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  1. Hello all, Now that Harald has announced the option to convert the 28mm Nikonos RS R-UW water contact optic, anyone care to weigh in on the utility of that lens? (FOV = 60 degrees and minimum focus distance of 0.9 ft.) Price of conversion is 1150 Euros. Should work well on Nauticam with Seacam port adapter, and natively on Seacam, of course. What are your thoughts? What would it be good at? ian
  2. Andrey I have a nice: Nikonos UW Nikkor 15mm F/2.8 Lens For Nikonos camera available. Rebuilt by Pacific Housing Repair in Monterey, functions like new, cosmetically 8.5/10 $300 USD Located in BC Canada ian
  3. My experience with Retra 1.0 was I had the strobes in my hands in western Canada less that 48 hours after they shipped from Slovenia.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nikon-Nikonos-20-35mm-f2-8-R-UW-AF-Nikkor-Lens-20-35-2-8-913/401915431798?hash=item5d9406cb76:g:fjAAAOSw3FpdnPVT
  5. New Price: Seacam Macro Port 90 $125 USD Seacam Wet Diopter Set $375 USD Buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking:)
  6. ALL ITEMS SOLD with the exception of the short macro port and the Wet diopter set. Thanks Mark ian
  7. Strobes are SOLD! Thanks Mark
  8. New price: $550 USD each. $1000 USD for the pair, plus shipping Thanks for looking ian
  9. Lewis I actually looked at it with a dissecting microscope.. no joy. I am guessing it is NOT Molex, perhaps something European. The only marking on it was an L which seems to indicate the side and a 6 indicating the number of pins. I will pick Pavels brains at UW Technics, since it mates with a connector on his TTL board. ian
  10. Thanks Chris. I will start there. For some reason I could only upload one picture ian
  11. Does anyone out there know the name of this connector that Seacam uses on its hotshoe to circuit board cable. It is a white plastic
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