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    Olympus OMD EM-1 mkii, 7-14mm Oly Pro, 8mm fisheye Oly, 12-50mm, 9-18mm, 60mm, 45mm, 17mm, 12mm
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  1. Anyone using the +23 Kraken diopter with Olympus 60mm. I am presently using the Saga Trio but would like to get super macro if I can. I may be handicapping myself using the 12-50mm port instead of one for the 60mm.
  2. yes i know just venting some frustration as I had not anticipated this wrinkle. will have to do that when I get back from my trip. Or I could take the EM5 along and have an underwater sherpa ready as a wide angle set up;-)
  3. I have one now as of Feb. 04. I am transitioning from an EM-5 with Nauticam housing. Unfortunately although I have a 45 degree viewfinder for the EM-5, it is a DSLR viewfinder. I now need to purchase a Micro 4/3rds viewfinder for the EM-1 mark 2 housing. $$$$$. I absolutely need a viewfinder due to my age/eyesight. No time for alternatives prior to March trip to Indo/Pacific. I would like the LED strobe trigger as well but no stock yet. Anyone interested in a good EM-5 Nauticam set up with two EM-5 bodies, electronic strobe sync cable (preserves battery life), 5 camera batteries, and vacuum check valve;-)
  4. I was considering this until I learned the 180mm Dome $1050 + N85 to N120 port adaptor $420 + zoom gears $200 +$175 = $1.8K? on top of the $1300 lens.
  5. I just got my OMD EM-5 camera back from repair. I think it was much simpler than your situation and I got it to them while it was still under the 1 year warrantee. The rear view screen went out on me on vacation - no image at all. I think it may have gotten disconnected during some rough travel/handling. Fortunately the camera still worked and i just had to use the view finder. The service was pretty quick. I sent it via ground they must have fixed it in about 3-4 days and sent it back. You can track the whole process with the service number they give you when you submit the repair on-line. Jason.
  6. I will attest to that. I did both their workshops in May for Macro and Wide Angle and they were swimming with all of us at multiple times. Mike even played the underwater model and had a snoot with him helping me get the right power and aim on a stone fish. All very helpful because sometimes when you are underwater you kinda forget about what they showed you on the surface.
  7. This sounds great for American based airlines but it won't cut it in Asia. Anyone fly Singapore Airlines from Asia to Asia city? They have lower limits for carry-on and I will be over that limit. I now have a EM5 with Nauticam UW housing, two ports and two z240s. I will be flying from Manila to Manado on Singapore Air. On a trip last fall I managed to get all my dive gear into one Northface duffle at about 45-50lbs then I packed my UW housing, strobes and arms into a AO Smith soft cooler. I packed the camera gear and essentials in to a light backpack. Both cooler and backpack ended up at about 18 lbs__ a bit over the 15 lb max for EVA carry-on but they let me go as I nodded quickly that I had electronics packed. Soooooo, now I will travel to Manado from Seattle via Manila AND I now have an extra port and laptop computer - an extra 5-7 lbs. I am tempted to play it safe and get a Pelican 1510 or Nanuk 935 for the underwater camera stuff and check it in? I already stuff a travel vest full of batteries etc. to make it by. Thoughts, advice or prayers? Ditch the clothes? thanks.
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