sazeides@hotmail.com
  15. Wow those are some fine pics...need to visit Maldives for surfing
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