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  1. Hi I have a complete housing and multiple ports, arms etc. Are you just looking for the housing? Cheers
  2. Hi Apologies for the delayed response I have just returned from overseas. Yes the rig is still available. Let me know if you would like further details. regards Roger
  3. Pictures taken with the rig. In addition to size, the ability to use the full zoom range with the wide angle lens attached inside the dome AND to switch to macro mode are great benefits to this set up. Cheers
  4. For Sale: $750 Australian Dollars plus shipping Panasonic LX3 camera, charger, spare battery and accessories Panasonic leather camera case Panasonic DMW-LW46 wide angle lens Panasonic DMW-L4 adapter 10 bar housing for Panasonic LX3 10 bar Dome port, shade and neoprene cover 10 bar Flat port for standard lens 10 bar soft bag Boxes and instructions for the LX3 are available Panda Base plus Rowa optics - 2.0x telephoto, 0.45x Super wide & macro This is a great little rig. It takes great images and 720p HD video. I have used it with an Inon s2000 strobe and Sea&Sea tray and arm. The entire rig: camera, housing, strobe, arm tray fits inside the 10 bar bag which fits inside the bottom of my crumpler back pack. Truly portable. Never flooded. The only reason I am selling this is that I have moved to a mirrorless system. See attached images of the set up and images taken with the rig.
  5. Hi Price? Shipping cost to Australia? regards Roger
  6. FOR SALE Ikelite housing for the Nikon D300 - $550 o.n.o. Used about 5 times Excellent condition (see attached photos) Original ikelite box and accessories Ikelite flat port 5505 - $100 o.n.o. Sigma 50mm macro F2.8 - $250 o.n.o. Excellent condition (see attached photos) Original box and accessories $800 o.n.o for the lot inc free shipping in Australia Payment via Paypal. Shipping via Auspost with tracking.
  7. Hi I am in Australia but this Aussie supplier could probably be able to help you: http://www.seaoptics.com.au/specials/specialshdslr.html That said the f/x rate isn't as good for you guys as it has been in the past! Alternatively I did just find this: http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/archive/i...p/t-370244.html and this: http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/store/produ...productid=16123 I think uwdigitalcameras is in the US? Cheers Roger
  8. Have a look at this option: http://www.acquapazza.jp/en/product/apso-nex5/index.html The housing is compatible with INON ports flat and dome and you can use the wet changeable macro adapter. It got a good write up in the most recent edition of uwpmag: http://www.uwpmag.com/. Hope this helps. Currently debating between the Nauticam and Acquapazza options myself.... Cheers Roger
  9. Hi I would like to buy the modular flat port body, could you please let me know the cost of shipping to Queensland Australia? Thanks Roger
  10. Hi Sure: info@digitaldiver.com.au Speak to Ann or Chris I also agree that LERF might be a good option. cheers Roger
  11. Friends I thought it was about time that I posted a quick overview of my thoughts on my experiences with the 10 bar housing so far: I have been using my 10 bar housing for a little while now and on some fronts I am very impressed - build quality is excellent, the controls once you get used to them are quite well designed with a couple of reservations (old joystick control and the menu / ok selector). The housing came with a bag and maintenance kit that highlights 10 bars intention to provide a high quality product. That said I unfortunately received one of the earlier versions of the housing despite 10 bar's assurance that the joystick issue had been resolved on all 2009 housings. They are in the process of sending out a replacement back for the housing, hence my experience to date has been without access to the quick menu functions. After LERF's post I am now going to contact them re: the overly long port as the vignetting (even though it is slight) is annoying and it means that 67mm thread accessory lenses vignet extensively, in addition I have also seen some miss focus issues when in macro mode the camera focused on some dirt on the inside of the port rather than the subject! Just goes to show how close it will focus! At this stage I have tried adding a 67mm Ikelite wide angle lens with very poor, soft results even when zoomed into the range where vignetting is no longer a problem. It will be interesting to see what wet fit lenses work best with the housing when the shorter port is made available. Anyone? I deliberated for quite sometime between a Sea and Sea DX 1G and the 10 bar housing and the LX3 at this stage the jury is still out. My impression having used both systems is that the ability to add the wide angle lens very easily to the DX 1G is a great advantage and much cheaper than the dome port which then means that you can only really use wide angle on a dive?! On the other side the LX3 definitely wins in terms of IQ. Overall I think that once the teething problems: joystick control and port length are resolved the 10 bar housing will live up to its full potential. Despite these issues I can