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  1. Thanks so much That is EXACTLY what I need to know:) (I am assuming you are on Nikon?) ian
  2. Has anyone had a chance to use the new Retra Pro in TTL with existing UW Technic or Nauticam TTL triggers? I know it’s early days, but wondering what to do regarding a TTL trigger for upcoming trip in April ian
  3. I have the V1 jackets, which I assume are the same as V2. The bumpers protect the ends of the strobe and when the jacket is placed over them, they stop the jacket from sliding off the front or back.
  4. I received a shocking bill from DHL for $419 Canadian. That included Federal and Provincial sales tax, and "Brokerage Fees" I understand the taxes, no way of dodging those. I wonder if the remaining fees would have occurred if I had bought them through Reef or Backscatter in the US. ian
  5. My Pro's arrived two days ago... beautiful design and execution. Pairs with the app nicely... All of the accessories from V1 fit nicely on the V2. The neoprene jackets stay on better with the bumpers. Now just need to get them in the water:)
  6. I just received a DHL notice from Retra... the stobes were shipped yesterday, due for delivery Feb 4. They are currently in the air... yipppeee! ian
  7. Did anyone receive any shipping notices from Retra? The week of Jan 20 was supposed to be the start of shipping pre-orders... ian
  8. Has anyone heard any boots-on-the-ground reports from the Anilao area? Looks like an impending disaster for the regional dive industry and more importantly, the locals. Thoughts go out to those affected:( ian
  9. Hey Kurt Dealing with corrosion is the hardest part of the whole process. The parts are fairly fragile, and need a gentle touch. You could grind the points down a touch with a file to get a better fit. I used this penetrating lubricant. A few drops along the outer edge of the retaining ring where the threads are, not the drainage holes:) Let it sit upright overnight at least, in a warm place... Maybe some gentle heat with a hairdryer. A few gentle taps to set up vibration in the threads, and give it another go. If you can't get it to move, let me know. I have a lens in pieces, and can donate some parts to the cause if it goes badly. ian
  10. Thanks guys, great suggestions. The MacPro ships with Catalina and according to Apple cannot run on anything older... I think I am painted into a corner, but Chris' idea might get some traction
  11. Thanks Tim Looks like the path of least resistance, so it will likely be mine... Anyway Happy New Year to all from snowy Vernon BC, buried under 70cm of fresh snow overnight. Thinkin' about blue water and sandy beaches... ian
  12. So, I got a shiny new MacPro for my business, in my home office... sweet!! Transferred from my 2010 MacPro by swapping over drives and updating software... sweet!! Only issue was Lightroom 6.14. Needs to be reinstalled... let's see? Turns out that Lightroom 6.14 is 64 bit software, but the flipping' Adobe installer is 32 bit and will NOT install the application on this machine. I am now faced with the dillemma of subscription vs another platform. I did not see this coming. Thanks, Adobe.
  13. Hi Yes, just spotted this. Both Nikonos still on the shelf. Subal 20-35 gear has sold ian
  14. Hi Bruce Thanks for the reply and interest. All my Seacam gear has moved on to new owners with the exception of my Superdome. ian
  15. Tim When I look through my wife's wardrobe and find a dress with tags on, she usually replies; "Oh, that old thing." Try that with the lenses. They are all black, round, and look pretty much the same... What could go wrong? ian
  16. Mark Glad it all worked out... all parties happy. So let's see, Vernon BC to Ireland, side excursion to Iceland, then off to Zambia, now sitting on your desk. Wow! Well travelled. All the best for the holiday season:)) ian
  17. And Finally.... https://uwtechnics.com/index.php/online-store/bulkheads/optical-bulkhead-seacam-m14-mount-detail Ta Dah! Fiber optic TTL in a Seacam housing:) ian
  18. https://uwtechnics.com/index.php/online-store/ttl-converters/for-nikon/ttl-converter-for-nikon-with-seacam-strobes-support-for-seacam-housings-detail
  19. Because it tastes great, Andre. Especially with rum...
  20. I assume it's on the outside? Cerium oxide will buff it out. Not for coated glass:( Used for polishing optical glass, mildly abrasive Available on Amazon.
  21. Still Available: Subal Flatport 90, Type 3, perfect condition. $100  Subal Flatport 120/3, 9/10, glass perfect condition. $100 Subal Extension EXR 33mm/3. $50 Subal Extension EXR 40mm/3. $50 Subal Focus gear, Nikon 20-35mmf2.8. $10 Seacam Superdome, one small scratch in glass which has been polished , so no sharp edges, no effect no image. Does not show up on under/overs. Comes with spare lens shade, in a Cinebags case, minimal wear on anodizing. $650 Nikonos 15mm, Gen2, rebuilt & pressure tested, excellent optics, Very good condition. $350 Nikonos 15mm, Gen2, rebuilt & pressure tested, excellent optics, Excellent condition in box $375 Nikonos External Viewfinder for 15mm, Gen2 new in box. $75 Pictures on request. Shipping extra. All prices in USD. Located in beautiful Vernon BC Canada As always, honest straight forward sales, so no worries:) ian
  22. Sold: Seacam Macroport 90 Seacam PVL 20 Nikon 6T Nikon 5T Thanks Fred:)
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