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  1. Hello all, For sale today I have my beautiful pair of Retra Version 1 strobes. I have had these since new, and have been very happy with them. I have done 4 major trips with them. Elegant design and powerful even light. Strobes never abused, never flooded, look and function like new. Few small marks on mounting balls. Electrical connection is S6, never used. Includes 1 inch ball mount. $550 USD each, buyer pays shipping. Located in beautiful Vernon BC, Canada Additional pictures if requested. Will sell separately. As always my sales are straightforward and honest:)) ian
  2. Update: Seacam Ala Carte Re-list and Price Drops Still available: 1) Seacam Silver D800 housing, no viewfinder, no strobe controller or bulkheads. Includes M8 ball adapter, second handle set, $750 USD 2) UW Technics TTL controller and fibre optic bulkheads, $350USD 3) Macroport 90, $175USD 4) Macroport 120, $225 USD 5) Zoom Gear Nikon 8-15FE, $150 USD 6) Focus Gear Nikon Micro 105 AF-S, $125 USD 7) Seacam Wet Diopter Set, $450 USD Thanks for looking Ian
  3. Update: The Seacam S10 Viewfinder has SOLD. Thanks Heidi:) ian
  4. Mike I tried a 45 a couple of years ago and could never get used to it. Something about "old dog, new tricks" I have found the S10 has been ideal for me for all shooting. It has a 10degree offset, so it does not mess me up and find it super useful for wideangle AND macro. It is an amazing piece of glass, and probably my favourite part of the whole Seacam experience. ian
  5. Hello Azurreal Just FYI, you can use the Seacam 13mm conversion with Nauticam using a Seacam Nauticam port adapter if you can find one. I was in contact with a chap in Australia who was a Nauticam dealer. He said the adapter could be produced by Nauticam as a custom one-off. I have this set up and it works great. ian
  6. PRICE DROP: Seacam D800 Silver housing, no viewfinder or strobe bulkheads NOW $750 USD plus shipping. See full description above. S10 viewfinder and UW Technics TTL control board and bulkheads available above to complete the system. ian
  7. The lens has been sold:) Thanks Nick! Thanks to the Wetpixel community for your interest. ian
  8. Update: The Seacam Pro viewfinder is sold. Thanks Tom:) The Seacam Vacuum system is sold. Thanks Theo:) ian
  9. So... I will discontinue this listing and try a different approach. Stay tuned:) ian
  10. Hello all, I am breaking up my Seacam gear and selling it piecemeal. There are some nice Seacam items listed at approximately half-off new. Minimal wear on housing exterior, all other items in like-new condition, unless indicated. Pictures available on request.:) Shipping extra. 1) Seacam D800 housing: The housing went back to Seacam in Austria for a full rebuild last year and has one dive trip on it since then. While there, I had Harald replace the rear plexiglass window. I also had him drill and tap a hole on the top to accommodate the Seacam vacuum fitting, in the same location as the fitting on the D500 housing. Much more convenient than the fitting on the lower right side by the handle. Few small nicks on base. Handles scuffed. Does not include viewfinder, strobe bulkheads or control board. Standard Seacam handles Current list: $5987, selling for $1000 USD 2) Seacam Vacuum Test. Vacuum/moisture detector combined, with Seacam valve and pump, in neoprene bag. Current List $491, selling for $300 USD 3) Seacam Pro Viewfinder. Plastic mount slightly marked, glass perfect. Current List $421, selling for $200 USD (SOLD) 4) Seacam S10 Viewfinder. Perfect. Current list $1856, selling $850 USD 5) Seacam Macroport 90. Few superficial scuffs, glass perfect Current list $367, selling $200 USD 6) Seacam Macroport 120. Perfect Current list $367, selling $250 USD 7) Seacam Zoom Gear, Nikon 8-15mm FE Current list $226, selling $175 USD 8) Seacam Focus Gear, Nikon micro-105 AF-S Current list $265, selling $150 USD 9) Seacam Silver M8 ball adapter Current list $39, selling $20 USD 10) Seacam Wet diopter set Current list $913, selling $500 USD 11) Seacam small handles. Better ergonomics for regular hands without gloves. Current list $??, selling $25 USD 12) Xit 404 Quad ball mounts, lanyard attachment points, with ULCS dovetails x2 Current list $70, selling $35 USD each 13) UW Technics Seacam TTL control board. Rotary switch setting. (Compatible strobes: Z-240, YS-D1, YS-D2, YS-250, DS161, DS160. For usage with Nauticam fiberoptic cables or electric 5-pin cables.) Non TTL works as manual flash trigger. Includes 2 Nauticam fibre-optic bulkheads. Uses Seacam Hotshoe. Current list $750, Selling $400 USD I have bought and sold lots of gear on Wetpixel and have a great reputation. As always, my sales are honest and up front. Happy browsing:) ian
