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  1. I got some black tape before xmas, need to get it in place and then it's time to get under the ice again to test if it works. BTW, the strobes were about 10 cm behind the dome and in a low(ish) position, 40 cm from the housing. J
  2. Seems that I can't edit my first post anymore and repair the link. Here's a new link to the picture. http://johan.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Sukellus/netuse/Ju52_081114-37.JPG?img=small J
  3. My wife and I are going to Kuredu in May for our 15 yrs anniversary. So it will not be an all out divephoto trip. I can only bring a limited selection of photo gear (lenses), so is Kuredu and nearby divesites mostly wideangle dives or should I bring a 100 mm macro ? Lensoptions are (for 5D3) Sigma 15, tokina 10-17, Canon 16-35/4L, 100mm macro. I will most likely need to limit myself to 2 lenses (+some surface photolenses). Thanks, Johan
  4. Hi, thanks for the tips, I'll have to test blocking the light out from the housing. Note to self, don't take new gear on a trip without testing first at home. Johan This was what I tried to get into the picture :-)
  5. Hi, I was trying to get some ½ and ½ photos of a wreck and the surface scenery. I hit the obvious problem with not enough visibility and light. But also a reflection from something in the underwater part? I used a 8 " ikelite dome with shade, 2 S&S YS-D1:s, a tokina 10-17 on a crop body. The strobes were behind the dome. I noticed the same problem in some normal shots too , but it was much less obvious and easy to edit out. Here's the example: Bad positioning of strobes ? Is this common for the setup or am I just doing something wrong ? J
  6. Hi ! I'm thinking about getting a Canon 8-15mm or Sigma 15 mm/2.8 fisheye. My question for 8-15 users is, what is your most used focal length on it ? Is it always 15 mm ? The Sigma seems like a nice lens and half the price... J
  7. Looking at your collection of lenses, I would also recommend looking at the D7100 if you want to stay on crop format. I'm shooting Canon (550D) and my upgrade in 2015 will be either the new 7D mkII (depending on what the reviews will show) or then just housing my "surface camera" 5D mkIII. My wife will of course kill me if I house the 5D, because then I have to buy a new camera for surface photos. J
  8. Hi Thierry ! What ports are you using with the 8-15, 16-35 and 100mm ? Have you been happy with the optical quality of the ports? regards, Johan
  9. Nice shots, did you also use the 5D3 for the macro (100mm) ? johan
  10. Hi ! Thanks to everyone who contacted me, I have now a reply from Planet Dive and the planning for the trip is going forward. Regards, Johan
  11. Hi ! I'm trying to contact Planet Dive in Anilao for a macro trip in october-november. Does anyone have an e-mail address that they read regulary? The contact form on their website doesn't seem to be read on a regular basis. Looking for pricing info for lodging and diving. J
  12. Has anyone used the Sigma 70 mm/2.8 macro on a FF camera ? I'm moving to a 6D or 5D for "surface photo reasons". I have the 100mm L macro, but would also like to have something with less mm and the 70 mm has good reviews. The macro side of FF is giving me some headace as I have read that the DOF is much less on FF ( I currently use a 550D w. 60 and 100 mm macro). Any comments on that ? Has anybody had second thoughts after moving to FF ? J
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