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  1. Dear all, I recently bought an ikelite housing for my sony a55 and had a very bad surprise when using my "old" Nikon SB105 (which I previously used with a canon g7) connected to the housing via an ikelite-nokonos sync. cable. Indeed, the flash is not recognized by the camera, leading to an almost black EVF in low light conditions which renders the framing and focusing almost impossible (the a55 has no optical view finder)... This issue seems to be well known by people who wants to use the a55 for studio photography. Some workarounds exist, as popping up the internal flash (then the camera gains up the brightness of the EVF) or focusing in A mode and switching to M mode to take the picture. However, these workarounds are not really convenient underwater, especially since you can not pop up the internal flash inside the ikelite housing. A solution would be to use a recognized ikelite strobe (I know that DS160 is recognized) and my sb105 as slave. However I was wondering if other strobes could be recognized by the a55 (Sea&sea, Inon or others). Since I am used to full manual mode, I would also like to know if older (and cheaper) ikelite strobes like 100A (TTL not usable with DSLR) would be recognized by the camera when connected via an ike-ike sync. cable. Thanks by advance for your views about this issue! I really would like to play with my a55 underwater and it is currently almost impossible...
  2. Hi! I am new to the forum but I have been taken underwater pictures for a couple of years with a canon G7 + nikon SB105. I recently switched to a sony a55 and have tones of questions about how to use it properly!
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