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  1. I will give some hard won advice: Only consider 13mm RS lenses that are optically perfect. There is one on eBay right now in Japan that is a pretty good price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NIKON-NIKONOS-RS-R-UW-AF-Fisheye-Nikkor-13mm-F-2-8-Japan-as-is-100110A/154123513210?hash=item23e27a2d7a:g:NBoAAOSwTmBffHUH Optical system Lens Glass is very clear only in a very small dust. (But of course it does not affect the photos.) It has no tiny fungus. There is very slight haze inside of the rear lens.(No impact when taking a photo) There is very slight balsam separation inside on the edge of the rear lens. Please purchase after checking the photo inside the lens. If you are concerned, please maintain it. I bought one of these years ago, and the "balsam separation" turned out to be a crack in the rear lens element probably from being dropped. Fortunately for me, Rene Auman had the element available for sale, and it was a simple matter of changing it out myself, a 5 minute job. It cost me 100 euro for the part, but it was worth many times that to me. If you are requesting pictures of the rear elements, have the vendor remove the rear bayonet filter. If the damage is on the filter, they are easily available, shared in common with the 16mm Nikon fisheye. Nowadays, there are essentially NO repair parts available, so you will be stuck with what you buy:( Ian
  2. I have a D6i mounted on my wrist and a Suunto Vyper mounted on the strobe arm. Both are paired to the same transmitter. I also have a SPG on a short hose bungee'd out of the way but accessible if the tank transmitter fails mid dive, which it has. I do my own "service" of both computers... very simple to do and the cost is only that of a CR2450 battery. Two small screws and you are in. Treat the O ring gently and it can definitely be re-used, just a whiff of O ring grease needed. The battery in the transmitter can also be changed, but requires a specific battery which Suunto sells with an O ring. These are available on eBay. The computer batteries are available at any pharmacy, and I always travel with spares, and a spare transmitter kit. A couple of screws, O ring grease ... Bob's Your Uncle. There are many detailed instructions on The Youtube. Ian
  3. I have gotten a few inquiries for the manual and schematic. I will repost these. Maybe Adam can enshrine them in a permanent place in the archives? nikonos 15mm service manual.pdf
  4. Agree with Tom, it's the same filter that came in a set with the 16mm fisheye. They are readily available on Ebay if you search under the 16mm Fisheye. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nikon-L37C-Bayonet-Filter-AI-AF-Fisheye-Nikkor-16mm-f-2-8D-AI-Nikkor-15mm-F3-5S/273515796417?epid=1840600782&hash=item3faecfd7c1:g:ytgAAOSwB9Fbyf1y One of the ones (L37c) in the set is clear glass, and you can cut a small circle of Alex's Magic Filter and place it on the back of the glass. I attached mine with a TINY drop of lacquer at the 12 and 6 o'clock position and it works like, well, Magic:)
  5. Makes the Nikonos RS 13 conversion almost seem "cost effective":)))
  6. I agree with Interceptor... maybe it's a good thing. The cameras we have right now are awesome, and maybe chasing the latest/greatest is a fool's errand, especially given the cost of camera AND housing. Maybe money would be better spent elsewhere, especially post-Covid dollars? I think Covid has taught us all greater patience and tolerance. Maybe "tolerating" what we have is a good thing, (unless your business is selling cameras and housings). To me, the bigger question will be travel to photo destinations. Especially for the land-locked amongst us... ian
  7. That's the largest dome port cover I have ever seen at 1:54:))) What was the shark species? Beautiful work! ian
  8. You need a one inch ball mount, https://www.ulcs.com/index.php/products/universal-adapters
  9. Oops... Just noticed the post has been edited and the flooded gear is no longer listed:( ian
  10. Hi Pavel Hope you are well:) Could you post a few pictures of the flooded 13mm, especially the front and rear glass? Thanks ian
  11. Totally agree... peer review is the only valid way of validating claims and Biorxiv is not...
  12. I think Interceptor 121 may be correct... this might be a long process, but maybe something good will come of it. The world does generally seem to be coming together and maybe there are long term lessons we can learn for this, in many areas of human interaction. That said, and not trying to be unrealistic, but the SARS outbreak lead to rapid escalation of research activity, and bypassing of some regulations. (It's too bad we didn't learn long term lessons from that outbreak!).This is not without some risk, but people are pretty smart these days. I have confidence that the scientific community will get ahead of this. I saw this: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.11.987958v1 This type of "treatment" may serve as a bridge until a full-on vaccine is on the shelf. One of many areas of investigation:) Fingers washed and crossed!!
  13. This is the single most useful aggregation of factual information I have found so far: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus
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