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  1. Hi, I'm Cindy from Washington State, an earth and marine science illustrator. My first housed camera was a Nikon F2 Photomic with action viewfinder (1978). Evolved to a Sony NEX5r with Nauticam housing several years ago. At this point I'm too old to justify the expense of upgrading my system, so trying to use what I have to its best potential.
  2. Ian, I've got the Nikonos 15mm 2.8 with Nauticam adapter for my (now old) NEX5r housing, but have not even used the lens yet - primarily because I've been afraid to take it underwater after 20 years of not being serviced. Do you service your Nikonos equipment yourself, or can you suggest anyone who might? Thanks Whoops, nevermind, just came across an older thread where you provided some great info. Thanks!
  3. Happy New Year, all - I've been lurking occasionally for some time, but this is my first post. I'm Cindy Shaw, an Earth and marine science illustrator who has been involved with UW photography since 1978 - mainly for use as reference for illustration work. I also am planning to get the Sony NEX-5N. My housing choices are either Nauticam or Aquatica - although I'd need the housing within three weeks, and it sounds like the Aquatica may not ship in time. If any of you have an "in" to whether or not I'd be able to get an Aquatica by then, I'd appreciate any information about this. I've been using a Nikon D100 with Ikelite housing and strobes for about the last eight years (upgraded from an F2 Photomic/sportsfinder setup that I'd used since '78). I've been fairly happy with the Ikelite products over the years and am disappointed that they're not supporting the Sony NEX or MFT cameras. I've been using an Ikelite DS 125 strobe with an SA-100 arm system on one handle, and an old Substrobe slave with a L&M flexarm on the other handle. I would like to continue using this setup for now in order to stay within a budget. I'd also like to add a Sola 2000 video light (and then add a second one when the budget allows). So here are my questions: 1) Have any of you used Ikelite trays/handles/arms with the Nauticam/Aquatica housings? (I'd like to be able to at least use my Ikelite handles/arms) 2) Any suggestions on a simple, effective system for setting up these strobes plus video light(s)? 3) Has anyone used a video light (2000K lumens or less) for fill-in lighting in place of a slave strobe with good results? 4) For my upcoming trip, I'll be observing a Nassau grouper aggregation, and would like to have an appropriate all-around lens setup for both distance and close range. I'm thinking the 18mm lens with either the wide angle or fisheye adapter (with dome port) would be a reasonable choice. Any thoughts about this? 5) The 18-55mm seems tempting as well, but I've never used a zoom lens underwater. What's actually the effective focal length underwater for the 18-55? And what about the quality of macro photos with this lens? 6) Finally, has anyone used a Nikkor 16mm fisheye on the NEX-5 with a dome port? Perhaps these are too many questions for one post Thanks very much, Cindy
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