also state that the housing is a pleasure to use underwater. I will be using this mainly as a research camera for those purposes I think it is ideal. I also own a D300 and ikelite housing and that is just simply too big for most research dives but the 10 bar housing fits in my BCD pocket yet it has many of the manual controls that we all crave in an underwater set up. In addition the bright 24mm lens is a pleasure to use. I have also managed to get my Ike DS 125 and slave sensor to fire with the housing using a fibre optic cable and slave unit cover. This appears to work on land not sure uw as yet. That said the DS125 dwarfs the 10 bar housing and doubles the weight of the rig hence I may end up getting a smaller strobe later. I also wanted to make note of the 16:9 HD video feature. It is really pretty good and gives a maximum of 10 minutes shooting time for each file (I think this is a 2GB limit? - FAT 32?) Anyway playing it back on a large HD lcd panel is very impressive considering the size of the camera and that video is a secondary function. The ability to capture decent still 1028 x 720 off the video is a real bonus for research dives using video transects; not sure how everyone else will use it So in summary; if you can get one with all of the updates outlined by 10bar in their response to LERF I would high recommend it. No doubt someone will have tested the dome port and various wide angle add on lens on the shorter flat port in the near future, I think that the ability to add wet fit lenses will ultimately determine whether this is 'the' uw compact or not. cheers Roger
  12. Hi All US people for the LX3 housing try: Ann Babarovich Digital Diver PH + 61 7 4031 9266 www.digitaldiver.com.au For once the exchange rate is heavily in your favour now and digital diver have always provided me with good service. The housing is about $1000 AUD ($636 USD) and the dome port and extension around another $780 AUD ($496 USD). Not sure whether you guys pay import duty or not but it would probably be worth asking if digital diver can sell it to you without Australian GST (sales tax) which would save 10%. hope this helps, I have always found digital diver to be really helpful regards Roger
  13. Hi Bruce et al I just emailed 10bar and had a response from Ada Apparently the joystick issue has been addressed and the housing control for the joystick is fully functional! This is great news as it means that all of the manual / aperature / shutter speed adjustments will be accessible. I have included the rest of the response from Ada which may also be of interest to others as I am particularly interested in setting this up to work with my Ike DS 125s: 1) can the LX3 joystick be used when the camera is in the housing? Yes, we have improved the joystick function to be fully working for all the new delivery in 2009. 2) If not is there some other way to set the aperature / shutter speed manually? The new joystick function is fully working. Has the same function and feel as touching the camera's joystick! 3) What strobes can be attached to the camera via the bulkhead? Is it a standard bulkhead e.g. nikonos / ikelite compatible? The 10 Bar Stobe Housing FL50 for Olympus and can provide TTL. Other strobes can also be use with non-TTL by using non-TTL hot shoe plug or non-TTL sync cord or optical fiber. The standard bulkead is SF6 which is compatible to Subtronic S6 Bulkhead. Nikonos bulkhead can also be supply but without TTL on request. 4) Are there any TTL strobe options? The 10 Bar Strobe Housing FL50 for Olympus can provide TTL. 5) I have a couple of Ikelite DS125 strobes that I would like to use with this set up is there anyway of connecting these to the housing? Can be used with non-TTL function by using Ikelite cable for Nikonos connector. 6) On your website it indicates that a dome port / extension adapter comes with the housing? Which dome ports are compatible and would this require an additional wide angle lens? The dome port / extension adapter is optional. The 10Bar Port M104 x 125D is compatible. The Dome Port can be used without converter but with wide converter lens the wide angle effect is better. I would be interested to see if a mike-dive.de converter would work with the standard bulkhead to provide TTL? Since the bulkhead apparently works with the FL50 in TTL mode the converter may work? This housing / camera set up is looking better and better... cheers Roger
  14. Hi Scorpio_fish, I was aware of that but couldn't remember how to do it during a dive! Bit of a pain but thanks for the suggestion as at least it would solve the issue if the issue can't be solved any other way thanks Roger
  15. Thanks Lou I have checked the grip and it appears to be fine? I can understand how this might be a problem as the wheel and the grip are a very snug fit, but if the control is fouled by the grip then this would seem to be a design flaw? Anyway many thanks for your response. Roger
