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  1. I maybe way off base (and somewhat off topic) on this but maybe Bill or someone else with an engineering background could answer: With any of the currently discussed devices (Sentry, Airlock, Hugy) would there be any utility of using a low positive internal pressure to test seal integrity? I am thinking bike pump, 2-3 psi differential and dunk tank looking for bubbles. This might be a useful way localizing leaking seals. Or would this be completely facticious, based on how the o rings are designed to work. It would simulate taking the housing to altitude, and most housings warn against flying with a sealed housing...
  2. Problem is, you need to spray the solution INSIDE the housing!! I suppose you could put a small positive pressure in with a bike pump and check for bubbles, but that does not mimic how the "o"rings are designed to work. Not sure if this would produce "false positive" results:(
  3. I had the same problem...mine was getting the bulkhead O ring to seat properly due to interference with the housing casting. Is there any interference on your housing?. I used a bicycle torque wrench and snugged mine down to 5 Nm, if that helps. It did cut the threads into the paint on the side of the casting. Of course, it may be that you have another leak elsewhere, but the most likely explanation is the new fitting. Also make sure there is no air leaking around the pump to gauge interface. I used a cork to replace the pump handle while assessing stability of the vacuum. ian
  4. I spoke with Scott at Backscatter. He assured me that all the black fittings are anodized aluminum I have confirmed this by removing my bulkhead and found that where the threads interfere with the casting on my Subal ND3, the threads are now silver. Backscatter has a solution to this interference problem on my housing and will be producing bulkhead fittings that are slightly taller before the threaded portion begins. That will clear the lip on the casting that binds the thread as the bulkhead seats. It will also allow the threaded cap or Airlock fitting to seat completely in the bulkhead which it doesn't currently do on my housing. That should definitively solve this issue on my housing. Ian
  5. I received my Airlock last night and installed it on my Subal ND3. I sent the following feedback email to Sean at backscatter this morning: Sean Some feedback on myAir Lock install last night. Housing is a Subal ND3. Installed the bulkhead fitting with a bit of lube on the o ring. I did not use threadlock. Originally used a crescent wrench. Is the bulkhead fitting made of metal or plastic? The outer threaded part of the fitting was a fraction too wide for the surrounding lip of the housing casting. There was some interference once the fitting threaded in far enough and would not seat the o ring on the mating surface of the housing. My first try yielded a slow leak that would go from -10 to zero in about ten minutes. I disassembled everything, cleaned and regreased and on the second try used an 11/16 socket. The fitting actually cut some threads into the paint of the housing. I got to the original install depth and then gave an extra 1/4 turn until it completely stopped. I reassembled and pulled -10 which held perfectly overnight. This interference may be a one off due to the position of the bulkhead hole relative to the surrounding casting, but knowing Subal, I doubt it. Had I dived the housing it would have leaked. It is important to stress that ANY loss of vacuum indicates a leak. At -10 in/Hg my ports would still rotate but could not be removed. The other point I would make is that when testing the stability of the vacuum, I used a synthetic cork from a wine bottle to plug the hole in the gauge where the pump handle would go, rather than the pump. It is easier to handle and eliminates the possiblity of air leaking from the pump side. You could even throw a cork in with the packaging. FYI my math indicates that -10 in/Hg is equal to 11 FSW or 10 feet of fresh water. The other use of this product is to tell you when your housing needs a rebuild. Apart from the interference problem, everything is perfect. You just need to know it is a potential glitch, and hopefully the paint won't chip off. Great product, no doubt! ian
  6. Sorry I wasn't clear. I want the option of using a D3X and a D3s in the same housing without loss of functionality of either... ian
  7. May have been asked before but I can't find it! Has anyone experience with using a Nikon D3/D3X in a D3S Subal housing. Is there a downside, button placement issues etc. I realize there is no Live View button or Info button on the D3/D3X, but do all the other buttons line up? I am thinking in terms of camera upgrade for video. Ian
  8. Canada Post Surface: Total shipping $51.92 CDN. Should be 5 business days, ie middle of next week (Holiday in canada remembrance day). Included is housing, ports and some nikonos strobe parts and TLC arm segments for nikonos. Hope you can use them. I will invoice your paypal for shipping if you send me your email. ian
  9. Bill I'm glad somebody wants it. I will go to the post office in the next day or so and get you a quote. I will ship the cheapest route possible. Paypal? ian
  10. Yes, free it is!! You pay actual shipping. What a deal. Aquatica housing for Nikon F4s. Never used, never wet. No scratches at all. Includes 8 inch acrylic dome and shade, and macro flat port. Threaded attachment to housing. Nikonos bulk heads. Just give it a good home. Located in Vernon, BC, Canada. Will quote shipping. ianmarsh@shaw.ca
  11. Thanks Denis I have sent a separate email with shipping rates from Canada. ian
  12. For sale is a used but well cared for Subal ND2 with Subal's excellent GS 180 viewfinder. The housing is in very good condition, never flooded. Minimal paint chipping on bottom, but otherwise excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Would say 9/10 condition. Hotshoe connector pinned for manual strobe. Nikonos bulkheads. Has all the usual high quality bells and whistles Subal is famous for. TLC base plates attached. Asking $1200 USD Contact: ianmarsh@shaw.ca Located in Vernon, BC, Canada
  13. Aquatica 4 for Nikon F4s. New, never used. White powdercoat, mint. Includes 8 inch acrylic dome port with neoprene cover, shade, flat ports and extension rings. Ports are older, from F3 system, gently used. Port mounts are threaded. Nikonos bulkhead. Located in Vernon, BC Canada. Camera is long gone, so it needs a good home. No reasonable offer refused.
  14. Bill I would take one of the 105 strobes if still available. ianmarsh@shaw.ca
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