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  1. Yes all is correct, still not working so will now check the Ikelite site for more help. Thank you for the quick response.
  2. Firstly thankyou for you help. Got some great results from Sipadan and also visited Si Amile for some gr8 macro shots - will post soon! Have a real problem, just got to the Similan Islands put the D7000 together with the DS161 and no flash when taking picture. The DS161 is working well under movie light and SOS battery rest. The camera has been reset on user settings, then white balance set to auto, flash is set to TTL with the lightening bolt showing on the viewer, flash sync speed 1/250 and shutter speed 1/60, mode is set to programmed/ aperture priority/ manual, metering set to spot, focus set to spot and focusing is set to AF-A. Any reason you can think of for the flash not syncing and firing? I have exhausted the manual for an answer:(
  3. Thank you :D leave tomorrow so will put all into practice soon:}
  4. Now we are gettting technical, however very useful so thank you. I am printing out your comments for reference, however would hope to run on going for white balance auto setting, but I have 2 options Auto1 normal or Auto2 keep warm lighting colours. Am I corrrect in assuming Auto2 would be best choice? Any experience?
  5. We just missed each other, I was there 8th November. Great pictures with some stunning macros, the ribbon eel came out a treat to name but one. Have yet to see Mandarin fish but hopefully this time. Can you please advise on the macro photos shooting with the 60 mm lens, generally did you use auto or manual white balance to produce the crystal clear water or did you lightroom it after? Didn't realise there were so many colourful critters in NSW either
  6. ATJ - Thanks for all the advice and now have a clearer idea of what may be happening. Off to Sipadan next week so fingers crossed
  7. Hi David and thank you too for your input. ATJ is posting some good responses so with both your comments hopefully getting nearer. Guy
  8. Hi ATJ and thanks for the input. To answer your questions, shooting RAW and copy Jpeg, white balance manually adjusting up to +6, using aperture priority setting F8 or higher in conjunction with 1 x DS161 flash, however the red hue appears, so switching to auto mode (explains flash popping up). At the moment auto is giving me very good macro results but very narrow depth of field, ghost pipefish side on, head in focus but body where bent badly blurred. I seem to get F4/5 on auto being the problem. I will try fully manual and setting white balance against my hand. I too have Adobe but this is all new and so do not yet know how to lift the blue cast using the editing suite. I would prefer to shoot as near perfect pics though, especially as I bought the camera to get good blue water shots especially of sharks, mantas, reefs etc. I have just moved up from a Fuji F30 which I've used for 7 years but am experienced SLR user on land, but this help is great as all very challenging underwater in a housing! Thanks Guy
  9. Hi all and any help would be appreciated I have been using for the last 4 months a D7000 with an Ikelite housing and single strobe, all excellent except: When I try to set the speed and aperture manually I am getting a red/pink overcast on my pictures. Switch back to auto and it disappears. Problem is I am shooting macro with 105 mm lens and auto settings make the aperture too large/depth of field to shallow. My built in flash pops up inside the housing when I use the TTL cable - is this normal? Can I stop it with out affecting the setup? Look forward to any help and if anyone knows of an underwater workshop for the D7000 near KL it can only help. Thank you Guy
  10. Hi and thank you for all the advice. Just got a 50 mm fine scratch in my 8 inch Ikelite dome port and didn't know what to do.
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