  16. Hi I have had a couple of ikelite housings to date, first one for a Nikon D200 which served me faithfully on about 60 dives which I then traded so I could purchase a housing for my D300. I happily received my D300 housing in January this year just before heading out on a research trip. I only managed a couple of photography dives during the trip and I was really disappointed to realise that the front command dial was not operating properly rendering aperture priority etc useless So I sent the housing back, only a couple of weeks old and it was sent back to ikelite who apparently fixed the problem? The housing came back I set it up and tried it out (not underwater) then for a variety of reasons (new baby, job) most of the rest of the year flew past without my getting a chance to take it for a dive. Anyway, finally an opportunity arose to do some research so I thought I'd better test the housing out before taking it into the field. I tried it in our swimming pool and was really disappointed to note that now the rear command dial friction pad was not working! So I contacted the retailer and sent it back to them once again, by which time it was too late for my research trip but the retailer endeavoured to repair the housing and when it came back sure enough the rear dial was working. I checked everything in the dry and a few other problems became apparent; the ISO selector was not adjusted properly so it wasn't depressing the iso selector, so I dutifully adjusted this with the alan key and got it to work once more. However, when I set up for another trip last week (only a week after the camera was returned) the front command dial control had stopped operating once again! So I am back to square one. So in 1 year with approximately 5 dives the housing has failed to operate properly on every occassion Not to mention the hassle and expense of sending the housing back to the retailer and the time spent without my $1700 AUD housing! It doesn't look like there is any way of manually adjusting the front friction wheel for the command dial so it looks like I will have to return the housing The real pain is that the retailer wants me to send my camera with the housing? not very practical given that it is Christmas! Such as shame as I have always found ike products to be high quality with good customer service up until now..... Has anyone else had similar problems with their ikelite housings? Maybe I have just got a dud housing? Given the number of times it hasn't worked I am not very happy about continually accepting the repair option from the retailer / ike. At this stage I am seriously thinking of requesting a refund as the reliability problems are threatening a 5 week research trip in the New Year which requires the camera. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. cheers Roger
  17. Sadly, the way the forecast models are shaping up it looks like we are in for a really hot summer in Queensland. In addition to the experimental NOAA bleaching forecast system there is also an Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecast system called POAMA; links for each of these systems can be found here: http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/corp_site/key_iss...ching_forecasts For those that are interested or in the neighbourhood you can find a whole bunch of resources on coral bleaching here: http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/corp_site/key_issues/climate_change The 2008 - 09 current conditions reports for the GBR can be found here: http://www.gbrmpa.gov.au/corp_site/key_iss..._status_2008-09 A rain dance is clearly in order........ Bring on the monsoon..... Roger
  18. Anyone have a DX 1g camera and housing they want to sell? I would also be interested in the wide angle adapter and holder, I already have arms, tray and strobes cheers Roger
  19. have you sold this item yet? I am in Queensland Australia would you be prepared to ship to Aus? R
  20. Fellow Underwater Fiends Just wondering whether any of you budding underwater artisits would consider donating some of your images to Reef Check Australia? For those that don't know we are a charitable NGO that trains experienced scuba divers to participate in coral reef monitoring. The international organisation conducts monitoring surveys in over 80 countries around the world so chances are that many of you have bumped into a reef checker or two upon your travels. Anyway we are currently working on some new training materials which include u/w images to help our volunteers to recognise key species that wil be recorded whilst surveying. We have a large image library but some of the images are pretty poor. Sadly you guessed it we are too poor to pay for pro images but as an avid follower of Wetpixel I am well aware that many of you have stacks of great u/w shots filling up hard drive space So we were hoping that some of the Wetpixel community members might like to donate images of the following critters to help us out? - white tip reef shark - pearl-scaled angelfish (centropyge vrolikii) or coral beauty (c. bispinosa) - needlefish - dash n dot goatfish - scribbled leatherjacket. - reticulated damselfish - cardinalfish - either (apogon crompressus) or (apogon fragilis) - honeycomb grouper If you have such images let me know via the forum or contact via support@reefchcekaustralia.org cheers Roger, over n out
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