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  1. Thank you Diggy. You are right. In this case, i would lower the strobes on each side (3 and 9 o clock) and put the housing a little bit upwards : is that correct ?
  2. Hello. Thank you very much davehicks and MikeVeitch for your advices. Yes it is a white sandy bottom dive but the hammerheads can be very close to the bottom. I have two shorter arms : do you think that it is relevant to add them (mainly for the further away position)? Thanks again
  3. Hello everybody, I would like to spend a couple of days in the bahamas and dive with hammerhead sharks. In my last dives, i uses only one strobe but i just bought a second one. So, i twill be my first dive with 2 strobes. The sharks can come very close and i don’t want to « waste » this dive by changing 10 times the strobes position. So, I would like to stay with 2 positions : 1. First part of the dive -> I think this should be a all around position but it would work better if the shark is at about 1m/1m50 (3 to 5 feet) 1A Flash 1B Flash 1C Flash 2. Second part of the dive -> goal : close up shots (less that 1m or 2 feet) 2A Flash 2B Flash What do you think? What would be the pros if i put the strobes in little bit higher?: 2C Flash Concerning the camera (sony Nex 5n), i think that my first settings would be : · 1/160 · F 8 · Iso 200 · Strobes : TTL Then I will change the shutter speed ( I will not have a lot of space in order to avoid motion blur : between 1/100 and 1/160) and aperture if needed. What do you think ? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello, Thank you Andreas for the link. After the release of YS-D1 and YS-D, I think that it is really too expensive for a 110a. In fact, someone on the forum is selling 2 Ys-D1 with fiber optic cables for 699$. So, I would say that a fair price for a 110a should be under 300€
  5. Hello, I already have a sea&sea ys-110a but i m searching for a second one in order to have a 2 strobes setup. I live in France. Thank you
  6. Hello, With my wife, we are planning a trip to the bahamas in November. My main goals are to dive with tiger sharks and hammerheads sharks. As far as my wife is concerned, she would like to snorkeling with wild dolphins. As a result, we would like to visit 3 islands :Nassau, Bimini and Grand Bahama. Our first idea was to spend 4 nights on each island but i'm not sure it's the best thing to do... Nassau: I would like to try the caribean sharks dive but i'm pretty sure that I will be disappointed. In fact, on the videos, it seems to have a lot of people and the operator interacts too much with the sharks. What do you think? Is it worth it? When I search on the internet, "Stuart cove" comes every time -> Would you recommend this dive center? Is there another dive center with less people in the water? Do you think that it's better to skip Nassau in order to visit another island? If so, which one? Grand Bahama: I choose Grand Bahama in order to dive with tiger sharks. Liveaboard excepted , I only found 2 dive centers : Stuart cove and scuba viva sur. Again, I found that the guy from scuba sur interacts too much with the sharks. So, I will probably go with stuart cove. Do you have any advice? What are the other activities that you would recommend on grand bahama? Bimini: I would like to dive with Neal Watson in order to see hammerheads. In mid-november, it will be the very beginning for hammerhead season but I hope to see them… We also would like to snorkeling with dolphins -> Which company would you recommend? We are searching for a company which is not crowded and which respect as much as possible the rules to interact with dolphins. And We would like to visit the shark lab. Please don't hesitate to post a message in order to give us your toughts, advices and so on... Thank you for your help. Regis.
  7. Thank you for your answers. I think that 24mm would be too long for sharks photography. Concerning the lighting, would you go with 2 strobes? For the moment i ve got only one sea&sea ys-110a
  8. I forgot to mention that i also have the zeiss 16-70. Does it work at 16mm withe the 4.33 dome port? Is it a good alternative? Edit: It doesn't fit the 4.33 Dome port... Thank you
  9. Hello, In my opinion, the 18-55 is useless underwater
  10. Thank you jmaurico. I thought about the sony 10-18 but the problem is that I would have to buy a 7" Dome port and the zoom gear... So the total price is too expensive...
  11. Hello, I've got the following equipment: Sony Nex 5N Nauticam housing with 4.33 dome port Sony 16mm pancake + fisheye adapter Sigma 19mm Sony 35mm I would love to dive with sharks (tiger, hammerhead and carribean) in the bahamas Which lens would you use? Wide as possible? Do you think that buying a samyang/rokinon 8mm 2.8 is a good idea? If so, the idea is to set the aperture manually to f8 et the focus to infinity. Thank you for your help
  12. Thank you for your answer Puffer Fish. So, for you the 5"/8" arms combination is a good idea but it's not effective for animals bigger that 6 feet (around 2 meters) ? Concerning the effects of the strobes on animals, it is strange to have difficulties for finding informations...
  13. Hello Rick, I'm not an expert but in the book "the underwater photographer" by Martin Edge, It is said that for wide angle starting position, you can set your camera to aperture priority and put f8. The exact quotation is ‘f8 at 3 feet and bethere’ It is also said that you can put speed priority and set it to 1/250th if you know that you can meet fast subjects near the surface (like dolphins).
  14. Hello, First of all, thank you very much for your a dives and your help. There is a topic in the lights' section : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...=14131&st=0 It seems that 5" + 8" is effective. In addition, I would like to give more details on the type of photos/videos i am interested in: 1. What I like the most is quite big animals : sharks, dolphins, mantas, whales, turtles... 2. Ambiance pictures 3. Macro is not my priority I also read that strobes/video lights are not often used when shooting pelagics because : there are often too far away or/and there are often near the surface. One last question which is off topic : when you shoot an animal (which is very close) with 2 strobes, is it dangerous for the animal's eyes? I mean, it's not pleasant to take a big flash in the eyes ;-) Thanks again
  15. Hello, As mentionned in a previous topic, I'm planning to get the configuration described below BUT I have a doubt concerning the arms length. I would like to use the arms mainly for wide angle photos AND videos. Do you think that "1x20cm arm + 1x30cm arm" on each side will be too long and not enough flexible? Thank you for your help 1. Sony Nex 5N + 16mm Pancake + Fisheye or wide angle + Nauticam housing + 36125 E mount 4.33' fisheye port 2 and 3 : Dragonsub videolux (video lights) 4 and 5: Strobes: sea and sea YS-110A 6 and 7 : Nauticam double tray 8 and 9 : 2 Nauticam balls + 2 simple clamps 10 and 11 : 2 simple clamps 12 and 13 : 2 x multiple clamps + 2 sea and sea adapters + 2 Ultralight universal focus adapters 14 and 15 : 2 x 20 cm arms 16 and 17 : 2 x 30 cm arms Extras : 2 x optic fiber in order to link the housing to the strobes
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