  11. Happy ending to this rather sorry tale:) Kevin Palmer at Reef Photo has come through like a trooper! He has located a slightly shop worn Seacam port adapter in their test equipment bin. I have snapped this up. That, and a shiny new Nauticam D850 housing. The spoils of excellent customer support! Kudos to Kevin!! I bet this is the last one available on the planet:) If they are listening, I hope Nauticam will reconsider stopping production of this and their other adapters. It is an item that puts their housings on everyones radar. ian
  12. Update: Price Drop $1750 USD plus shipping. The camera bodies have sold. I cannot find the original bulkheads and connector board... so fibre optic it is:) The S10 viewfinder is available for sale independent of the housing at $800 The housing and viewfinder are in beautiful shape. ian
  13. I agree 100% with your thoughts Walt. I used the Seacam adapter with the D800 housing, and never had a moments concern about it. I am guessing Nauticam's end game is to sell more ports, which is understandable. Especially since it is the whole array of adapters that have been cancelled, not just one brand singled out. That is EXACTLY my dilemma. My whole system hinges on the 13mm Seacam-Nikonos.
  14. pmooney, you would make my day if you have one:)))) Walt: Me too! The reason given is that Nauticam doesn't want to be responsible for variations in manufacturing tolerance on the non-Nauticam side of the adapter. I wonder if this has actually been an issue?
  15. So.... Turns out this has been discontinued by Nauticam. Now I am really stuck. Any suggestions? ian
  16. I have had good success with the Sony A7 in Nauticam with 15mm Nikonos adapter ... razor sharp, pretty much always in focus. Relatively small package. ian
  17. Thanks Bernie:) It is a beautiful piece of glass. ian
  18. Thanks guys.... kicking myself for selling one a year ago. It’s how we become pack rats, never sell anything, you might need it. And then you do....
  19. Hello all, Today I have for sale a Seacam modified Nikonos RS R-UW 20-35mm f/2.8 zoom. As you well know, water contact optics are the Holy Grail for corner sharpness, especially with rectilinear wide angles. Beautifully executed by Seacam in Austria. In perfect condition, optics flawless. Works perfectly in Seacam housings. $2000 USD plus shipping As always, my sales are straightforward and worry free. Located in Vernon BC, Canada ian
  20. Hello all, For sale is my very nice Seacam Silver housing for D800 and D800e cameras. This has served me well, been very well taken care of with only a few scratches on the base (Picture 3). Always maintained and never flooded. The housing went back to Seacam in Austria for a full rebuild last year and has one dive trip on it since then. While there, I had Harald replace the rear plexiglass window. I also had him drill and tap a hole on the top to accommodate the Seacam vacuum fitting (Picture 4), in the same location as the fitting on the D500 housing. Much more convenient than the fitting on the lower right side by the handle. Vacuum kit included. At that time I replaced the handles with the smaller set, which improved the ergonomics for my standard sized hands. The electronics have been changed to dual fiberoptic bulkheads with fibreoptic TTL controller from Pavel at UW Technics (Picture 5 and 6). These replace the S6 bulkheads and Seacam controller board, which will be included. The standard Seacam Pro viewfinder is in place. A front body plug is included along with the small maintenance kit from Seacam. ULCS Dovetail plates mounted. Asking $1850 USD, plus shipping. Flawless Seacam S10 viewfinder added for additional $800 USD. Will only sell this separately if housing sells. Pictures available. 2 D800e bodies available if interested separately, both in excellent condition with low shutter counts. As always, my sales are straightforward, and 100% reliable. Thanks for looking Ian
  21. Looking to buy port adapter for Nauticam housing to use Seacam ports. ian
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