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  1. Thanks for that roger, I might try that one out if I can figure out if the posts range between 1.5-2mm
  2. Yeah, thanks for that Steve. No one wants to say which exact tool they are using, I'm tired of buying the wrong tool for this 'simple' problem. It looks like the diameter of the holes on the screw are ~1.5mm. I've ordered a tool from amazon that is similar to the one that roger recommended, but it's going to take 2 more weeks to get here from china. I'll post a link to it when I get it and see if it works. They're so cheap I might buy the one for harbor freight and try it out before the one for china gets here.
  3. Thanks for the tip, but those aren't working either. The tips are too small no matter which one I've tried, they just can't get enough torque to spin the bulkhead because there is too much slop. Frustrating because its so close but so far.... I'm curious to know what exact tool you used? Steve
  4. Hi Alex, I actually snapped a pair already, and marred up the anodized plug, but I thought I found the right tool at my third hardware store. Unfortunately, it's not adjustable enough, and besides that the diameter of the posts it has are too wide. No luck, I'll have to find another pair of needle nose that have some strength to them. I feel like a tool for this should have come with the housing or just use slotted plugs. Anyway... Thanks, Steve
  5. Thanks for the responses but this isn't a slotted plug. It's got two holes for some type of spanner wrench that I don't have. Can't seem to post pics in the forum to show.
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to remove the 16mm bulkhead plug in my NA-7d housing and having a bear if a time with it. What tool did you use to remove yours? Thanks, Steve
  7. Hi, Do you have any photos of these lights? Thanks, Steve
  8. Bought a viewfinder, not looking anymore, thanks.... Steve
  9. Hi, Looking for used 45 degree nauticam viewfinder for my NA-7D, must be in good shape. Please PM photo and price you're asking. Thanks, Steve
  10. PRICE CHANGE - Still Available (1) UFL-165AD - Avaliable for $350 or bro (1) Lens Holder and Inon Arm - Avaliable for $50 or bro Steve
  11. Update (2) UCL-165AD Sold Still Available (1) UFL-165AD - Avaliable for $375 or bro (1) Lens Holder and Inon Arm - Avaliable for $50 or bro Steve
  12. I have to wonder: 1 - How close you are to the wide angle subject? 2 - Have you dry tested the flash? With respect to 1, if you are more than 6 feet away from your subject I would expect backscatter, even in the most optimal conditions it can be really tough to get the light on just the subject under those conditions. With respect to 2, using a red light for focusing, and take a test shot with just the housing and camera and see if you get any illumination from the flash, that will tell you how much light is getting through. Steve
  13. Update (1) UCL-165AD Sold Still Available (1) UCL-165AD - Avaliable for $60 or bro (1) UFL-165AD - Avaliable for $375 or bro (1) Lens Holder and Inon Arm - Avaliable for $50 or bro Steve PS - If someone knows how I can edit the original post could you PM me, seems like once someone replies I can't get back to update the original post.
  14. Hi, I've got 2 Inon UCL165-AD's, a UFL 165-AD and AD lens holder for sale. They are all very lightly used, absolutely no scratches. I have the original boxes, lost one of the protective covers for the UCL lens's all others come with sale. Paypal is the only payment method I'll accept. $120 for the pair. This UFL 165-AD is in perfect conditions also, no scratches at all. Asking $375 for the lens. Also, I have an Inon AD Lens holder and arm for sale. $50 for the set. Thanks for looking. Steve
  15. You're far better off buying them through amazon in ebook format or from the iBook store than depending on an app for that. I not sure what you mean "I see that they offer an eBook version .. but that seems so useless, especially as I need a new book reader app just to download them.". You were going to have to download an app anyway so I'm not sure why you're saying it's useless. Considering the reader apps are free, seems like a highly useful thing to have around to store PDFs and books in. Steve
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